pre-morning mushrooms


blooming on the pubes:


dreamy arousal








he melts into her


time stands still








the sound of orgasm:


Lao Tzu






making love


she tastes the salt upon


his shoulder







candling in vein


leaves marks of teeth on her neck


utters holiness






unzipping her back—


hundreds of nights grow wings


with wasp touch








the white night:


lips meeting lips






writes with strands of


watery hair on her  bare back


a love haiku






after the tumble


buried between the sheets


leftover passion






she departs


leaving behind her clothes


over mine






still lingers


her scent on the linens


drying in shade






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Lies, the painted mask

Making you look better,

Than you could have ever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was about how telling a lie can ruin your inner beauty, permanently.

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A Flame of a Flower

a cannas lilly

red flaming paint brush

leaves like a palette

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Crying Boy

The boy was too hot.

He was screaming for water.

But no one understood. 

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Wet Wish

wonderful wetness

washing buckets full of kids

washed in bubble bath

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Neem Tree Blossom

my neem tree bloomed

all soft jasmine and lily

little stars and dust 

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Morning Glow

first light warms the room

two mattresses cover the floor

four children sleeping

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White, Orange and Gray

Calico kittens

Four in a hole in the shed

Kids find the kittens

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Star Apple

Purple star apple

Sweet flesh fallen from a tree

Smashed on the concrete

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