My Hero Forever You'll Be!

        My Hero forever you'll be!   

He didnt fly like superman but to me that didnt matter
cuz he gave us all he had so that his clothes were just a tatter
always there to give his love all while sipping on his tea
and in my heart i'll always know that my hero forever you'll be
saving up that time he bought stuffed animals for us one year
and was as happy as ive ever seen he smiled from ear to ear
mom had an opportunity to go on vacation and he did agree
so off she went and it made me think my hero forever you'll be
even death didnt change who you were to us you were still our dad 

when you went to be with our mom in heaven it made us so very sad
not a day goes by that we dont think of you and we smile for all to see
for us kids nothing will ever change our hero forever you'll be!






Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this one for my dad hope you like it



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Warrior Hero of Turan,

Semi-mythical ruler.

Also an ancient kingdom,

Bordered by the Oxus River.


Making war against the Persians, he lost;

But he is remembered by most!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mythos poem.

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I will be Your Hero

I will be your hero,

Everywhere I will go,

With you,

Like a shadow.


I will fulfill your every dream,

Even if unfeasible it seem,

I will not let fright and angst appear,

Beside you ever my dear!


I will treat you like a queen!


Since to me wonderful you have been!

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*I Miss You My Love My Hero*


 April.18.2007 2:31am/December.24.2011

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins




I miss your gorgeous sight

When before I go to bed

I lean down and begin to pray

I'll remember the last thing you said

"My love I will be back soon someday"

That is then I fell to my knees and began to cry

I pray to God everynight 

My love comes back wishing he finds

His way back to my heart

Asking God our love that we have let it be 

God every moment my heart pleads

Don't let my love,My hearo from me part

Let our souls for each other continue to bleed

For our love has been strong since the start 


I miss my love so much

I want to feel on my face

His gentle touch

When he kisses me 

He does it so 

With love and at a slow romantic pace

It sets my worries free

While your always my sweet

Let God protect you with the angels above

While I sit here and wait for your warm body heat

Tonight when I enter the world of dreams

I will go to our favorite spot to meet


To look into your eyes and to feel your arms

Around me it feels real

You say "Next to me will always be your seat"

And then tell me 

"I am always in your heart"

No matter the distence no matter how far 

Please believe me please stay strong

Keep in your heart and wishing on that star

Together forever and always 

And back agian we belong

And soon my soul I will be back to stay

It won't be long

So please believe in what I say


You're my love, my hero

The one I will love forever 

My hate for you will always be at zero

We will always be together 

I will take care of you 

As you will take care of me 

And our love will always remain true

We will never let each other free

Because you are my love and you are my hero



When i found you! 2015

         when i found you 2015


When i found you I was lonely you knew

with you there's no sorrow i can face tomorrow

you were dear to my heart right from the start

I was really blue when i found you

we have only begun to have lot's of fun

no need to alarm i'm safe in your arm's

because we dont fight it's never felt more right

l felt like a new spring flower when i found you

I went from a zero because you became my hero

It started out as friend's and so It never end's

My love will not part it come's right from my heart

like the owl ask's who I say when I found you!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one for a friend because he is special to me, hes always there and helps me any time i need his help !!!

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The Dance of Elysium



A candle flickering in silence

Dancing in the calm of night

Shadows fade into memory

As darkness encompasses light

Lying in wait

For the last breath of fall

Breaking into the gentle cloak of winter 

This is solace

The place where the greatest of man

Sits in ecstasy  

Where the mightiest have given way

To the glory of Elysium 

Heroes among the scores of man

Gracing the hallow halls of this 

The most sacred of destinations

Staring into the eyes of creation

As they accept their final embrace

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For those who like Greek mythology. 

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Dark Hearts

Dark hearts are cageless in their frail ages  
and a slack pardon bruised the slaves wages.
Savage teeth tear deep as sleep in stifled air
and not a care drop to quench a thirsting dispair.

Harmonious discord made short by swift end
alone he must search for the sword to defend .
Then venimous measures may part with thier head
so envious treasures lay safe from the dead.  
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The powerful things that he can do

His strength,  his will, reigns oh so true

He is a man that cares so deep

And carries a spirit of one whose upbeat

He's strong



And Brave

Not afraid

Takes risks 

And continues

To Save.

He may not have an S on his chest

Or fly through the night above the moonlights crest

But this man is forever there for me

This man is what I call my HERO...you see.

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Dad is my hero today



Dad is my hero today

for services to his family

worked all hours he can

a limited opportunity magician


Dad is my hero today

for his love of the family

sharing good times, and bad

for all of them I am so glad


dad is my hero today

amazing forgiveness display

especially love for his mum

in the face of a life stolen


Dad is my hero today

amazing love to pervade

total devotion to his wife

who has been constantly by his side


Dad is my hero today

a life not frittered away

tricked into fighting a war

lucky didn’t find it's trap door


Dad is my hero Today

seen his last Remembrance sunday

peace better than war anyday

without, would’ve joined Cardiff City


Dad, hero of many today

and was born on New years Day

and now his race almost run

a new beginning; rising sun




Author's Notes/Comments: 

dads going to die soon.

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