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And so, thinking
About what
It was like,
You know,
In the womb…

Well, it was dark.

But the dark was okay,
It was nice.
And it was warm,
But I don’t think I knew that,
But it was nice, too.

And well, then,
I began to
Experience sound.

It was different
Than it is now,
But very nice.

I felt it more
Than I heard it.

I spun around,
And the feeling
Was nice.

It happened.

I was experiencing




The sounds
Were offensive,
The sound of metal
Against metal,
And whooshing sounds
And choking,
Noises, noises,
What’s happening?
My eyes!

And then,

Then I hear
another sound.

That sound…
I know

That sound….

I am this sound…

Copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about human gestation and birth.

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My Mr. Darcy

Quietly, he kept all night
So that none could find
His eyes which often drifted
Toward my corner of the room

I took him as arrogant in youth
His mannerisms which disgusted
And his remarks which stung
Left me with a tainted view

Until one day he did send word
Dinner, he asked, would I attend
Curiosity did curb my disdain
And so I sent word that I would

An evening of rhetoric unmatched
Wits set against wits, stubborn
He with his quiet rebuttals
I, finding a louder defense

And when dinner was done
How he took my hand
So that I may not trip myself
But I stumbled over words

It would appear as if we
Two separated by birthright
Should find ourselves matched
In every way imaginable

We reached the door of my home
He kissed my hand then
And sent my heart into a flutter
Not allowing me to release him

Slowly, I ascended the steps
Watching him follow, slowly
He lit the candles all around
I read the poems of my past

A night spent in the dim lighting
Small kisses shared to keep warm
Until finally the red sun rose
And there he was sleeping, quietly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This goes out to my latest love. He is the Mr. Darcy that every girl dreams of marrying, and I've fallen for him just as Lizzy did. Only time will tell how long our love will last.

The Wall

There's a wall that separates
the girl you know and the girl i am.
This wall is hard to break down
Not many have successfully done so
But those who do always leave
That's why you see a different version of me.

This wall is like a mask.
It covers my face like a second skin.
The ones who can pull the skin away
Are the ones who always leave me someday.

The girl you know is quiet and shy.
She's friendly but keeps to her group.
With her group she smiles and laughs
But very few no her past.

The girl i am is not the same
I'm loud, outgoing, hyper and fun.
I am this to keep the darkness away
But sadly no one knows me at the end of the day.

I wish i could open myself up
To not only you but to everyone.
So they could see their's more to me
That what there appears to be.

Maybe one day i'll open up
Then you can see what only one other does
But until that day comes
I shall cry many tears
'Cause that day may not come for many years.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this to one of my most trusted friends during freshman year. I'm finally starting to open up to him. :)

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If you lived like me,
you'd be like me,
and if you'd be like me,
you'd die like me,
and if you'd die like me,
then you'd be like me,
and then there would be two more evils.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my twin.

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