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I love music... Music makes me aware and realize others have been there too
I watch and listen... I look and see... I write what's happening... I control the person I choose to be

My work is from the moment. It tells you what Iv been through. A diary of works that make me get through the times. As long as I live I will always have words to say. Keep reading and when you see no more post by me... I must have fallen into a better place

I had a whole 'academy award' thank you speech to my family n friends but like a dumb a$$ I somehow deleted it :( I'm very upset as it to was a diary of my life this far here at post poems. Erased but never forgotten (in my mind)

When life appears to put up fences... I don't believe the path you take from here is not coincidence. I believe the people we run into are objects standing in the way to make that journey to the other side more challenging, complicated and distracting. What we do with those encounters is up to us to figure out the best way to deal. No choice is wrong but choosing not to make the right decision may slow and complicate the journey

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it looks like a really it does....i like it

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