Warm December

How nice of you,
To think of me.
Thoughts hammered with-
Hopes and fantasies.
Suddenly, I'm in a place-
I never asked for.
Yet you beg me to play along-
Told you to hold-
Your breath.


Don't you think that this will be the night-
You'd remember?
I'd hold you close-
Cold nights in December.
Bring you Summer days-
Springs tease.
I'll be  the one you-
Wont forget.
Stain your dreams.
Cold Sweats.

December Sky

With every whisper of her beauty flashing by
I grow old and weary
knowing she’s only here to visit
The cold December sky
We lay on this forgiving snow
To let the brumal weather let us go
And that one day we’ll forget one another
To wake and live tomorrow, as if
Today just never came


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any constructive criticism would be most welcome :)

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It's December Again


Only two hours from now
The last month would start
I am filled with doubts
And memories from my heart


The town's getting colder
I'm even having cough
All I can do is shiver
Turns out I'm not that tough


It's December again
Oh, I could smell your scent
I recall the last time I saw you
It was just like this, cold and so blue


You said you'd never love him again
But here you were complaining the next day
You told me he broke your heart again
Yet you ran to him smilingly today


I guess everything was my fault
That everything fell down
I didn't want to deal with salt
So I wrote that letter with sob


I'm sorry for what I did
For the feeling that I hid
For your resentment that I fed
For the bitterness that you felt


It's been so long since we spoke
I thought you forgave me in February
But how come you are still cold
For the third time, please accept my apology


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this between the last day of November and the first day of December. It's about saying sorry to someone you think you've hurt so much that bitterness filled that person's heart because of you. it's entitled "IT'S DECEMBER AGAIN".
You can find this on my Facebook account James Denolong Dela Cruz

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When the fire of life and passion burns out


The dead roses of december lie at the foot of the grave of our love
the passion rots away in the cold dark earth of anger
the bones of sorrow remain long after the flesh is gone
and forgotten in the fog of time, is the union of life and youth..

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