It is understandable to feel completely helpless and overwhelmed when dealing with such a great humanitarian crisis as the war in #Gaza. 


Diffusion of responsibility is a hell of a sociopsychological phenomenon.


For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it was coined following the tragic rape and murder of Kitty Genovese in the early hours of March 13, 1964, by psychologists Bibb Latané and John Darley. 


Essentially, it refers to the decreased responsibility of action (not to be confused with apathy) each group member feels when they are part of a group. That is, they assume someone else will take action.




As an aside, this commonly happens on social media when someone posts something - say about mental health, disability, racism, poverty, etc. Social media users, even personal friends of the poster, will not respond due to this phenomenon. This can have tragic repercussions, say in the case of someone feeling isolated and suicidal. Having gathered the strength to ask for help, yells into the void. Hearing nothing, they decide no help is available, no one cares and does the unthinkable. 


So how do we address it?


One theory is to start by focusing on just one person affected, to feel and show empathy for their plight. Then, expand that empathy to their friends and family. Using this step-by-step method, one can gradually build empathy for all those affected.


Alternatively, when the event feels so indecipherably large and one feels hopeless…


Start working on something small yet positive, or if in a group (say in your own family or friend circle, or with others on PostPoems), assign specific tasks and responsibilities to others - fact-finding, fundraising, monitoring disinformation, checking in on affected parties, etc.


The important thing here is to do. It doesn't have to be much. But as the saying goes, "Many hands make light work". 


So sign a petition, call your local member, and demand a ceasefire. 


If you are financially able, support an organisation like Médecins Sans Frontières, which cuts out all the political BS and treats anyone who needs it, either side of the conflict.

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summery peradventures








summery peradventures





scorching heat out there

bakes you, unhappy skin cells

—a type of music

a menpleaser's paradise

a menpleaser's paradise



I can promise you

this guaranteed allyship

my all out support

I'm going to be your friend

for anything—right or wrong


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited/reupdated on 07.25.2020


I've simply added the following hashtags to denote its possible theme(s):  allyship, alliances, alliance, allies, ally, dystopia

In Their Company








In Their Company


Violins aren't

just the ones that make those sounds

How about cellos?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Updated on 07.10.2020


I have added the hashtag Karolina Protsenko in the hastags after discovering her violin playing and musicality a couple of days/weeks back.  Thank you.


by Jeph Johnson

I take issue with the hypothesis that ethical standards have nothing to do with personal beliefs. For me they do. For me, in fact, they are either one in the same or I am striving to make them one in the same.

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American Me

My blood line is from the South
You say my name in plain English
I have a pronunciation in Spanish
My blood line is Inca and Spanish
Nicaragua is the name
Karen, is my name
So, Americanize me!

Today, I saw your sun
Today, I have an accent
What are you waiting for?
Civilize me!

My eyes are brown
I have two legs, two arms
Brown hair
Deep creamy white skin
Now, do I have to wear short clothing?
So, you can accept me?
My skin is white
What are you waiting for, American me?
My mouth is shut silent
What are you waiting for?
I, too, have a tea set and; drink from a tea cup
What are you waiting for?
Lynch me

I look at your moon
Mine, is in the third world
What did I do to you?
I have distorted your world.
What are you waiting for?
Kill me.
Work me to death, educate me,
American me
I, too, know, I can walk alone.
This is your sun
Mine, is in the third world
Americanize me.

- Karen Oviedo

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I don’t hold any values in my character,
Can I show my face to god the life director!

I feel its ok to take a bribe,
My life slowly moves towards the negative dive!

I marry and remarry like it’s a joke,
Soon I am hanging on a suffering fork!

I specialize to cheat and fool,
Bad action effects on you will rule!

You loose your ethics; you spring out a loss,
Your whole life-cycle goes on a toss!

Getting an award and having an unethical nature!
Stands useless in god’s signature!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you don't have ethics, your life is a sheer waste!

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