My Darling Sara



Long I looked into the night
weeping, wondering, worn and weary
of the search
the darkness pushing, pressing
down upon my soul
holding against me with unseen hands
in hope of having me fall in defeat

and under the moon's drooping sorrow
given to silence the sickness that still
ills my heart if I should hear her
voice no more

Through rotten woods of the rabid unknown
I travled far
fighting the fear that flooded
my veins should my nightmares
come alive in the night
and the howling cry of death's dogs
devour the remnats of my shattered soul

 The amber glow flickering in my hands
offered no relief leaving only
a dim light lingering on in front of
lost feet that may never find
thier true happiness
to be left seeking forever a faint echo

For many a second passed me by
crawling, creeping, carrying her away
into the nevermore
my maddness growing, growing
within wild, and wearing away
at the determination that once was
would I ever find her

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The restless dead stir in the night
and creatures of shadow
loom over the cradle of living
standing tall under the moon's melencholy light

Along victorian hallways dark and drear
silent maddness slithering, creeps
saying mind not the creaking
there exists no danger here

In a distant void terrified cats weep and wail
and parents struggle for sleep
praying against the unknown
chilling the anxiety the wet kiss of hell

Forlorne homes shiver and shake
thier yellow eyes glowing
burning low in the darkness
in horror for the hosts of innnocence they are here to take

Screetching shutters violently wag to and fro
in hopes of saving the sleeping
to shoo away the sorrow
from the dark ones the dreaming do not know

Against small feet tongues of shadow delightfuly taste
crawling slowly hissing
into the soundless ears of
before the sunrises the dead must make haste

Whispers fade deep into the night
as creatures of the grave
slip from empty cradles of lonliness
occupied with love now filled with shrieking fright.

As the moon dies away beginning its long fall
the horrid moaning of terror
shall bellow long into day
the living left to wittness the restless shadow's eternal call.

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Bellla Vox, Bella Voce

Bella Vox, Bella Voce

Bella Vox, Bella Voce

Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Voices

I say to you;

Beware your friends more than your foes.

Love your foes more than your friends.

For a once lush valley,

May grow a blanket of thorns seven-fold;

Surprising and strangling you in it's grasp.


While the night, 

May get no darker than Midnight.


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I fear the demons
rising from my body
at midnight crowding
the mind and leading the soul
to deeper darkness 

Sleeps the night with
desires wrapped in blanket  —
spring in the eyes
gods couldn't change the rhythm
of the body and its needs 

Awake in dream time
he looks for the candle —
love's invitation
lighting up in the dark
and sings the body's song 

The night queen fragrance
seeps in through the window
coupled with full moon
adds to my delight though I'm
alone in my bed tonight 

The sleep is buried
in sex for diversion
yoga or prayers:
the dawn preserves bitter eyes
in the day's bleak passage 

An insomniac
weak with desires and prayers
hears the heartbeats
rising fast with dark hours
survives one more nightmare



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Love loves the dark
For only then it is alone with it’s beloved
It’s enchanting melody
Sweetly playing on the breeze
A nocturne of lovers
The music of midnight
When shadows hold no more fear
Where there is no time but right now
No time at all
When lovers can run away
Away from the world
And revolve around each other
Like the moon dances around the earth
So they dance also
The stars shine above for them
For the night belongs to lovers

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Ignorance in the Sky

Oh, dear,

Firefly, firefly,

Against the midnight sky

Please tell me how, and tell me why

Does the sweet, sad wind so mournfully sigh?

Please tell me how, and tell me why

The clouds just hang and cry?

Quick, firefly fly...


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Against the Rushing Tide


Over the rotting dead, he stood; still holding tight to the .22 rifle. Down on the second death he gazed, still wide eyed, still fueled by adrenaline and fear. Somehow he survived the onslaught of the coming death, and in the field of the maggot flowers, he found himself standing; still alive and breathing under an infected sky; under a moon who's fading light had long abandoned the soul. Alone in the cold silence of midnight, no sound filled the putrid, dank air; no movement clashed against the vast expanse of darkness; nothing but the sound of his heart thrashing madly filled his ears as he looked up toward the sorrow infested face of the moon. In the distance, the silhouette of a long forgotten building reached out to hold him.

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Step into the night
midnight swallows the day
darkness surrounds us.


Treten Sie ein in der Nacht
Mitternacht schluckt den Tag
Dunkelheit umgibt uns


Passo la notte
mezzanotte ingoia il giorno
oscurità che ci circonda


El paso en la noche
medianoche traga el día
la oscuridad nos envuelve

(c) copyright heather burns

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Step into the night

midnight swallows up the day

darkness surrounds us.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

midnight swallows up the day.

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