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Summer of Love (song lyrics/acoustic guitar)

Song Lyrics


*acoustic guitar*(capo 2nd fret_Em_A_D)
Your music fills my heart like a symphony
Your kiss intoxicating like wine
   the fire of passion is burning
burning bright in your eyes.
  Run away with me baby
We could live ocean side
And sleep underneath the moonlight baby
you and i ..
my hippie gypsie baby 
Like the summer of 1969
ocean swimming naked at midnight
and afterwards by the fire
Listening to all the blue waves crashing
Looking up at the sky
Waking up in the sun bleached sand, baby...
Peace and Love in Paradise
Peace and love is Paradise
Youre love is my Paradise
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Other chord progessions are interchangeable.....just improvise.

Tempo is interchangeable....

   Strum pattern would be  d-d-d-u-d.....d-u-u-u-d

Or alternating  with a finger-pick  here and there. 


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Life's A Beach

Life's a beach, a time of celebration.
A cocktail of joy; waves of exhilaration.
Enjoy each moment, live in each day,
Build castles in the sand, take time to play.

Life's a beach, a walk in the sand.
Sail peaceful waters, whenever you can.
Take in the sunsets; a gift sent your way.
Life's a beach, live it each day.

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Platinum Wig

What's in my head is under your skin.

Slipping it on like a coat,

wiggling its finger tips into yours.

A king crab rubbed in sun tan oil.

His platinum wig shining the same as the crushed velvet in front of him and his flaking, blue beach chair.

A middle aged, sun spotted lawn.

My dry hands paint a crippled panther onto your face.

Scuttling in my mary janes.

The smell of you shoves my fingers down my throat.

My broken education dragged across my wrists.

I may not know all of the presidents,

but I know a bargain when I see one. 

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Knowing  is a relative term..

   Ask the ocean why.
   Ask the Ocean what it sees or knows...
   and sit with pen-in-hand 
   and write .
(she sighs)
Its too vast .....
    infinate salt grain time capsules
    made prisoner by ink-stained  paper?
"Surely I  have gone mad"
    - Can the ocean know?
"It has spoke to me"
It speaks to everyone
"I stood on the edge of the beach"
      -it draws you in man
          -im tellin' you it does....
Her eyes never beheld it-
Miles of white sand
the pier.
the clouds.
The voice of the ocean.
Its an old mans voice..Low and Smooth
    It says "never forget"
      and tells of Pirate Death
    and message bottles
      Secret pleasures that
    cause sunken treasures and 
      fears that stain the shore.
The place I want to be scattered.  
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I wonder if
the Moroccan sun
going down
into the Mediterranean
sea(or seemingly so),
noticed us
kissing on the beach
by the tufts of grass?


We cared not,
but went about
our business
as lovers do.


Loud music
from the base camp,
some one sang,
guitar, voices,
silly laughter.


It was quite
some time
ago now;
age has set in,
have become stiff
and ache,
but it was
a good session,
as I recall,
for time-sake.

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salty aftermath

naked on the beach,
no towel underneath,
and the sand gritty
beneath, into, and
on top of everything
while lying next to the
ocean's rising tide,
the sea of hating,
remembering all
the loathing words
you spewed, berating,
salty drops of your envy
and resentment,
lost enchanment
drowns me, pulled
into the undertow
of remorse...

par for the course.


10:47 PM 4/27/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about playing the victim role.

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2010-2012 Poems

Today is a new day.
I chased the sunrise,
I chased the waves.
I followed the bees,
Smelt the flowers.
I felt the sand on my feet,
The cool, salty breeze on my face.
Met some fishermen,
And captured a bull’s gaze.
Watched the ebbing of the tide,
As the pigeons flew by.
I sat on a rock,
And stared at the blue sky.
I walked on the shore,
Drew on the sand.
Saw a lost baby slipper,
And hurt my right hand.
I breathe in all these…
Thank God for life.
Today is a new day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c)jerlin 14Nov12; Samila Beach, Thailand

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Seaside Adventures

Seaside adventures,
In Tynemouth, with some Guinness,
And a man named Dave.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually wrote this 19/03/2012 but only just realised I hadn't posted it! lol

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