About a Secret

A true secret can never be told

for in the telling you break the mold

So how can I tell you about a secret

I really think that it's best to keep it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

WPOM poetry prompt day 12 National Poetry Month...tell us about a secret

Day and Night at GCNP

In the light
We wander
Into the
Rocky chasm.


In the night

We wonder
About the
Starry abyss.


In the light
We clamber
Around the
Daunting edges.


In the night
We amble
About the
Haunted ridges.


In the light
We are humbled
By the grandeur
Of what lays
Before our feet.


In the night
We are crumpled
By the expanse
Of what lays
Beyond our reach.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reflections on day and night at Grand Canyon National Park.

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Best 3 Perfect Poems For A Wedding Day

Proud - by Louise Wilson


As I approach the dark, wooden open doors,
As I hear the music start to play,
A rush of excitable nerves take my fear,
As I remember what it took to get to this day.

Hiding beneath a display of friendship,
Creating a web of lies,
Not knowing everyone was watching me fall in love,
The love in my heart shining through my eyes.

Defeating opinions and comments shared,
Telling everyone, I am in love!
My heart taken by a beautiful woman,
For once, love is enough.

So here I am today,
Walking towards you so very proud,
I am in awe as I only see your beauty,
Can't hear the music nor see the crowd.

I take your hand in mine,
How we fit so perfect, so cleverly,
By far the most perfect day in my life,
Our proud civil ceremony.


Dear Heart - by Hayley Gait-Golding

Dear Heart,

I'd like it if you'd tell me
how you measure love.
Do you deal in ounces and quarters?
Or stroke it with kid gloves?

How do you pick who gets it
because I'd really like a say
and why is it that some people
Get more and more each day?

Another thing I'd like to know
is how love measures time?
Is it founded in an instant?
Then lasts a whole lifetime?

Does it grow and grow your whole life through
so I have more and more
Or is there just a set amount
You get at birth then store?

What happens if it’s stolen?
Or if I cease to love
Does it all come back untarnished?
With interest on the above.

How can I know its importance?
Do you give it certain ranks?
Could I say that’s 1st or 2nd class?
Like I do with postage stamps.

Is true love like in stories?
Like old fashioned fairy tales
Cinderella meets Prince Charming 
and only love prevails

Why is it then that nowadays?
Love sometimes takes the course
of starting off with marriage 
But ending in divorce

Is love equal in proportions?
For families and for friends
for husbands, wives and children
where does it ever end?


To let me know what’s going on
Lets strike a little deal
Beat slowly for the phony’s
and fast if it’s for real!


Sonnet 116 - by William Shakespeare

Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments.

Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds,
or bends with the remover to remove:
Oh, no! It is an ever-fixed mark.

That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
it is the star to every wandering bark,
whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.

Love's not Time's fool,
though rosy lips and cheeks within his bending sickle's compass come;
love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
but bears it out even to the edge of doom.

If this be error and upon me proved,
I never writ, nor no man ever loved.



All three Poems are very cute and able to share with new couple's. So never forget about to it. Thanks!


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Simple Thoughts

"So fleeting,

the feelings that need to be written,

so we try,

lest we forget,


because we can end the story

right here.




But the writer didn't quit,

there's more than just words

to be conveyed,



So coast,

let the feelings become a little older,

bolder, embolden the taste

and let your mind


slip into space

where much will be needed,

actual space,

for too much had happened today,


looking for a place to be.

Matter of fact,

every little thing

had it's own story,


poetry to be painted for,

but the encompassing tone

is the gratuity of it all,

the gravity of thanks,


given time and again,

and how that can make

heartfelt words

turn empty.


A day

full of so many happenings

can dilute

the flavor of each herb;


the finite details 

of a singular moment

crowded by 

too many spices.


The palate becomes overwhelmed,

tastes come all sides, 


assaulted with bitter flavors,


or salty experiences. 

Even the savory, slow

succumbing to sweet memories

can lead to sour smiles.


Too strong a concentration

on the subject of flavor,

and you lose the whole picture,

the entire day.



parading down the street,

or a humble pawn in the presence

of greatness,


balance is best

to appreciate the meal, if you will.

