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St. Jerome

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*Untitled 8*

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I might add more to this poem. It doesn't seem finished. What do you think?

I am who I am because of my dad 2 2015

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this was a short poem I wrote back in 2011 and i rewrote it a little longer so i hope you all like it.



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Don't count the flowers..

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That's Why I Pray

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I've Stumbled

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Is a powerful piece about a woman who forgets about Christ when things were good in her life. When things begin to fall apart, she stumbles upon her knees where she begins to pray. A perfect reminder that it is Christ who is keeping things together in our lives.

Thank God I Am Of The Few

Light and Dark
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Originally a reply to Envy from her poem Please; I kind of liked it myself. Enjoy

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Dead bees can fly

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