Monthly Archive for July 2014

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In Memories You Live Poem DefineMystic 1 Alive, Dark, death, graveyard, live, living, love, memory, sadness Jul 1st
حين ركضت إليك Poem humanpulse Jul 1st
Stop and live Poem Lovetotalkart03 Jul 1st
#43 Poem cxseals1337 Jul 1st
I quit Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jul 1st
আমি... Poem KingofWords আমি... Jul 1st
ছোট মাছের ঝোল! Poem KingofWords ছোট মাছের ঝোল! Jul 1st
Crazy or Genius? Poem KingofWords 2 Honouring the Exact Worth of a Genius Jul 1st
“Proof of God’s Love” (Sheep Into Shepherd) Poem BamBam spirtal # addiction # love #learninlove # life # truth # peace # joy # happiness # beauty # peace # music # soul # body # mind #emotions # awe # poetry # heart # humanity # words # sound # secrets # love # learninglove # words Jul 1st
“Proof of God’s Love” (Sheep Into Shepherd) Poem BamBam Jul 1st
মনে পড়ে... Poem KingofWords মনে পড়ে Jul 1st
HAPPY 2ND HALF OF THE YEAR DAY! Poem joy 1 Jul 1st
Requiem for a Broken Life Poem ParadigmOfMadness #Love #Relationships #Alone #Cutting #Suicide Jul 1st
لا بد يُسمع وليس لزاماً أن يطاع Poem humanpulse Jul 1st
Sorrow like rain Poem Lovetotalkart03 Jul 1st
Beneath Poem Lovetotalkart03 Jul 1st
THE PALACE OF PLAY Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 1st
Seven Years Somewhere Poem Jul 1st
My perfect dose Poem DarkLight 2 Jul 1st
I Thanked Them For...My Poem giajl Jul 1st
Your Home Poem Ahmad-poet-89 abandoned Alive dead Infected Zombies Jul 1st
'Watch' is a Celebrity! Poem KingofWords Watch Jul 1st
Like a girl Poem Flower Jul 1st
I'm Confused Poem Ahmad-poet-89 Love romantic woman sex Jul 1st
A Corpse Poem Ahmad-poet-89 Woman right birth sad Jul 1st
Window Poem KingofWords window Jul 1st
What Love Got To Do With It? Poem MonteThePoet # addiction # love #learninlove # life # truth # joy # happiness # beauty # beast # peace # music # soul # body # mind #emotions # awe # poetry # heart # humanity # words # darkness # reward # progress # hell # heaven # purgatory # rain # tears # heaven Jul 1st
The Lost Sacrifice Poem Nash Jul 1st
When Love's Done Poem giajl Jul 1st
In Life's Race.....I Poem giajl Jul 1st
Is It The..... Poem giajl Jul 1st
I'm Just Poem giajl Jul 1st
My Story's Still Untold Poem giajl Jul 1st
I Feel Sorry for God Prose 1 Jul 1st
boy Prose WAHEED Jul 1st
A Snake, mid meal Poem Jul 2nd
What is this World Coming To? Poem dare2dream 2 Jul 2nd
Reunion Poem Sky 3 Jul 2nd
Eye Opener Poem passionate # addiction # disapointement # life # heart # truth # suffering # sadness # pain # weak # story # happiness # empty # mistakes # fate # shakespeare # time # space # lies # difference # deceit # madness Jul 2nd
My Beauty Poem passionate Jul 2nd
My retros Poem hopsin Jul 2nd
Shadows of a Thought Poem Jul 2nd
গোপনে ভালোবেসে যাই Poem KingofWords Jul 2nd
Story of a China Poem miguelhongkong Jul 2nd
Machines Welcomed Poem SoulKritiC deceit, Mind Control, obsession Jul 2nd
SYNCHRONICITY Poem joy 1 Jul 2nd
গ্রামের বধূ Poem KingofWords গ্রামের বধূ Jul 2nd
