Nitrous Jalopy


Accepting new roads
is often contingent upon firing a long-idle engine


A lot of gunk in the gears
and some sharpened, corrosive edges,
spitting bitter crimson fluids, and
screaming metal


Howling memories
leaking a rusty, familiar anguish

requiring a car wash

and that new car smell...
driving away from the menacing sediment

slithering down the drain


Darwinistic demand exercised

as a hardened act of survival
and a life requirement
to feel the emotional blazes of fires formally engulfed


Time to ride, nitrous jalopy

Propel onward when the signal's emerald

and take me where I need to drive

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written in 2011 titled Refire, revamped July 2012 - deals with perseverance and with being at the right place at the right moment for yourself and for others

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