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Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada

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:: Notice::

All Works Copywrite are By Melissa Kaplan. Do Not Steal or Copy without any Permission!


:: Basics ::

☆ Nickname (Use): Missy
☆ Real Name (Do not Use): Melissa
☆ Age: 29
☆ Location: Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada
☆ Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
☆ Chinese Zodiac: Ox
☆ Element: Water
☆ Sexual Orientation: Pomosexual
☆ If to be Labeled: Lesbian & Two-Spirit
☆ Interested In: Women
☆ Relationship Status: Single
☆ Followed Path: Wicca and Pagan
☆ Body Modifications: Tongue, Nose, Navel, Ears Stretched (6 g), and Four ear piercing's.
☆ Body Ink: Two (more to come)
☆ Looking For: Friend's & Pen-Pals


:: Biography ::

I am an aspiring Writer, Artist, Poet and Author. You could say; I'm a walking Book that you can't read easily. Art is what I breathe and Art is what will Kill me.. I believe. It's my Scapegoat and you'll never find a Poet like me, I write about anything and everything. Where I get my source of Inspiration.. I have no clue. Could be the natural causes of living that inspire, or the everyday emotions that drive me to express. Usually when I write, It puts me in some kind of Possession and everything becomes clearer when my thoughts are on paper and my pen is survival. If I do not write, I will go Crazy.. when I feel there's nothing or no one to turn too, Poetry will be there to guide me along the way.

About My Navel

My Navel is an Inny, Hairless with some Abs to go with it..

Website(s) or Email

☆ Email - Please Ask for it.. I am not going to Randomly give it out.
☆ Vampirefreaks - http://vampirefreaks.com/xDark_Scorpionx
☆ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Dark.Scorptress
☆ LiveJournal - http://mystiquewiccan.livejournal.com/

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

:: I Love ::

Bisexuals / the Shade Black / the Color Blue / Cats / Lesbians / Open-Relationships / Rainbows / Reading / Women / Writing / & More

:: I Loathe ::

Depression / Disrespect / Loneliness / People (most of them) / Sadness / the World (sometimes) / Writer's Block / & More

:: Hobbies ::

Reading / Writing Poetry / Movies / Television / Listening to Music / Social Networking / Wicca & Witchcraft / Hanging out with Friends / Looking for a Girlfriend / Spending Time with my Boyfriend / & more to Come.

:: Interests ::

Women / Spirituality / Animals / Vocabulary / Grammar / Books / & more to Come.

:: Authors ::

Danielle Steele / Scott Cunningham / Anne Rice / & more to Come.

:: Poets ::

Edgar Allen Poe / William Shakespeare / & more to Come.

:: Music ::

Thrash Metal / Black Metal / Hair Metal / Glam Metal / & more to Come.


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