Monthly Archive for July 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
A Call to Passion Poem SSmoothie 11 Jul 1st
Real to me Poem Elfy 2 Jul 1st
Like button Poem Irockpoker like Jul 1st
white Poem dexterium Jul 1st
Stop and stare Poem divysia 1 Jul 1st
Summer of Love Poem LoveMe93 2 Jul 1st
Haunting Memories Poem MissSaigon 2 Jul 1st
Victory Poem AndrewLoss society Jul 1st
Dirty Touch Poem MissSaigon 4 Jul 1st
Brothers (A Call to Arms) Poem AndrewLoss War Jul 1st
haikus to die for Poem SSmoothie 3 Jul 1st
Snake Skins Poem Madhatter007 1 Jul 1st
My White Ship Poem Madhatter007 1 Jul 1st
The Baggage Poem Madhatter007 Jul 1st
Forbidden Kiss Poem MissSaigon relationship, secrets Jul 2nd
Cat's Head On My Forearm Poem Sivus Life Jul 2nd
it's that time again Poem kayspoems 1 Jul 2nd
Cool Comfort Sea Poem disintegr8 2 Jul 2nd
Cracked Poem Lah Jul 2nd
HOPE AND FEAR Poem emmenay Haiku Poetry Jul 2nd
North and South Poem deepblue 2 Jul 2nd
WHEN NOTHING ELSE MATTERS MORE Poem emmenay 1 love poem Jul 2nd
Thoughts In Space Poem avoice flow of consciousness questioning truth and the universe abstract thought Jul 2nd
I Still Care... Poem MissSaigon Jul 2nd
BAKAS NG DIGMAAN Poem kyoksil Jul 2nd
rollercoaster loather Poem SSmoothie Jul 2nd
give Poem SSmoothie 1 Jul 2nd
This Is How Much I Love You Poem thisisme789 2 love, love poems Jul 2nd
twists Poem SSmoothie 2 Jul 2nd
Would You Go With Me Poem Seraphim Fear, Hope, kiss, love, new life, relationship, second chance, tears Jul 2nd
Superman Poem Seraphim 2 Abandonment, cry, Darkness, hero, leave, light, Pain, savior, spirit, superman Jul 2nd
The Real You Poem Seraphim 2 Be yourself, disguise, happy, love, pretend, promise, the real you Jul 2nd
Uncontrollable Spocking Poem running_with_rabbits Jul 2nd
Because heaven would suck without you Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Jul 2nd
We both know I think too much Poem running_with_rabbits Jul 2nd
Make You Famous Poem DaveBrowder Jul 2nd
Who would ever cheat on you? Poem running_with_rabbits Jul 2nd
Truth Between The Lies Poem DaveBrowder Jul 2nd
As long as that rock is there you will have always have a chance* Poem running_with_rabbits Jul 2nd
Strength (Safety) Poem JacksonI 1 Earth, Motivational Jul 2nd
It was gone when you kissed me goodbye Poem running_with_rabbits Jul 2nd
I don’t even think of you now* Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Jul 2nd
I can’t stop laughing; I’m not even happy* Poem running_with_rabbits 1 Jul 2nd
Ms. Leader Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Jul 2nd
struggles of an imaginary time Poem SSmoothie Jul 2nd
Look At Me Now Poem FallanB Jul 3rd
I want Poem NightPollen Jul 3rd
Behold the Night Poem No1 Jul 3rd
gripping and slipping Poem traxaddict Jul 3rd
You're my ex for a reason Poem Koriand'r 1 Jul 3rd
Say you'll forgive me Poem Koriand'r Jul 3rd
You remind me Poem Koriand'r 2 Jul 3rd
What I can't say Poem Koriand'r 3 Jul 3rd
the lines of love Poem SSmoothie 2 Jul 3rd
Footnote: Contradiction Poem Starward Jul 3rd
Nuances: Archaeologist's Notes Poem Starward Jul 3rd
I Met This Girl Poem thisisme789 2 online, online friends, online relationships Jul 3rd
Protecting Innocence Poem jordanchambers 2 Jul 3rd
Sexual Predators Online Poem thisisme789 online predators, sexual predators Jul 3rd
transcending cultures ( 10 min challenge) Poem SSmoothie Jul 3rd
the way Poem HisWithNoDoubt Jul 3rd
It's I Who Loves You Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
We Could Take Over the World Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
She Is My Jail Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Wish For Me Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
