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I created this accounting when I was 34 years of age. I aspire to someday publish something memorable. Some real literature. Truth be told, In our technology driven society, the written word (like all of us) will some day cease to exist. I want to leave my handprint in the wet plaster of our world. I want my words to be read and remembered. I want to question everything, never settle, and and expose beauty, and truth and ugliness and decay, and corruption and satirize on those things..those idiosyncracies that are the human condition. The world condition. In the midst of all the wretchedness and decay (socially and politically), a poet finds his musings and even a glimpse of true beauty on occaision. I think, in my opinion, we have become so sheepish (as people) we struggle to test any boundary that has been set for us by our governing bodies. This is my escape. Poetry.No boundaries. Symbolism, Flow of consciousness, imagery, action, reaction...maybe even combustion. My goal as a poet is to lift the veil that clouds your vision so you can see things with a pristine shimmering clarity only a poet can create. My favorites...16th and 17th C. English literature, conceptually...The Beat generation of the 60's , Rock and roll music , and lyrics.

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It is the gateway to Sublime Thoughts, Poetry, and Philosophy in Verse.

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I encourage criticism, and discussion forums. For each of my poems reviewed..I will in return review 2 of yours, that you select for me. Message me if interested, and lets see what we all can learn. Thanks


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