Conversations with you when you arent here Poem SSmoothie PHANTOM TALKING Jul 2nd
Please Listen to Me Poem KingofWords Listen Jul 2nd
তুমি বারান্দায় এলে অবশেষে Poem KingofWords Jul 2nd
bipolar rollercoaster Poem 9livesofapoet Jul 2nd
Searching for a Happy Heart Poem KingofWords Who is Happy? Jul 2nd
তোমায় খুঁজে ফিরি হে স্বাধীনতা Poem KingofWords হে স্বাধীনতা Jul 2nd
ODE TO A NAIVE SPIRIT Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 2nd
BLIND MARXIST REVIVAL Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 2nd
Gone Poem PoeticFinesse 1 #love Jul 2nd
Mildred Poem ahhhsomedelight Jul 2nd
Footnote: Paradox At The Beach Poem S74rw4rd Jul 2nd
Footnote: To Endy N. Orwell Poem S74rw4rd Jul 2nd
Footnote: Comforts In Cold Poem S74rw4rd Jul 2nd
Footnote: This "Man?" Of Steel? Poem S74rw4rd Jul 2nd
Footnote: Revolutionary Statistics Poem S74rw4rd Jul 2nd
Footnote: Like Anchises Borne Poem S74rw4rd Jul 2nd
Christmas Dinner Poem Kiddo giving birth, motherhood, pregnancy Jul 2nd
The Wind Set Me Free Prose SoulKritiC and Rebirth, death, Life Jul 2nd
I Am Lost... Poem giajl Jul 3rd
Living For The Moment or The Poem giajl Jul 3rd
Five more minutes Poem Fitzgerald 4 Jul 3rd
like falling stars on dusty heart spaces. Poem SSmoothie Jul 3rd
At least I can afford a new pair of sunglasses... Poem SSmoothie 3 Jul 3rd
not all loves are created equal. Poem SSmoothie Jul 3rd
Batonette's Dragon Poem beccaloni Battle Jul 3rd
Swing Poem Jul 3rd
To Jesus I came Poem AlwaysAdieu Jul 3rd
Where Are You My Dear? Poem AlwaysAdieu Jul 3rd
Prince Poem mysteryangel Bedroom, bright, Darkness, heart, lips, melts, prince, smile, snap, star, style, tender, toes, Watch, wild Jul 3rd
THE CLOAK OF ANGER Poem joy Jul 3rd
UNARGUABLY ALONE Poem palewingedpoetess 12 Jul 3rd
Unrealistic Poem Fitzgerald 5 Jul 3rd
চলো পালাই Poem KingofWords চলো পালাই Jul 3rd
My Hope Poem KingofWords Hope Jul 3rd
Raw Fields Poem cath22 1 Metaphysical Jul 3rd
Shhhh.... Poem nettajack Jul 3rd
Caged Beast Poem pinkdot7 Jul 3rd
UH-OH Poem nettajack Jul 3rd
Foolligent [Fool + Intelligent] Poem KingofWords Foolligent Jul 3rd
Platinum Wig Poem Kiddo 1 Beach, discounts, love, poverty, surfers Jul 3rd
They Fill the Night and I See Poem giajl Jul 3rd
Back to the Heart of the Matter Poem nettajack Jul 3rd
SEEKING DAWN (HAIKU) Poem emmenay #haiku Jul 3rd
On Second Thought Poem nettajack Jul 3rd
Liquid Poem Mardigan 3 Jul 3rd
Diabilating Love Prose Sinergy Dark, obsessed Jul 3rd
Too Much to Ask Poem exthias1983 #alone #sad #pain #hurt #love Jul 4th
Glad For The Moment, Because Poem giajl Jul 4th
SOULS ARE JOINED IN HEAVEN Poem emmenay A love poem with a visionary and philosophical touch on the truth of undying love. Jul 4th
Footnote: Late Autumn Onset Poem S74rw4rd Jul 4th
Footnote: Obligation Poem S74rw4rd Jul 4th
Footnote: Penalties Of Customer Service Poem S74rw4rd Jul 4th
Footnote: With Lady Certainly Poem S74rw4rd Jul 4th
Footnote: + For Lady Certainly Poem S74rw4rd Jul 4th
Footnote: December 7, 1941; 1 Poem S74rw4rd Jul 4th
