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I’m a young African American male poet born, and raised in South Carolina I use poetry to express myself. My writings focus on many topics but we’ll get to that later, now I want to explain how poetry and I were introduced. I was listening to one of my favorite Hip-Hop artist; Tupac Shakur and hearing his amazing story telling made me want to follow suit and become a poet/rapper. One of his songs called “Change” opened my eyes to the reality of change and focus on making a brighter future for younger generations to be. After jumping into the marvelous world of poetry, I broken out of my shell and learned to express my true emotions and how I feel on certain topics. Now you know I how poetry and I came together and how it affected time for a panoramic view of my poetry.

Time for the moment we all have been waiting for what do I really write about? Well my topics are very diverse like I stated once before I write about corruption, racism, betrayal, living a positive life and dealing with self-doubt. Honestly that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have archives of poetry stored on my phone every one of them came from the heart. Take this one line for example, “I’m still trying to start a revolution with the music I been producing”. In that line I was expressing how things need to change within the music industry and in our society. Another from one from a poem called “Protagonist” Fight; “I’m unleashing rhymes to my adversaries for I can get back to the peace that my life use to be before the misery revealed its ugly face to me.” Now that was me in my first encounter with betrayal That’s how I felt at that time and I’d unleash my anger in a healthier outlet instead acting physically on the pain ,I did it verbally. Just in case your still hungry for more lines from the heart, here’s one more, “ I don’t mind if you praise Buddha, Allah, or Christ we all family alright,” I demonstrated in that line I hang around with diverse individuals. Everyone came from different cultures and backgrounds, but we settled our differences and became greatest of friends. This was only a half view; you haven’t fully seen my art.

Congratulations you’re now familiarize with what type of poetry I write about! But sadly you haven’t seen the captivating panoramic view of my poetry yet. Anyway enough of the small talk let’s talk about how does this art form affects me. The most major impact poetry had on me was helping me expand my mind in the most innovative ways. I stated this before but poetry help be more outgoing and vocalizing my opinions. Being able to tell people how I feel so amazing, I also love the drive to be great in what I do this is more than a hobby it’s a lifestyle. People may disagree saying my poetry is not serious and I’m like a child in his sandbox playing house, but the satisfaction I get when I shock the room with message is better than having million dollars on my lap. Yes it’s that satisfying poetry makes me feel like I can conquer any obstacle in life. Well that’s my panoramic view of my poetry hope you enjoy exploring my vision.

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My navel is open like my mind
My navel is round like the earth.
My navel been around since birth.
My navel is draped under my shirt.

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