To appreciate every moment,

and the entire day they build."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A day full of so many flavors can distract your appreciation for the entire day itself.

A Love For Today

My Everything


Oh sweet, sweet love

This day is meant for us

This day of passion and romance

With a hint of lust


Your crimson lips I yearn for

Your crimson lips that stain

Each and every memory

Helping me stay sane


Memories with a scent

Only your presence can leave

Another lost breathe,

That has been taken from me


Eyes molded in every thought

Angelic flesh beside me; lay

Sensations left on my skin

Reminders of the day


Traces of you are found

Intertwining with my heart

Footprint after footprint

A perfect love to impart


A day so sublime

A night so ideal

Today is meant for us

Flawlessly surreal



*That Day*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Meeting you that day was Gods way

In telling me not to give up just yet 

Even though I can't put into words on what I want to say

God has our lives for us already set

So if it is meant to be 

God will let us know

He'll let us see

He'll let us show

But these feelings within

It may be new

But it happened for a reason

God made my skies again blue

And I pray in the future your heart I capture I win

That day that we met

That day that our eyes came together

My mind was set

You going to be mine

And that day once again your heart hopefully shine


With joy with happiness

With laughter with greatness

With love with passion

With a friendship that will never end 

And I promise to try not to go out of fashion

I promise to try to be there

To wipe away the tear when you cry

I promise to you to your heart

To always care

And whenever you have a broken heart

I'll try to patch it back together 

I'll try to make it feel better


I pray to god to make that last forever

We met for a reason that day

WhenI seen you sweety I thought "Damn he's hot!" 

I wanted to know more

And once we held eachother I'd hit the spot

In your heart

And something new we'd slowly but surely start

To this day that smile

I will forever adore

I just pray I can keep you for a long while

A little bit longer A little bit more


I really love the way you kiss

With so much compassion you put your arms around me

And hold me so tight

When I'm in your arms I'm in heavens bliss

I miss you in my eyes view my eyes sight 

You touch,smile,everything about you I really do miss

My feelings are not a lie

Then I can no longer fight

I'm just going to let them go free

And see what happens

See if you feel the same way as me 

At night I'm constantly thinking of you 


Wanting you right by my side

There is one thing I ask of 

From me your feelings don't hide

And if we ever get into a fight never push and shove

I'll promise not to hurt your pride

You just wait and see I really do think we're meant to be 

I'm here and was brought here to once again help you feel

I'm here to help you, your heart to heal


Your touch and kisses everything I want more

When I first seen your gorgeous self

My jaw nearly hit the floor

And I thought maybe I don't have to keep my heart

On that old dirty shelf

It doesn't have to stay in pieces all apart

The things I say or do I pray I don't scare you 

That's not what I want

It's not what I'm trying to do 

I want to be your lady

Me I want you to show off to flaunt

But not to shadey


Whenever you enter my daily thought

I get a smile upon my face

And then I thank God above

That you make my body tinglely,warm,and make my heart race

And for giving me another chance

To see that my life is worth it to live

I thank him so much 

Because I think I found someone I can truely learn to love 

And I'm happy....To you, My heart I give

And I can be greatful to have your company

And your inner self I will love more of 


Your warm embrace

Your shine in your eyes

Your smiling face

I would do anything go anywhere 

To always care forever share

Just to see you again

I never had a sweet dream come true

Untill God let me find you 

I never found words to say

Untill that wonderful day

It's true you're the one I think about in every single way


No matter where life takes us love

Apart of me will always be apart of you

I would never believe that going to a place

Would have such meaning 

I'm glad everynight I say a bedtime grace

It's real and precious

Hearts running at a fast pace

That warm feeling

God made me see

When I met you that special day

For "us" sweety everynight

I will always pray

Our love will reach the greatest height

And all I have to say

I fell so in love with you that day



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Sound of Drums: Based on Les Miserables

Sound of Drums

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

The day is past.

The dead are dead.

Their lives for naught.

Rebellion, they led.

Their Freedom!,

Never was.

Their Freedom!,

Will never be.

Slaves, chains, sound of drums.

Slaves, chains, sound of drums.

Slaves, chains, sound of drums.

