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Into the Black Hole

Fall into 

black hole


Sucked into






By your 



No where to go

suffocated by thoughts



nothing to catch your fall



of despair

The Aftermath of Pain

Ripped apart from 

previous memories,

dreams which have become

like cianide to the mind


Always fretting the day's,

trying to stay alive,

figuring out what to do 

with all this time


Wishing I were dead,

but no reason to die,

everyday living this lie!!!!


Black hearts,

old souls


wandering the void,

no answers found


perpetual purgatory,

no where to go


bound in chains

with the weight of the world on your shoulders,


a punishment due

for being alive


time's meaninglessness,

frozen for preservation

Summer Portrait

Summer Portrait

Rays of stray sunlight
Part your auburn hair
As you walk in the cornfield,
Breathing breath as fresh

As the strawberries
That grow in the far patch
Hard and red as nipples
To suckle fat nymphs that

Push past twisted tendrils
And linger beneath watermelon
Leaves at eventide


today I walked along the beach and heard a still but small still voice behind me
frantic, it was a surreal moment of anxiety but entered peace through its bend
the voice continued, "Seek me above all things lay hold of my stregnth & salvation".
Wandering I through a rock into the surf I headed toward my blanket & rested
the hours felt in twilight amidst the density of the twilight hour of meditation
took my hand made for me to take flight to understand the masters plan you see
thoughts permeated through my head as I thought I was the flame of the living dead
for then I lied down and my sleep was sweet

giving cadence toward the day onto a heightened pier near the rocks
overhead seagulls fly and the sight of the Albatross passing
remember me in times such as these cling free to me
love lingers on with the faint of a song
the setting of the sun


there's a bridge that devides the fold amidst the tops of an angry mob for sure


there's a taste of an amazing mix of melodic tones deafening in the current


there's a place where dwellers rest to take a part in the test


there's a sun beneath the moon that gives way to cadence in the late of June




through a sunset peak we have sprung a leak inside taking a little peak


through wandering eyes we can lay hold of a surprise amidst the lies


each new day there is a game to be played got it made in the shade


each new course springs true with love sheltered abve the dew




inside we often hide through the rustling hills the cheap thrills it pays the bills


hearken onto its beckoning plow sound the alarm for words to charm


come to the sea drop off all forms of negativity its in your sweet destiny


listen to the birds chirping outside on the lawn look at the lonely fawn




words can take us to each heightened place make no mistake


reflect on the good dismiss what's bad rejoice and be glad


each turn you take make no mistake its tempered with fate


our great escape going west young man my faithful friend with whom you can depend




in the morning there will be reflections sought to the extreme on the scene


we have grown with a grateful heart to impart the furtherance of all goodness


we must resist the evil doer and cling to what is good


think good thoughts of such as Goldi Locks and the tropics




words can create a lasting void to how you really feel another chance at lets make a deal


behind the squeeky wheel we can trust words to be secure as our daily bread


words can bring a smile to a lonesome child to cherish in great riches


light the inner flame of resistance by given a chance




Strangers In A Strange Land II

Strangers In A Strange Land II




There I was completely wasted, out of work and down
All inside it's so frustrating as I look inside





through a barricade getting lost in a haze


decorated doorways pierced with a lively apparel


as light as a nail thick as a brick


search inside to find what needs to be fixed


a toast to sullen brevity


a drop in the pan made for me to understand


tragedy it's own best commodity


choices with voices learn in rehearsels


one equated logic with fear to shed a single tear


we can only take so much in life


amidst it's given strife


the spice of life


love lingers on in deep apparel


through the throttle on a bottle we shall learn


balance is power


to become transparent


what's the confidence


throughout every circumstance


to take time to breath


love is gained it also has lost


humanities heaviest of cost
































Forbidden Underground




under the darkened layers of silk & lush


we can commence in a push


filter through soup bowls with moss in the undertow


you unleashed the lion in me


caged barbaric creatures having little eyes


the immense silence toward its bitter violence


dark deranged dungeon with pillars of vast exploits


feeble minded zombie mutant creatures come in search of blood


in the vast perpetual time between matter and space


we get a taste of vanquished vomit in bright yellow asps


the seal on the door that leads to the underground is locked


one needs to negate the notion of spineless agitation


why does one equate logic with fear


I shed a single tear to numb the inner pain


the warden of the dungeon calmly opened to lock


only to reveal vast shivers down one's spine


a time revealed with swords of armor on the influx of its residue


we climbed in further only to discover


a draw bridge that brought creatures in to infest there mind with evil dread


the cosmic collision of a puzzle made for the walking dead


viscous fangs dripping blood off side we run away to hide


only to get closer as never before to the underground


there in the center lies a barrage of infested rodents chewing on vile matter


with a barrage of waste that taunts the madness in my mind


for i have seen enough turning to the warden he locked the door once again


at night i slept but was awakened by a viscous noise coming from under my bed


a stir of emotions came rustling through my extremeties


I was naked and all alone then the silence dissapeared to the knock on my door


for it was the warden warning me that the creatures were once again loosed in the city


I was beside myself but I realized that these creatures hated water so I came with buckets


one by one I was able to lure the creatures back to the naggot infested dwelling


all was left was a zombie that I barely couldn't see


throughout the duration of time the warden reassured me that all was well


the remedy of this madness is to have water handy then everything would be gravy.