aging. woman

In My Prime Time



This aging thing...


    I don't fear it.

    I don't stress it.

    I don't 'plasticize' it

    Or over-moisturize it.


    For it is what it is-aging.


In fact,

 I embrace it.

  Pull it close...closer,

   Like a bare sinewy chest

    Pressed tightly to mine.


     For me,

you see...

      A woman of my years,

       48 isn't fatal...

         It's downright fun.


Its my prime time.

It's a reawakening of senses

      Of sensuality

      Of insatiable desires

I thought long dead with the past.


But no......


Ohhhh no.......

They are very much, so very much

Alive and  needing.


For after too many years

In a deadened state of being





...I walked proudly away

With a high-held head

And the desire to find love

A desire to be





For there is no way

I will ever again

     Settle for


Or miss out on this-

The most




and exciting phase

Of my womanhood-


-My prime time


To be loved

           And to love.




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