Slaves, chains, sound of drums.

The time is past.

The slaves are slaves.

Their lives ruled by law.

The rebellion, did not last.

Their bravery, their flaw.

Their Freedom!,

Never was.

Their Freedom!,

Will never be.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

Smoke, ashes, sound of drums.

*The Things You Say But Don't Do*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


The things you say 

But dont ever do

Are the ones that hurt in every way

It's rude to make me sit here and wait for you

If I had to hold my breath I would be blue

Remembering all the promises you said


This is confusing me

That I wish you knew

If you say your going to call

Then you must see it through

Instead I sit here like an ass and wait 

For the phone to ring 

Your lies I really hate 

Calling? You still have not done

I guess with your heart

I really haven't won

Once again mine is falling apart


I wonder if you care

That your causing all this pain

I thought it was okay 

With my true feelings to share 

But I live with your lies another day

And your attitude remains the same 


As I sit here and cry

Your most likely playing your game

You know...I should of let my soul die

Because all you care about is fame

It is almost five

And still no call

I wish I didn't let my heart come alive

You..I wish I never saw


Things you say

You never come through with it 

Or you make it for another day

Which that's just bull shit

You shouldn't treat someone you care about this way

Its just not right

To show affection one minute and not the next

These tears I'm trying to fight

I'm trying not to put a hex

On your pit a full heart

As you did with me that night


The things you dont live up to 

Its not fair to me 

Because I am opening up to you

I should of kept everything inside left everything be

I should of kept these feelings hidden

I shouldn't of set them free

I knew it was forbidden


Things you say but dont do

I hope this is a faze you're going through

And soon it will be okay

To love and care for you

Like the other day


But still the things you do

Are not what you stay to

You never see them through

You wait to the very last minute

Or you completely forget about it


This pain inside you caused I wish you could feel

I wish to my heart you could be real

But the things you say

You never do

So I'm going to put my heart away

For someone else who is true

One who will see things through

One with me 

Who'll always by my side stay

And never set my heart free



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*Until The Day I Die*

Trisha M.Barrek Hopkins

I promise you to be by your side 
Until the day I die 
My heart will be for only you 
Tell you everything Nothing to hide 
My love I'll always bring always the truth 
To you always stay true 
Always and Forever Love Never hurt your pride 
Never push or shove If we ever fight 
Never go to bed mad Promise always make everything right 
For you never know when you'll be gone 
Always forgive and forget 
Keep love in our hearts and hate out of sight 
Always remember how we felt the first day we met 
Having you in my life to love I'm the lucky one

Until the day I die 
For you there's nothing I wouldn't do 
Wipe your tears when you cry 
Sweep you off your feet 
Always keep you high 
With my love My touch 
With my kisses 
When we part for the day Back by your side I want it so much 
I'll always be your Misses 
We'll fix the mistakes when they come along 
Never hate each-other 
Our souls truly belong 
Always argue 
Only to have make up love Later....Together 
When I'm with you nothing can go wrong

Until the day I die 
I'll take care of you 
Promise to never lie 
Fix you heart when its broken 
Always listen to the words you have to say 
Even the ones left unspoken 
I want to share with the world if I may 
How deep our love is How our connection is so strong 
I have so much to say 
Our love Is so passionate so real 
We will always belong 
My heart you didn't have to steal 
It was already yours for the taking 
We were meant to meet 
Our love was already in the making 
Our broken hearts we were meant to defeat

Until the day i die 
I'll steal every word with a kiss 
Form an even stronger bond 
Your dreams I'll never dis 
To my soft touch 
Your body always responds 
When we're together all over your body I'm softly stroking 
What a rush 
Caressing every inch with my kiss 
We're in heavens skies 
Sharing heavens bliss 
We're on cloud nine Our love never dies 
Together is such a thrill 
Loving you like crazy 
You have me all hazy 
Our bodies with each-other move at will

Until the day I die 
God will look over us 
His angels at our side 
Keeping us safe and sound 
Our special love he has found 
In the both of our hearts 
The way we are holding hands 
Never ahead Never behind Always beside 
Even after the day we die

Trisha M. Hopkins finished 2:13am Nov-21-2010 

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