Last (2024 challenge day 16)


a poet spoke recently about not owing the world beauty. which has me thinking…what do we owe the world? cigarettes? nostalgia? laughter? leave no trace? or just our best? what should I do on my last day? take the (nonexistent) dog for a walk? call my mom? call my friends? kiss? be introspective? my best? what do I expect from you? pen pal words? a memory texted in the middle of the night? hugs? a quick passing? your best?

I know some would say we can’t all expect our best all the time. the adorable baby next to me on this plane is maybe or maybe not doing her best. but damn it, is she giving the world beauty. so what if I want to gift the world beauty sometimes or even most of the time? braid my hair into a waterfall, draw up a pink smile? paint a little bit of canvas every morning (or 4pm) with eye shadow. doesn’t the world, and you, deserve that? that little bit of love?

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Written 3/29/24


Inspired by Sierra DeMulder

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Garden At Summer

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