Your my greatest treasure!

Your my greatest treasure!


You graced Me with your presence the day That you arrived

Then you made your way into my heart and settled there and thrived

You light the world up with your smile and cheer them with your laughter

You bring joy into my life cuz your my greatest treasures

This special woman I see before me makes me proud she calls me Mom

And someday when she too has a child of her own my joy her way will come

The little girl with a skinned up knee knows one day she will Rome

And when you move away from me know in my heart your always home

A tainted past has always followed me thru out my life thus far

But your the one thing from my past to present I'm proud to have you follow

Remembering all those years that we've spent together makes me know for sure

That your my greatest treasures!


    Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one for my daughter when she moved to another state a few months ago hope you'll like it

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Pirate Curse


Nair rest the mind eye: trappings 
ensnarement in blindnesse die 
a dialogue here within
read beyond

 Oh when the winds change 
direction no one'evr  knows
the future of the story to unfold
insidious wickednesse or mutiny
n'er retreat but eye for eye

the humble boots man tread 
on the land once fed by the 
treasure gold and blood of red
fortune to be made or lost never
to return

Aye the cheats to fire and burn 
matt'r nought he be on land or sea
may be strick'n wrought with 

Oh damnedest soul of griefe and 
tainted swive 
Beshackle to thee Miss Fortune 
as ye bride.
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Veiled Splendor



Simple treasures,

A divine line separating

Other divine things.

A balance of art hangs

In you, in me, in the world.

Simple treasures,

A notion of abstractions

Dying to be noticed.

An eruption follows through.

In you, in me, in the world.

Simple treasures,

In light and in the absence

Amongst the in between.

Harvest the seconds in time

In you, in me, in the world.

Simple treasures,

Morality bends in shapely ways

Across mountains and seas.

Blossoming like flowers

In you, in me, in the world.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everything is waiting to be seen..

Dark Hearts

Dark hearts are cageless in their frail ages  
and a slack pardon bruised the slaves wages.
Savage teeth tear deep as sleep in stifled air
and not a care drop to quench a thirsting dispair.

Harmonious discord made short by swift end
alone he must search for the sword to defend .
Then venimous measures may part with thier head
so envious treasures lay safe from the dead.  
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Metallic love

I can't focus... it's getting to me, more each day.. 

my thoughts stretch like clay, & unfortunately mold me, here & there.. 

I wish so much for you to of been able to stay.

was it really mean't to be this way..?

cause I surely feel unsatisfied.. 

comfort is something we all crave.. 

but you were like security to me, & I watched it all get ripped away..

what a waste of a night.. what a realization, I couldn't fight..


I miss you more then the depths of the ocean go deep..

some nights like this.. I have trouble trying to sleep.. 

we yearn, we learn.. forever burn...

tables turn..

I want to take back so much i've said..

because they were useless particles floating around in my head..

6 months pass.. everything falls to ash but the memories.. 


fuck me for letting other opinions get in the way of my true heart..

fuck them for denying love.. as if they really knew.

sorry I can seem like a rainbow of emotions.. or a bleak cloudy day.. 

but I can promise much sunshine after being drenched in such heavy rain.. 


will another 6 months make a difference..?

or would it just be a whole year spent needing you..

it's not like I can't live... or breathe without you..

but it's to the point I really just don't want to... 

sorry about getting "distracted".. 

I don't excpect you to still feel like you need me,

want, love or care about me.. 

though I feel all the same & even more.


this incense continues to coil... & I could watch it for hours.

as i'm thinking.. when I die.. would this all of passed right before my eyes?

I want to know that instead of sitting here, waiting..

hoping, wondering.. not knowing.. 

instead, I'll get to see you smile again..

that for me, would never ever be a waste of time.

at least i'd know that's what I did with my last bit of life.


I don't know if I have the power anymore to get you to laugh without trying..

or the privilege of being on your mind... 

when I take my last breath, please tear this heart out of my chest..

put it in a jar.. keep it preserved.

if you go first.. i'll remember your wish, if it's still what you'd want.

i'll hold onto yours too.. even though it's no longer beating..

always I will love you.. through my hands this blood is seeping..

like treasure... from the chest.

metallic love..  

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