My Dame of Thrones Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Mom Has News Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
teenage existentialist Poem fat_mike Jul 3rd
What Am I Supposed to Do? Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
Break Me Down Poem Silver__lining Jul 3rd
i've become a cliche Poem fat_mike 1 Jul 3rd
Ignorance in the Sky Poem Simply.Savannah. 6 clouds, cry, firefly, flies, Metaphor, midnight, sigh, sky, wind Jul 3rd
200 words Poem tomasaycaramba Christianity Jul 3rd
Faith Poem tomasaycaramba Jul 3rd
The Prisoner Poem tomasaycaramba christinity/addiction Jul 3rd
Waves, Take me Away Poem Simply.Savannah. 3 ocean, sea, Take, water, waves Jul 3rd
Friends and drugs Poem tomasaycaramba Addiction Jul 3rd
Know This Poem tomasaycaramba Addiction Jul 3rd
Jesus Attorney at Law Poem tomasaycaramba Christianity Jul 3rd
hidden cruch Poem Nightshade 2 Jul 3rd
New Hope Poem tomasaycaramba Addiction Jul 3rd
Keeper of my Soul Poem Simply.Savannah. 2 Dedication, Diary, Journal, keeper, my, of, soul Jul 3rd
Silence Implies Consent Poem metaphorist Jul 3rd
Alzheimer’s Poem metaphorist Jul 3rd
Life Poem AndrewLoss 5 Depression Jul 3rd
Dial tone Poem xMattx 4 dial tone, love, marriage, phone, religion Jul 3rd
The Army at the Bar Poem Dizzylemons 1 Jul 3rd
Untitled 7/3/2012 Poem Sivus Jul 4th
A Cruel Reality Poem dmjmotivation 4 FAME, Jesus Christ, Lust, money, spiritual Jul 4th
Crazy Monkey Bars Poem dmjmotivation 1 Faith, forgivenss, Jesus Christ, love, strongholds, worship Jul 4th
Stumblin' Poem dmjmotivation 3 Christ, destiny, Failure, Faith Jul 4th
Word Play Poem dmjmotivation 2 Christ, death, Faith, heaven, Jesus, love Jul 4th
A Dreamer Deferred Poem Fallen_Cloud dreamer, Failure Jul 4th
solace Poem redpyramid9000 Jul 4th
hopelessly human Poem redpyramid9000 1 Jul 4th
Andy Poem randyjohnson death, Dedication Jul 4th
Smile upon Poem Anonymous 1 smile Jul 4th
My 30 Days Poem Madhatter007 Jul 4th
Warning Flags Poem Madhatter007 Jul 4th
Why Do We Have To Be This Way Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 4th
for b. a crystal tear. Poem SSmoothie 4 #crystal #tear #heart #fingertip #hugs #dedication #friend #lover Jul 4th
Whatever happened to us (People) Poem JRiskSC relationship Jul 4th
Deep Thought Poem JRiskSC Motivational Jul 4th
Gotta Find Love Poem JRiskSC Love Relationship Jul 4th
Destroy Olympus. [Gods of Pain] Poem SSmoothie 4 gods of Pain Jul 4th
'Walking On Air Tonight' Poem deepblue 2 Jul 4th
the endless wait. Poem SSmoothie Jul 4th
SHINE AGAIN Poem truedreams Hope Jul 4th
LIKE WRATH Poem truedreams DARKY Jul 4th
Wisdom’s Way Poem trumpet7 Jul 4th
Gift of Light Poem CRIS 2 gift, God, Hope, Life Jul 4th
Squares Like Smallish Casinos Poem Sivus HOME, Life, living, Metaphor, room Jul 4th
::On My Way To My Book:: Poem roxyanna77 5 Jul 4th
Barely Breathing Poem LadyAryn 1 Jul 4th
Drowning Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Fairy Tales Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Fated Course Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Frozen Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Going Under Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Ghostly White Cheeks Poem tomasaycaramba -LovePoem- Jul 4th
Halting Caveat Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Kissed by a Rose Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Moving On Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
My Hero Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
5am and still... Poem SSmoothie 3 Jul 4th
