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live in the moments great intention
left aspiration to most
true ambition to score
carry on to notice hope
the longing from out of the pain
the will from yearning desire
wishes to do my dishes
cling to fame left for me to explain

I Burn For Her


We are filled with the flames of passion,

and a soul that shines like the sun.

The sparks are never calmed,

the flames are ever wilder

but my soul... is turning darker.

The fire in my heart burns for her

it grows and forges my every move.

Yet my soul remains dark,

cloaked from all that it's felt

and not once has it called out for help.

At times it will be pitch black,

and like an eclipse it blocks out the light of my flame.

Then that same flame that so burned for her

that same flame that gave me breath,

now scorches my life.

With a damaged soul I have no mind,

no sanity nor will, 

I'm driven mad and my emotions become primitive.

Slowly I know, that as things go

I'll be left with no soul.

But do not fret for my fire,

forever burns.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Fire as a way of describing one's passion has interested me lately so i wrote this on it :P