Subliminal Message

Poems are the path to inner peace.

Are the mind and soul aligned?
The test to re-write  my own
path through past in future.
To tempt ones own fate with 
inner radiance beaconing 
peace and light.
Walk with me hand in hand
down through all 
my fears and dreams by 
path made way by time.
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4 seapoems: fellow lovers, sandstitching, sailstarred, anchors aweigh



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    -saiom shriver-




    We are
    fellow lovers
    of the sea.
    Because of
    to all she gives




    The breaking of the day
    Light oer the sea
    makes its way.
    Wind counterpoints
    the 'anchors aweigh!'
    as it fills our sails
    from across the bay
    takes us blissfully away.




    The sea sandsifting
    Birds sandshifting
    The wind sanddrifting

    but the grass....




    Sail-starred, shell-shored, stream-swelled
    sand-sifting, seaweed-scripted sibilant Sea
    secedes silently, softly

    Shadowed shallows sheathing scallops,
    sheltering seals, shielding scuttling snails,
    shrouding sharks. Sands shifting secrete starfish,
    scampering shrimp.

    Serene Sea supports Spanish scows, Sicilian
    skiffs, Senegalese schooners, Seychelles ships,
    Sardinian sculls.

    Saltsmelling sailors see soaring shrieking
    seagulls, striped sunrise, shining sunset,
    shshshing surf.

    Sudden surprising storm's symphonic sounds
    slap shore shacks. Snows slip seaward, spring-subdued.
    Soon sloop slides spiral sleep stairway.

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The River of Your Hair

Perverse & Bazaar
Sun-ripened like the tender skin of a 
sweet pear,
flowing infinitely downward
past and onward still;
a nape of neck, but ever downward,
Her almond tresses spill.
Bare shoulder brushing 
aside the tickle
but still a trickle downward,
ever onward,
never still.
Between her breasts 
where hill meets dale,
most beautiful curtain
creates immaculate veil.  
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Past, Placenta, and Future

when i was just an irresponsible fetus

kicking away in mothers womb,
I heard words spoken and
didn't know what to make of them.
sounds of noise and vibrations
soft as a feather falling into 
a freshly-snowfallen meadow.
 a silence that reverberates 
the heartbeat that courses in a whoosh
the blood of life in the veins webbing through
the tissue-paper -thin pinkness of my skin. 
the formation of the first thought?
A meaningless synapse of neurons?
am I alive?
What is the meaning of all this madness?
Fluidly viscous ethereal colloid bubble
My amniocent-thesis ?
 As i laugh and kick away
in the drunken bliss of innocence.
  - And here she thought she had gas.
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Mystery of Mysteries
Incarnate Paradox
Rogue Soul
Knows no Home
Fortune of Fortunes
Timeless Prayer
Fates Lightningbolt
Future Untold
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Breaking Inside

To see the dark in me was to see the light
To set fire to my head was to cleanse my soul of a husk 
To sell my mind to ascension was a must 
It's how I saw there is no us

There's simply One

I saw Infinity within the eye
The spark of the cosmos is how to see what's right
To do that was to become alive
And the hardest thing i've done my whole life
So far i'm thankful for the warm morning sunshine
I grin knowing one day this shell will die

I miss being able to fly 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It has been a while, it feels good to write this 

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∞ Infinity

Rookie Poet

After everything, all those years
Those happy nights, them burning tears
Forever felt, close-by and near,
But now it’s gone, with deep strong fear.
The fear of loss, the dreadful days
Nothing to do, to ease the pain
Distant memories, of sunsets and smiles
Heart-broken times, remain sad and futile
Teenage years, full of lust and firsts
Overshadowed by endings, with sudden disperse.
Questions impend within a shocked mind,
Once inseparable, how we intertwined
Forever is over, infinity spent
Lies swept away, all that’s left is your scent...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this about an hour ago... written mainly to get closure on a situation. Rookie poem by a rookie poet (rhyming and all!)

Time to move on.

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