Hollow Ground

Hollow Ground

Like the effluent rose, failing to blossom,

I am stranded
With no defence I sit and wait for the inevitable storm that will strip me of all my colour
All my emotion
All my life
Rain cascades like tears down my withering body.
Battered by the elements as i stare at the ground, waiting for it to consume me
I am weak
I had faith once, i used to admire the ocean of blue above
My beauty is still ever present, but it’s invisible to most
I am invisible
The world that we live in is a picture of serenity, but the earth is filled with parasites
Preying on the weak as they make their way to the top
Forgetting all they once were
Staying true to yourself is a dying art
And not everything is how it appears before us
But even though i’m suffering,
I am still a rose
And I am still beautiful

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a very special girl who's soul has been turned to dust.
Taken in with the promise of light, then consumed by darkness.

Inside all of us is ourselves

We just need to come out once in a while

Dreams Of A Statue Boy

On a trip, to a museum I was.
There a statue, made of grey stone I saw.
Statue of a little boy.
In his hands holding a jar.
Filled with fireflies, was that jar.
And at it, he was looking.
I looked into his eyes, which were telling me something.
In his eyes were some dream.
They told me that, he wants to walk.
The boy made of grey stone.
He lives in museum, standing alone.
And loneliness, makes him cry.
And no one hear his any moan.
He wants to go out, and enjoy the open air.
And birds sitting on trees he wants to stare.
And look at roses, and in winter, girly red noses.
And a friend, to them, everything to share.
And catch fireflies himself.
And put them in the jar.
And he wishes that he had a home with a shelf.
To put that jar on.
And sleep when he's tired of standing.
But he wishes what is against the nature.
Because he is just a stone made creature. 

Holy Beetle

Animal Rights

Holy Beetle 

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God indwelt



the holy rose

before into

the clouds of

sunset rose

up and away

he arose


-saiom shriver-

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*Untitled 6*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


As beautiful as a blooming rose

My love for you is never dying

I admire your perfect pose

Your soft touch sends me flying


I wish you can live forever

But like all things they must die

Just remember my love we'll always be together 

So until I meet you again

I'll try not to cry


For you will always remain in my heart

And you only hold part of that special place

We will never really part

I will never forget your precious face


God will yet again let us meet

He will yet again let us hold eachothers hand

Next to me will always be your seat 

But God is the only one in demand


But unless fate kicks in

We'll be back together sooner then you think

Then it won't be up to him

We might be apart of some link


But for now I must let you go

But please know I'll always be thinking of you

Baby I don't want anyone else

That I hope you know


Because you were the only one to my heart

That was true

Love you always

I'll remember you gladly

I'll remember the bright and sunny days

In love with you I was madly



We Suppose



We Suppose


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We suppose
the pinkest rose
need not pose
She only grows
and in the wind
her petals
and in the sun
her stained glass
and to all
her perfume flows

-saiom shriver-


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The Black Rose Of Hell

Tell me 

If I was born a demon 

Would I be damn to a life of sin 

Would the bloodline that I bear 

Condemn me to a world

Full of regret and a false sense of joy


And if I knew this truth. 

That I was bound to the lowest levels of hell 

Tell me 

Why would I hesitate to spread the devil's dogma

You see 

Not all that are born of a dark nature are evil

Some souls are just curse with a malevolent outlook 

But I believe  that If an angel can fall from the grace of God

Then a demon can raise above his own eternal damnation.

For a black rose that blooms in the pits hell is still a flower unto God 

~ Tony Paradise's Poet ~

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vine shrines





morning glory,
and trumpet vines
cover garden
weaving secret shrines

Wisteria, clematis,
honeysuckle vines
painting landscapes
as they climb

Tomato, squash,
and pumpkin vines...
.. they don't climb
that others may dine

-saiom shriver-


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Forever and........

Marriage ?
Forever and........

Fresh maid and English rose.

I doffed my cap !
And hitched my heart unto a star,
Entwined with broken thorn.
That what, with time, was sublime.
Though in the myriad of life
Didst not stand the test of time.
   Giajl © Jim Love 
Extract from the diaries of "Jock Love A Soldier & A Poet" : On the Road :   Hellenbach CFT 1986.
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Beautiful Rose

On a day in mid summer

you bloomed from the ground

you woke from your slumber

and spun the World round 

You're my beautiful rose

so pretty and sweet

but when I got closer

your thorns I did meet 
With those sharp swords stabbing at my heart

I knew I must leave, but I could not part

from that sweet disposition that you gave

I'll forever be yours till I'm in my grave
Because you're my beautiful rose

so pretty and sweet

I won't let you go

my heart is now complete.