Footnote: Relatively Speaking Poem S74rw4rd Jul 4th
Hidden Springs, Delicate Wheels: Poem To Be Placed At Lincoln's Tomb Poem S74rw4rd Jul 4th
Everlasting love Poem carleyrichh 1 Jul 4th
I Burn For Her Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love #learninlove # life # truth # joy # happiness # beauty # beast # peace # music # soul # body # mind #emotions # awe # poetry # heart # humanity # words # darkness # tears # fires Jul 4th
The World Is Your Canvas Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 4th
Intimacy (In This Moment) Poem Seraphim 6 Angels, Beauty, boyfriend, Christ, Christianity, classical, Dark, Demons, Forgiveness, Girlfriend, God, husband, Jesus, Life, light, love, loyalty, meaningless, relationships, religion, Religious, Rhyme, romance, romantic, salvation, Short Poem, spouse, Suffering, these tags are completely click-bait, time, Wife Jul 4th
Remove Your mask Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 4th
Happy Independence Day Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 4th
Stick With What Drives You Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 4th
ভালোবাসি... Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসি Jul 4th
WE THE PEOPLE Poem joy Jul 4th
???????????????? (Who Am I) Poem nettajack Jul 4th
Lost In Life Poem nettajack Jul 4th
Forlive Poem cagieandy Jul 4th
Projection (TW) Poem Usernameyname Jul 4th
Lightning Poem Mic_M_L_Silverline Jul 4th
Shut Up Already - DAMN Poem nettajack 1 Jul 4th
I am a Lover without a Love Poem KingofWords 2 Lover without a Love Jul 4th
July the Fourth Poem Mardigan 2 Jul 4th
MEMORIES (A SONG) Poem heatherburns35 Jul 4th
Front and Back Poem Stevism relationship Jul 4th
STRINGS Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 4th
Shadow Secrets Poem SoulKritiC Addiction, death, deception, false, Hate, Identity, lies, manipulate Jul 4th
Footnote: Maternality, 1 Poem S74rw4rd Jul 5th
Footnote: Maternality, 2 Poem S74rw4rd Jul 5th
Footnote: Prolificity Poem S74rw4rd Jul 5th
Footnote: Holiday Fragrances Poem S74rw4rd Jul 5th
Footnote: A Discovery, 1970-1971 Poem S74rw4rd Jul 5th
Footnote: Homecoming Poem S74rw4rd Jul 5th
Footnote: Alumni News Poem S74rw4rd Jul 5th
am i? Poem doyle51209 1 Jul 5th
Mundane Watercolors Poem schmuckjones 2 Jul 5th
YOU, LIFE & MISTAKES Poem LUGO Life, lugo, lugofelix, mistake, you Jul 5th
Plain Jane Poem schmuckjones 4 Jul 5th
Cesare' Poem beccaloni Shining Jul 5th
BIKINI DAY Poem joy Jul 5th
Away From You Poem RoC 2 Jul 5th
PATRIOT Poem AngryLaughter Jul 5th
PDA Poem AngryLaughter 1 Jul 5th
Taint Poem cagieandy Jul 5th
Lorena Bobbitt Poem nettajack 1 Jul 5th
রেল স্টেশনের কুলি Poem KingofWords 3 কুলি Jul 5th
THE WAR ON CUPCAKES THAT I WITNESSED Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 5th
FAMILY DEBAUCHERY REGALED Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 5th
victim of pride Poem Nadine_18magdy Jul 5th
A dream of faith Poem elliot_jordan2003 2 Jul 5th
spirit molecules Poem ADAPT 1 Jul 5th
Unknown Poem hopsin 2 Jul 5th
