I ask myself

Long lost

I ask myself often, what is it about you?
That makes me love you, the way that I do?
No other woman, in all of my life...
Has caused me such joy, and been, the cause of such strife.
There have been many times, I tried to forget you...
But try as I might, it was something, I couldnt do.
Then there were times, I wanted you so bad
But you just ignored me, it drove me crazy mad.
I guess I should mention, about your addictive kiss...
How, when you kiss me, I'm caught in a rush of bliss.
I wish, I could do to you, what you do to me...
Then maybe, just maybe, you would finely see...
To me, your're more beautiful, then all women combined.
And to me also, you're that,  one of a kind...
But how do I get you, to see, as I do?
To see I'm the one, made, especially for you!
How, can I get you, to freely give me your heart?
How can I convince you, we need each other, to start...
To start a life together, that will last, all our lives.
A life built on love and respect, not head-games, and lies.
Am I just wasting my time, should I just walk away?
If I started to go... would you ask me to stay?
Years have passed by, since we first met
How many more will we miss, there's not many left.
Why is it so hard, for you to let your heart try?
Am I not worth the effort, to feel real love inside?
These are the questions, I ask myself everyday.
But getting the answers, it's only you, who has the say...
©PAUL (ChryWizard) Posney 12/31/2019

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Do you ? , or, could you be ?

Love & Romance

I'm looking for a girlfriend, someone who is true,
She must like to be spoiled, and treated good too.
Someone who isnt... afraid to be loved...
She will be the one, I'm always thinking of ..
She should like to talk, instead of argue and  fight
She should like to cuddle, morning, noon and night!
She must enjoy sex, and like to take charge sometimes
That's the kind of woman, I want to have as mine.
She should be honest and faithful, just like me,
Devoted and attentive, and as compassionate as can be.
I would love her forever, and she'd never be abused
I'd not call her bad names, or make her ever feel used.
So... do you know someone, or, could you be she?
That would enjoy being loved, by a man, just like me?

 ©PAUL (ChryWizard) Posney 12/26/2019

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Frivolity in the Midst of Danger

Come on, take my hand.

There’s a stunning carnival

Right in front of us.


It lights up the night

Like a group of fireflies.


Don’t you see that we have

A chance to rule the night?


So what are you waiting for?


There’s lots to do.

So much to see.

Our hearts will guide us.

No point in holding back now.


We only live once.

We can’t waste this time away.

The night is so young,

But baby, so are we at heart.


The park is stunning.

It’s everything that

I dreamed of.

Why did I delay before?


Now that I’m grown up,

There’s no chains to hold me down.


Come on, take my hand.

The rest of our lives await!


Why are you so scared?

Is the rotating wheel barrel blocking our path?

Did the power outage cause your heart to beat so loud?


Intensive moments build up character and bravery.

Your fears are below you now.


The storm may have

Crashed the party,


But that’s not how I see it.

Being so close to danger


Puts what we’ve learned to the test.

So let’s stand our ground.

And not wait until tomorrow.


The park is stunning.

It’s everything that

I dreamed of.

Why did I delay before?


Now that I’m grown up,

There’s no chains to hold me down.


Come on, take my hand.

The rest of our lives await!

The Morning

A sun sleeps for a night,
The night weeps till sunrise,
Such a wind passes rushing ahead,
From a night full of dreams, 
Good nights are born to our lips,
Heavily said to our loved ones.

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A Kiss Of The Sun

In the morning i feel your hugs,
Poured like kisses to my lips,  
Holding my chest like a taste of honey,
Like a smoke i took you in my breath,
Like a bird still i fly with smiles,
From such ecstasy i am forever soaked in your arms, 
Still your love holds me so white like a snow. 

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A Tendency For Love In A Forlorn Hope (An Affected Poem)



A Tendency For Love In A Forlorn Hope 




Are we falling away? This is just supposed to be a beginning.  Our

hearts tore open, jutting out of our chests.


My imploding rib cage is

so heartfelt as if tiny sharp things are piercing through my skin

—especially in that seeming

—point of no return.



I kept steady and not wanting anything more, out of this;

Except, now that our fates intertwine.



Now what am I supposed to do

to unleash my whole self 

to you?


You're great and nice—at that;

I am out of words.


Your wiles foreshadow me.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

"A Tendency For Love In A Forlorn Hope" is an affected poem that was written on 04/17/2017 at around 07:04 A.M.  This particular poem is thought to have similar theme(s) as that of the series of poems written within that specific time frame.  Thank you for looking!

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Territorial Imperative (An Affected Poem About Chances In Love)

Territorial Imperative 


You know that I could love

you with agape;


It is such a wonder that you

had stopped me on my way


But when I had to think of you

It has kept me dazed—always


My waking states alter day-to-day

Just for seeing your smiling face


A guy who would be likened

to a man, by a woman


It is unchartered territory,

But it could be the best one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 11.23.2019 (I have merely supplanted the former erroneous emendations, as indicated below in smaller fonts); 07.11.2019 (misspelling/typographical error corrections that are affecting its sense-making intended meaning-making attempts, e.g., or losinng. perhaps < or losing*, perhaps):  

"Territorial Imperative" is a poem about getting (or losing, perhaps) our chances in love.  But this is taken from my viewpoint, of my own subjective chance(s) or lack thereof—because it is relational (at the time when it was written).  The date of its composition supposedly was on 04/18/2017 at around 04:56 A.M.

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Verse 1:
I watch you slip

Further away from me

As you make your dreams a reality.

Don't you dare forget about me.


I won't forget about

The promises we made together.

Those were the days

I felt alive with anyone.


Verse 2:
If it were me,

I'd melt your cold heart once again.

Just take me by the hand.

I'll guide you through hell and back.


If only you could see me now,

Home wouldn't seem so far away.

Now that you're further away,

Our memories flood back to me.


Now that I'm no longer your's,

I feel dissonant.

Bring me to life.

Won't you take me home? 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

While listening to the Spotify playlist: "K-Acoustic(s)", I was inspired to write a song Cat Clark. Here is the bridge lyrics to it: "If only you could see me now/home wouldn't seem so far away/now that you're further away/Our memories flood back to me" (Song title: "Further"). It's a playlist of Korean songs sung in acoustic style (stripped down version). It's mainly love songs so I wrote another "love" song. You should try to write some songs Cat to get your feelings out there and express yourself better. It might help you. That's just a suggestion. Grab any notebook or piece of paper and write.


Verse 1:
Say, you're all I need.

You gotta know:
I'm falling in love.

No one but you will do.


These scars that you carry

are seen by me.

Admit it: We need each other

Like a bad habit.


Verse 2:
Out of all these scars,

Your fear of love

tears us apart

From the happy endings.



Don't worry: cast your cares on me.

These scars will disappear

as long as you are with me.

Don't ever let me go.

'Cause you're all I need.


Out of all these things I've done,

I love you better.

As time goes on,

We remain steadfast in  this love. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Song written about loving a "broken" person.