Pinnocchio Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Sandcastles in the Sky Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Stolen Innocence Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Teter Totter Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
To Write Love on Her Arms Poem LadyAryn 1 Jul 4th
Transposed Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Walking on Air Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Homesick Poem LadyAryn Jul 4th
Footnote: Time Dilation Poem Starward Jul 4th
Epigram From College, 1 Poem Starward Jul 4th
Epigram from College, 2 Poem Starward Jul 4th
Short Verse #7 *July 4, 2012* Prose MatthewWayne freedom, government, laws, Random Thoughts, Regulations Jul 4th
Footnote: New Socks . . . Exposed Poem Starward Jul 5th
Harpy Poem Sivus 1 love Jul 5th
TRUE LOVE Poem miguelito7911 Jul 5th
Hourglass Poem joshomac 3 Jul 5th
Here in my hope Poem SSmoothie Jul 5th
Innocense Poem Envy 4 Jul 5th
Please Poem Envy 1 Jul 5th
The Slut That I'm Not Poem MissSaigon 1 ego, taking over Jul 5th
Nocturnes: Talk Of the Comfortless Abandoned Poem Starward Jul 5th
Still it has to be said Poem running_with_rabbits Jul 5th
Footnote: Relax Poem Starward Jul 5th
Footnote: Age Poem Starward Jul 5th
All over again Poem running_with_rabbits Jul 5th
THE RAIN OF LOVE Poem truedreams love Jul 5th
Death Poem xMattx 2 death, Life, religion Jul 5th
coping mechanism Poem SSmoothie 6 Jul 5th
sparks to flames (explicit) [the Game] Poem SSmoothie 4 sparks to flames Jul 5th
....the inner dialogue never stops Poem LadyRaine Jul 5th
If I belong to Hell Poem SweetieAudrey Jul 5th
Dead Roses In December Poem Shadow_season death, funeral, Jesus, Nightmare, Reality, sorrow Jul 5th
::Nothing:: Poem roxyanna77 2 Jul 5th
Faith Built - Crazy Monkey Bars II Poem dmjmotivation 2 Faith Jul 5th
Get Ready - Crazy Monkey Bars III Poem dmjmotivation 1 Jul 5th
When the fire of life and passion burns out Poem Shadow_season death, december, grave, loss, love, ROSES, time, youth Jul 5th
Someone I Used to Know Poem metaphorist Jul 5th
Reading Between the Lines Poem metaphorist 1 Jul 5th
The Fool Poem forsakenkalika 2 Jul 5th
Thoughts to vent Poem nomadic Jul 5th
Right Christian Belief Poem trumpet7 Jul 5th
Light Of The North Poem jackabite Jul 6th
Get one's dream Poem CLSmith Jul 6th
CATS AND RATS Poem truedreams ODDY Jul 6th
Words Poem xMattx 9 Abuse, cheating, marriage, relationships, religion, Words Jul 6th
WILD THORN Poem truedreams ODDY Jul 6th
At far Poem PTNKHI love, relationships Jul 6th
I've Met This Girl (better copy) Poem thisisme789 4 Jul 6th
Contented Poem CRIS adaptability, Changes, Life Jul 6th
Balloon Poem Simply.Savannah. balloon, floating, High, sky, sun Jul 6th
MY THOUGHTS OF YOU #1 Poem heatherburns35 thinking of you Jul 6th
THOUGHTS OF YOU Poem heatherburns35 feeling you near Jul 6th
Thank God I Am Of The Few Poem Seraphim Christianity, crying, Dark, Depression, Forgiveness, Hate, heaven, hell, light, love, pray, sadness Jul 6th
Scared Poem Seraphim 1 afraid, Brave, Courage, Faith, Fear, fighting, inadequate, Leaving, loss, love, Rejection, superman, support Jul 6th
La Mort Poem Seraphim 6 afterlife, Dark, death, finis, light, rot decay, the end Jul 6th
Firecracker Poem metaphorist Jul 6th
Ready and Waiting to Fall Poem metaphorist Jul 6th
Countdown Poem metaphorist Jul 6th
Millennium Shift Poem Elfy 2 Jul 6th
Pain Poem reliefpoet09xx Cold, cry, heartbreak, Pain Jul 6th
Done Poem reliefpoet09xx choice, easy, fooled, moving on Jul 6th
Square one Poem reliefpoet09xx Bittersweet Jul 6th
Love is a war Poem ♥CheyMarie♥ Pain love hurt destiction Jul 6th
alone Poem Damnedifidont 1 the basement Jul 6th
LOVE Poem Damnedifidont 1 a journey in love Jul 6th