Ramadan Poem KingofWords Ramadan Jul 5th
Less than Three - < 3 Poem nat_w_dogg 1 Jul 5th
He Touches Me Poem cathycavalcante love, Passion Jul 5th
I'll Be Your Ears Poem tallsquirrelgirl love Jul 5th
This is music and the weaving pattern Poem XxF00LxX If you don't understand it then you won't Jul 5th
Two excerpts from a novel I am writing. Feedback perhaps? Prose iseespiders Bdd, character study, Novel, toxic relations Jul 5th
Never Love Again Poem word_man 2 Jul 6th
A musical note Poem mendeza1992 #music#personality#untoldstory Jul 6th
Apology Number ???? Poem humanpulse Jul 6th
Melissa Poem bishu 3 Jul 6th
Think About Others Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 6th
Porter at Railway Station Poem bishu 4 Jul 6th
Money Or Integrity Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 6th
Break Free (Don't Be A Puppet) Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 6th
ভিক্ষুক ও তার থালা Poem KingofWords ভিক্ষা Jul 6th
To Those For The Death Penalty Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 6th
Footnote: Erotic Moment Poem S74rw4rd Jul 6th
Can I Have Your Attention PLEASE Poem nettajack 1 Jul 6th
Oh Yeah Poem nettajack Jul 6th
The Eyes Have It Poem nettajack Jul 6th
Light And Shade. Poem sweetwater 2 Jul 6th
Envy Poem tallsquirrelgirl 3 envy Jul 6th
The Library Poem shazi 2 places and books Jul 6th
A Sad Butterfly Poem KingofWords Sad Butterfly Jul 6th
HEATHER BURNS Poem heatherburns35 Jul 6th
LOVE IN A MISERABLE AGE Poem emmenay A realistic poem on the woes and worries of the modern age and yet ending with the hope in The God Almighty and love. Jul 6th
A Love For A Brother... Poem giajl Jul 6th
Creativity Lost, Everything Lost Poem anexod Jul 6th
FLIRTING WITH ONE'S FUTURE Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 6th
Unspoken truth Prose mendeza1992 #love Jul 6th
appreciation Poem Nadine_18magdy 2 Jul 7th
2 Months Poem anexod Jul 7th
Paint me.......... Poem giajl Jul 7th
The Black Rose Of Hell Poem ParadisesPoet Black, hell, Paradise, poet, project paradise, rose, tony Jul 7th
In My Prime Time Poem cathycavalcante aging. woman, love, Passion, Romance., sex Jul 7th
Feelings of inexplicable change Poem OE_Egal emotions, feelings, Happiness, heartbreak, joy, Lust, Passion Jul 7th
Wisdom of a Child Poem Dreamer Jul 7th
It was written Poem Blackwellz Jul 7th
One More Day Poem Usernameyname Jul 7th
Unintelligible Existence Poem ParadisesPoet Existence, Paradise, poet, tony, Unintelligible Jul 7th
Apocalyptic Resonance Poem Sinergy Dark, Evil, four horsemen Jul 7th
We are all Coolies Poem bishu 4 Jul 7th
يا رشا Poem humanpulse Jul 7th
Pennies Poem waterrooster 2 Jul 7th
Lost Poem waterrooster 2 Jul 7th
that kind of love Poem SSmoothie 1 Jul 7th
In Either Case Poem giajl Jul 7th
Life's Sometimes Dreams Poem giajl Jul 7th
Solitary Poem giajl Jul 7th
CHOCOLATE DAY Poem joy Jul 7th
آنامل الندم Poem humanpulse Jul 7th
MAINE KUCH CHAHA THA!!!! Poem writerkrish # addiction # disapointement # life # heart # truth # suffering # death # sadness # pain # weak # story # happiness # empty # mistakes # fate # world # time # afterlife # impossible # love # memory # stardust # stars # goal, relationship Jul 7th
