Foolligent [Fool + Intelligent]

Let me dare to invent,

A word called ‘foolligent’,

You might think it queer so,

But such souls exist; it is rare though.


Some among us are intelligent,

Several others are not sent,

By Him with that quality,

Called they are fools for their folly.


Some are blessed,

As both the qualities rest,

In them together in a fine manner,

As lie virtue and vice in the heart inner.


Foolligent beings grope for solutions,

In some conditions,

Yet they in fact are,

                                               Exceedingly smart in certain sphere.              


Nothing but the keen observance,

Has been a torch in essence,

Letting me coin a word,


And your agreement shall be my reward!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have just invented a word called "Foolligent" [Fool + Intelligent]. Definition: A person who behaves foolishly sometimes but acts intelligently in certain circumstances. I think such persons do exist. You can view the definition here:

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