Stop the fallout

 Stop the fall out        

every minute of everyday i see family's coming apart
hatred oozing off one another right from the very start
its only a matter of time before the chaos comes about
so remembver to think before you speak and stop the fall out
they awake to feeling malace there heart a frozen block of ice
never once do they think of  others ignoring everyones advice
but in the end it will be the point of no return of that i have no doubt
so try to be kind to everyone you meet and stop the fall out
being nice to one another will not mean that you are weak
it simply means that in the end peace and love is what you seak
before you get bent out of shape and start to scream and shout
think about a future without the chaos and stop the fall out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

wrote this one because so many family members fight i hope it makes one think, hope you like it 






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Aggressive Warhead


I was at home,

relaxed and alone.

I lay sleeping,

the darkness was reaping.


Then I heard the sound;

crushed windows all around.

Everything was destroyed,

of glass everything devoid.


Then I heard Warhead at my door,

personification of Balthazor.

The glass broke into shivers,

splinters were in my flesh delivered.


In spite of my fear,

at Warhead I did appear.

And tried to calm him down,

and he stopped throwing things around.


Everything seemed to be well,

Warhead had changes of mood, I can tell.

And Lays-chips was lying there,

I wouldn’t touch it, I declared;

cause it belonged to Warhead.


Hours later, Warhead came down;

in his anger still drowned.

He wanted his stuff,

but I knew he would bluff.

Always talking about guns,

but the true deed he shuns.

Though I was confused,

his stuff was unused.

Is what Ramses did tell,

and so ended this hell...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An event in my life.

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Not one single tear



Not a tear will out a sigh,

Not a tear will hold goodbye,


Not a tear will grace my cheek,

Not a tear for then I'm weak,


Not a tear will drip and fall,

Not a tear to bawl then call,


I will have the driest eyes,

Colder than december brides,


Yes I will know no tears for you,

For if I'm asked- I'll answer who!?

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They're out to get you!

There out to get you


People wonder why I'm a shut in and don't go out alone

And it's simple mathematics unlike a bankers loan

You ask them for assistance and get no till your blue

They don't care if you are homeless cuz there out to get you

I hate all this fear of what tomorrows fighting will bring

Just like the night before a battle to a mighty king

It's on going all the time and I don't know what to do

But one things for certain there out to get you

When will this madness and misery all just go away

With my luck it's hear to stay deep inside me come what may

Someday maybe I'll be OK and my smile won't be past due

And all will be right again cuz they won't be out to get you

Becky Chadbourne.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you all like it!?

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I am still alive

I'm still alive


Silently crying at night

I'm still alive


Slowly breaking apart

I'm still alive


Dark demons inside

I'm still alive

Not broken

Falling but rising up high.

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The Lost Soldier/Bride part 1


Please don't leave me, please don't go

When you are gone the days will feel slow.

Every second you're away I will think of you.

I will write you, will you write too?

Will you come back, or will you die fighting?

Will you go with courage, or will you die hiding?

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And 10,000 Miles Left in Question

Gone and running in an irreversible tension
And 10,000 miles left in question
Of ideas we just forget to mention

And the thoughts are left in the dark and disappear
and in comes walking, the unavoidable fear
A unknown direction, a road we somehow got sucked in to steer

Trying to take calm within the unpredictable shadows
Take control of your senses and dodge your arrows
and forget all of the anxiousness that somehow follows

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was on the bus and the beginning part just clicked in my head,

The rest I came up within a few minutes.

What It Is

I feel like every single thing is like a mind game,  played and laid out for me

I can't feel a single thing, like I'm not blind, but I still can't see


What is it really? Perhaps it's not that important?

Tell me what it is, or is it just my own comportment?


I have walked in the very things I've looked down upon

What I once thought was selfish, now I too am wrong


and now there is blood all over my hand

But I have no idea why, I just don't understand


This is a complication called the human mind

Irony, double standards, hypocrisy, A place to be so blind


To wallow and loop in this thick puddle of shame

For the mistakes commited, I fairly wore the blame


Knowing is the beginning is something I suppose

It's better to learn, rather than to find it to oppose.


So I guess I'll take my feelings and throw them to the floor

I'll leave you where you originally were, trapped inside a closed door


And you can echo your goodbyes

as you embrace yourself to the ink of sheer ignorance and sighs..


No room to breathe-

All our times been wasted,

Two love feens.

No escaping thee-

Fetal position,

And my mind-

Casting shadows of envy.

But eating me-

Thoughts grow like vines,

Impossible to scream.

You're regretting me-

So hard,

I can taste it.

And it haunts me.


Why can't I sleep?

When I have these dreams-
They turn to nightmares.

You're leaving me,

All of my hidden schemes-

Burst into gold flares.


All of the lights.

Soon you'll see why-

I put up a fight.

Your love never lied-

With it,

My eyes swell up with pride.

I sit and plead-

My heart would sing.


Dulling this agleam.