the end

"The Last Goodbye"

Just a thought!

Deathly sounds from a Wurlitzer Organ, piping tunes for a funeral wake

Playing up and down scales, in flattened keys, that make a body shake

A haunting ora, echos through riffs, in darkened chambers of the dead

Eerie music stains your soul, releasing demons in your head

Like scratching nails on a chalkboard, sending chills down your spine

The music grips your darkest fears, in the hallows of your mind

A thousand stares intensely viewed, with final words of dread...

The organ stops, one last goodbye, they close the coffin, your dead.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Last Goodbye"    My eulogy for Vincent Price...."Read by Vincent Price" ( if you can picture that)

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Tired by dfx

I'm tired, tired of wishing on every shooting star

Trying my best hasnt gotten me to far

Believe me, its just as tiring to have to lower the bar

Tired by day and at night I cant sleep

Too tired to tread water and I'm in this sooo deep

I'm tired of spilling my tears and my blood

I'm tired from sinking in this puddle of mud

And I'm tired of yesterday, memories haunt me still

Close my eyes to tomorrow as I slip over the hill

Tired of getting by with less then I need

Wanting to be loved is not really greed

Its not true what they say that its only women who bleed

I'm tired of trying and getting nowhere

Living without her just doesnt seem fair

I know I'm a loser but you dont have to stare

I'm just tired, and so damned uninspired

I've had enough, I'm ready to go

I'm tired of being tired

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La Mort

Light and Dark

Night of a life
The end of the day
Death, Rot, Decay
We all fear it
We all sense it
The end
La mort
Au revoir

We fear the dark
But why?
We are not of the dark
We are not subjects to it
We do not answer to it's call

For death is darkness a little while
And then light
Then, and only then do we shine our brightest
The lights of our lives
Whether dark or light
And they shine to inspire or drive away others
So then I say
Do not fear the dark
For the darkness shows the stars

The end of worlds

The border between the realms has fallen; the spiral vortex grows in the heavens, now the sky has become dark, the earth has fallen into trance; no power under the void exists, which can stand before the astral vaccume. It has come; the heavens are devoured; the face of the end we now see. Our time has ended.