Infinity Plus One

How relevant are we as heaps
of wasting organic matter
to think think that we have some purpose
than whats already in the cards
dealt for us to play in this life ?
As in vain as we are as whole,
and bold we are to enoble 
ourselves to such worthy a cause.

What is missed is the simple fact  
we have no more say than the next 
who looks to the same sky as we ;
yet we as sure as the sun shines
go forth ever onward seeking
something hididng from being found.
Naked eyes and naked bodies
watching the hands go round and round
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"...wasting organic matter..."

I needed that reminder. Infinity and more? Wowness. Nice image the equals all distance and all time. - slc



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for the read.

i guess what I was trying to that in the infinite...

all the problems in life seem small...and once you can break it down to the cellular level....we are microscopic and , with that realization...the problem itself may disintregrate into dust and be carried off into the breeze.

 “I Had A Very Open Mind When I Wrote This “


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very well written

Nice piece of work! :)

Once you read , please drop a message if possible. Any comments are most welcome :)

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Thank you

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for the read...I’m glad you liked it.

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Wow, what a Quest poem!  Most

Wow, what a Quest poem!  Most people don't write those well any more, or at least in my experience.  The last two lines reminded me of too many memories of college.


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i Really appreciate that.

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Truth here...and yet,

Truth here...and yet, sometimes, we actually CAN find what it is we long as we are looking in the right direction.


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agree with that somewhat.

that great part means something different every time you read it.

thanks for the read