Praying Poem Griot 1 Jul 6th
Early Morning Cuddles Poem maeloush Love and Happiness of waking to baby cuddles Jul 6th
In Our House Poem maeloush cleaning and love, The joys of motherhood Jul 6th
Losing it Prose Damnedifidont 1 delusional depression Jul 6th
With Olympic Pride! Poem maeloush those who won and those who didn't!, Written with pride to our Canadian Olympic Athletes Jul 7th
Raven's cradle Poem RoadDogg 3 cradle, disaster, Hope, nest, raven, Ravens, sorrow, thunder, wind Jul 7th
U gave me Poem miguelito7911 Jul 7th
Lonley Poem miguelito7911 Jul 7th
Lies Poem miguelito7911 Jul 7th
Fear the Reaper Poem disintegr8 Jul 7th
Give My Soul to Anybody Poem disintegr8 1 Jul 7th
Forget The Past Poem infinityBEAUTY 2 past Jul 7th
Talent Poem ex2bMrsC 2 Jul 7th
It's Truly Over Tonight Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
It Can't Really Be Over Tonight Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
I Promise If You Do Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
Another Pretty Face On My Dark Wall Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
Since Nothing Erases Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
Imprisoned In My Mind Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
Make the Nightmares End Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
Another Night Alone Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
This Thing Called Love Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
As Long As You Can Smile For Me Poem Silver__lining Jul 7th
From: Me To: Liars Poem cdj410 Jul 7th
we'll face it together Poem SSmoothie Jul 7th
guy smiley :) Poem SSmoothie Jul 7th
I Will Hide No More Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 7th
Good Morning Poem Quentin89 Jul 7th
Two Roads of Life Poem Quentin89 Jul 7th
Nothing Ventured… Poem LadyRaine Jul 7th
The Hole In My Shoe Poem tomasaycaramba Compassion Jul 7th
they are dangerous, woman. Poem PTNKHI Danger, dangerous, woman Jul 7th
The Wall Poem reliefpoet09xx DIFFERENT, loud, past, quiet Jul 7th
Nitrous Jalopy Poem deepblue Jul 7th
wanton halls Poem SSmoothie 5 Jul 7th
WHEN 'HELL' BECOMES 'PARADISE' Poem emmenay 1 Faith/allegorical Jul 7th
the moon and me Poem SSmoothie 1 Jul 7th
american nightmare Prose Damnedifidont Dream or Reality Jul 7th
taste Poem SSmoothie 1 Jul 8th
Marriage Poem HisWithNoDoubt Jul 8th
youth N revolt Poem Damnedifidont breaking free, Revolution, youth Jul 8th
pain seeker Poem SSmoothie 1 Jul 8th
Join Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 8th
I Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 8th
Spider Web of Lies Poem reliefpoet09xx lies, secrets, spider webs, surprises Jul 8th
Why Do We Let This Be Poem LittleLennonGurl Jul 8th
near enough isnt nice enough Poem SSmoothie Jul 8th
Does She Know? Poem Seraphim 2 Care, dance, does she know that I'm there?, feel, impress, love, romance Jul 8th
My Letter To You Poem Seraphim Cold, Cutting, Dark, death, Depression, fire, gone, Happiness, Life, light, love, Pain, sadness, worry Jul 8th
Seasons on a Pond Poem abg123 beautiful, Beauty, love, pond, water Jul 8th
Ethics Poem mannbelani Ethics, Righteousness Jul 8th
Fire Poem mannbelani Bad Qualities, fire Jul 8th
Awake! Arise! Act! Poem mannbelani Act!, arise, awake Jul 8th
Breadth Taking Poem mannbelani Amazing life Jul 8th
Death of Beauty Poem MeanAileen Aging, Beauty, Old, youth Jul 8th
End. Poem MeanAileen Dark, death, kill, lies, love, Suicide, Unrequited Love Jul 8th
THE JOURNEY Poem truedreams ODDY Jul 8th
Finally Again Poem TheLadyByron Jul 8th
Sublime Projection Poem NightPollen Jul 8th
Knight of Blood Poem LovingLovelace Jul 8th