when you do everything to show

how much you care and how much you love

but they break your heart and kill your soul

no appreciation ..nothing at all..

it tears you apart..and smashes your heart

cuts you to pieces..and to more than one part

you give them your all...

and they hit you by tough words

which are like arrow that hit its goal


is it me who is wrong? 

weak infront of them..but yet inside still strong

is it me who is wrong?

leaving myself back and pushing them to the front

is it me who is wrong?

staying with people who don't know my worth


what has happened to the world?

why don't people think about what we do to keep them in our lives?

why don't they value days? why don't they value the times?

why do they forget?we killed our ego to keep them

we hurt our dignity...we murdered our pride..

why dont they appreciate our apology and tries??

souls used to be pure..loving and fargile..

now even hearts have changed into stones and balls of fire

no one cares about our cry

a small mistake suddenly changes into a violent crime


when you apologize ..and you give it a try..

you need just one chance, as you need them in your life

but they don't value you presence..even your absence

they don't appretiate what you do the keep them..

you'll be long as you're chasing them

they think you are weak..and broken without them


prove them wrong..and move on..

know your worth..and believe that you're strong

one day you will find those who are real to you and accept you after all

days will go by..and they will finally appreciate you suddenly at once

but at that would be too late..after you're gone

and congratulations now they're crying for your loss 

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nice work nadine.....

nice work nadine.....

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awwww thank u so much :)

awwww thank u so much :)

Nadine Magdy <3