Mind Control



By JFarrell


Amongst the first words a child can recognise

Between 18 months to 3 years

Are a certain brand of cola

And a very delicious hamburger bar

This is the power of advertising.


I am 49 years old

Beanz, means, ……….

The m..lk..b…..rs are on me

I’m a secret lemonade drinker

Because the lady loves mi..k tr…y

And I could go on


Most of them slogans are from my first 10 years

And I still remember them

How many can you remember

And, yes, I am scared to name brands, these people can sue

The power of advertising


Do you feel brainwashed, yet?

Are your thoughts your thoughts

Or the thoughts of a commercial?


Will they let you have your own thoughts

Tell me

How does it feel

The brainwashing


Author's Notes/Comments: 

also on youtube

search judgedoobie13

thnx :)

Machines Welcomed


Have you witness the new Machines

welcoming the youth with manifestos

of prosperity, riches, and their furthest



Giving their all to the Machines that

process the thoughts of the young and

the old; becoming subconsious reality....


Machines with mind control, power over

your soul; give in, until you have nothing.


Welcome the Machines that generate

your spirits laughter and cries-


Machines that create desires with a cloak

over the masses eyes; blindly guided

everyday through different perceptions,

which in reality it is the same routine; a

repetition of yesterday.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Welcome to the New Machines

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