The Prince of darkness

My bright and shining star

The greatest Prince of them all

Watch him dance and sing


Watch him go

A sexy style

His sweet style

Melts your heart


Makes you smile

Snap your fingers

Tap your toes

My Prince


Watch him dance

The way he moves

He is enough

To drive you wild


Those bedroom eyes

Lips so sweet

Love me tender

Love me wild


.....My Prince.......



'Watch' is a Celebrity!

Watch, everyone watches dearly,

Be it at residence nearly,

In a convention,

Or at a park in sheer isolation.


A poor man for the time asks as such,

Looking at the wristwatch,

Of the one passing by,

Smiles back in gratitude with a sigh.


Perhaps the most watched item,

The watch is, a gem,

Yet a day does appear not viable,

Without the desired article.


Those who are restless,

Watch their watches in gladness,

As if a dame, new,

That they fervently look to!


Regardless of village or city,

Watch indeed is a celebrity,

Active almost ever,

Foe to none, held dear.


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To Watch Words Die

to watch words die

to watch words di

to watch words d

to watch words

to watch word

to watch wor

to watch wo

to watch w

to watch

to watc

to wat

to wa

to w



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