Home is a Torture Cell for Me

I feel like being a prisoner,

Inside my own house here,

He doesn’t give me a handful of freedom,

All he gifts me with is boredom and boredom.


If I call anyone over the phone,

He appears like a monster making me mourn,

For my effort to contact with others,

Even the windows are like the jail’s bars.


I can’t cook properly, he says,

I can’t behave, he says,

I’m not allowed to go for a walk outside,

Since the virus called ‘doubt’ is eating his mind.


He has made me bleed repeatedly,

Since I tried to escape desperately,

Grabbed me like an animal,

Throwing me back into his torture cell!      


Oh God! What can I do?

I beg of You,

Please save me from this medieval Satan,

Open up a way for me to fly, to run.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Say "NO" to domestic violence. This poem is inspired by the poem "Prisoner in My Own Place" by elliot_jordan. It's written from the perspective of a woman who is undergoing domestic violence.



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As a domestic violence

As a domestic violence survivor, I relate to this poem.  I see you have  you have  your own writing style.  Kudos.  Thanks for speaking and and for sharing.


KingofWords's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much indeed. :)