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Beauty of Your Heart

I believe in love
There is in the beauty of your eyes
Glittering like jewels in the perfect of night
Like a sun's radiance at the glow of its perfection
I believe in love
Bathed in the beauty of your smile
Like a scented rose with scenery of love and majesty
A work of art so refined and pleasant
Endearing to your charms like an innocent virgin
Thou heart cannot escape nor fathom
Believe in the absolute love
Believe in all its beauty
Believe in love
There is in the beauty of the heart.

©April 23, 2023 - South Africa

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an abrupt ending to an uncertain start

an abrupt ending to an uncertain start

we are so far yet so close

'tis not really

a nagging feeling,
just a sense of wonder

that during the times
when I had laid my eyes
on you,
you have graced every
corner of my being

as if an elixir.. or a

potent potion (so-called love)

have brought me
back to my senses

'tho it is hard to conquer

these feelings

(of great awe),
I could only wish that
I can control
the realms of possibility

but who am I to

my contrite heart
now that you've finally

chosen (someone else)

whom to love?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 11.21.2022 [00:12]



1.  I changed the word "decided" to "chosen" then added "(whom to love)" for clarifying

my sentence to refer to a more specific idea, rather than its former structure where the sentence construction was ambigous and seeming "muddling through".

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My life is full of questions

when all I want are answers.


Maybes and what ifs

swim around in my brain.


Doubts spill into my head

filling the empty spaces in my mind.


I have so many unanswered thoughts

sometimes they spill in without reason

and I’m left with another question.


But you’re not a question

you’re an answer.


You’re the light in the dark,

the hope to the hopeless,

the water to my fire.


You’re everything I wanted

and nothing I deserved.


You are what dreams are made of

and what paradise looks like.


You may not be perfect

but you’re the answer to all of my prayers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/20/17

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The Invisible Man

Today was the day, you stole my heart away. I saw you in a brand new light. Simply stunning, is what you are. I spend my days trying to be kind to you and to make you happy. I pray that you notice me. I hope that you see me for the young man I am, the young man who would give anything for you. And yet, you treat me like an Invisible Man. You are entertained by me, but only for a short, meaningless time. I want to become something more than just friends, but you step right on me and see through me, looking for an impossibly shiny trinket of a man, rather than the solid friend you have had all along.

By Levi Gomes

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Lover's Action

I see the pain that lies inside
And though it's tough it cannot hide
For the love you conceal may be covered
But my love for you cannot be undone


And the sin that drips from your hands
Let them then, be washed and cleansed
Because no dirt can be tougher
than God's salvation like dissolver


Soon when your weapon dulls and aches
Ill carry that burden, even blame
To cast aside the darkness
That shrouds your heart and clutters


No sin, deed, or depraved thought
Could ever make my innocence run
For it was never mine to bear
But given to me upon holy prayer


All I ask is honesty
And the continual commitment to help me be free
And one day I promise my love
Ill take you above the clouds

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Best morning ever 5-16-11


Been laying here
Thinking about you baby
How badly I miss you
It drives me crazy
I think about touching
Your skin so soft
The thought alone
Is never quite enough
Because I miss your pretty smile
The smell of your hair
The sound of your laughter
It takes me back to there
When I'm with you
I feel alive
You don't even
Have to try
I love to hold your hand
Kiss you all the time
I want to show you so bad
Just how amazing you are
That I'm the luckiest guy alive
To have you by my side
Whether we are cuddling
On the couch
Or just sleeping in
As I open my eyes to see you
Lying right next to me
And you slowly open yours
Whispering so very softly
Those three simple words
That make time stand still
As I look into your eyes
I feel butterflies
And I whisper back to you
I love you too

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