KAAM DEV Poem writerkrish Jul 7th
IF YOU COULD READ MY HEART DAR Poem palewingedpoetess 4 Jul 7th
Goodbye To Ms.May Poem MonteThePoet # addiction # love #learninlove #girl #trust #guilt #hate #done #lonely #hard #hurt #myth #heart #broken Jul 7th
My Mona Lisa Poem ParadisesPoet lisa, mona, Paradise, poet, project Jul 7th
scag solitaire is to die for Poem 9inety 2 Jul 7th
to fuck and fuckery Poem SSmoothie fuck Jul 7th
বলিউডি গানের ভর্তা! Poem KingofWords গানের ভর্তা Jul 7th
the road you travel Poem alex73 Jul 7th
If Not For Love. Poem giajl Jul 7th
Hazrat Shah Jalal [R.A] Poem KingofWords Hazrat Shah Jalal Jul 7th
our past Poem alex73 Jul 7th
Ode to a Deceased Thespian Friend Poem Stirbundwerde 2 death of a friend Jul 7th
The Poet And The Dancer Poem GodsLark 3 Jul 7th
Can I Poem nettajack Jul 7th
My Musings Poem EmmaMegRobertson Poetry about poetry Jul 7th
A Twentieth Century Girl Goes Shopping Poem EmmaMegRobertson Forbidden love, shopping Jul 7th
Apparently Never Saying You're Sorry... Is Easy for Some Poem giajl Jul 7th
Charlotte's Web/ Writing Poetic Accent Poem millyardo 2 Jul 7th
Their Love Poem cathycavalcante FIRST LOVE, Lost love, love, second chance, true love Jul 8th
Call Me Wistful Poem cathycavalcante 2 Memories, Nostalgic, wistful Jul 8th
The Dismantling Of A Soul Poem cathycavalcante destruction, hurt, Life, Pain, sadness, soul Jul 8th
Choice Poem cagieandy Jul 8th
What if I told you... Poem aRandomJoe 2 thinking Jul 8th
Only the wind Poem dolphin Jul 8th
Dark Hearts Poem Beatnik1979 9 death, envy, hero, legend, Life, monster, myth, treasure Jul 8th
Prisoner in my own place Poem elliot_jordan2003 Jul 8th
Paradox Poem Beatnik1979 3 death, Eternity, infinity, invincible, legend, Life, mortality, Mystery, paradox Jul 8th
Infinity Plus One Poem Beatnik1979 8 death, infinite, Life, mescaline, mortality, naked, perception, sex, time, truth Jul 8th
Conditioned By The Human Condition Poem cathycavalcante 1 human condition, Humanity, mankind Jul 8th
Regret Poem jcp267 1 love, regret, sadness Jul 8th
We Had The Night Poem ChandaBurton Jul 8th
Home is a Torture Cell for Me Poem KingofWords 2 Domestic Violence Jul 8th
I don't want to let you go Poem Lovetotalkart03 2 Jul 8th
EKTARFAA Poem writerkrish Jul 8th
New Moon Poem owlcrkbrg 2 Jul 8th
Unfulfilled Poem Stevism death, denial, hope., love Jul 8th
LIVE UNAFRAID Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Jul 8th
SINISTER MINISTER Poem palewingedpoetess Jul 8th
We'll always hear Poem giajl Jul 8th
A Love Which......Brings Poem giajl Jul 8th
Going To... Poem giajl Jul 8th
On The Distant Moons of... Jupiter Poem giajl Jul 8th
Blind is Better Poem Jul 8th
what you have Poem alex73 Jul 8th
"Truth is love" multiple choice Poem millyardo Jul 8th
Good Ol' Red White and Blue Poem TARFT America, American flag, day, front lines, glory, grand, gratifying, night, RESPECT, soldiers Jul 8th