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"On the Wings of Love"

Just a thought!

You are the wind within me, the very air I breathe,

filling up my lungs, just to take my breath away

You compromise my soul in attempts to make me whole,

my heart no longer mine to have a say

You breech the very walls, erected in my mind,

their integrity has fallen to your charms

No longer do I feel the need to stave off close encounter,

the embrace of love, melts me in your arms

Take me now and spread my wings, to blossom in the wind,

so all may see the beauty I have longed to realize

Hold me close and dance with me, and see new life begin,

This love now holds the future in our eyes.'



Author's Notes/Comments: 

"On the Wings of Love"                           ...A new beginning'...

Life is a Canvas

Just a thought!

Life is a Canvas of time...

Background emerges, awaiting pallets of color,
Images of a perceived existence coming into view.
Multiple shadows with lines of thought making life,
Repeating rows in stone,  developing a foundation to stand upon.
Stumbling through dark and light, we adjust, erasing failures.                                                                                                                Streaming of calm waters or rough seas, we choose direction,                                                                    

Painting out unwanted marks, hiding them in background.      

Building bridges to cross the tide, extending boundaries, 
Shading and  fine lines added, we have new focus ...
  It is brilliant'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My life now is spent painting. Writing takes second fiddle and only if a thought seems worth the attempt to remember it'

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This Is Our Forever

This Love


Whatever the number of the days,

That we both have left, to live,

My heart, my soul, my steadfast love,

To only you...I will forever give.


You've made my life, so very joyful,

Being in your arms, is my happiest place.

You've brought laughter back into my life,

You've placed smiles, back upon my face.


And this is only just the beginning,

Of all I ever really dreamed of.

The days ahead, only belong to us-

For this is OUR FOREVER, My Love!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy 4 Months Together, My Gary...My Love!!


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something first, must die.

On Life and Living


I dared to finally confront,

to take that walk of dissolution


from all I ever knew

including the pain,

the desecration,

the hurt, the sadness,

the empty lonliness.


In letting go,

I, in essence, actually,

held on even tighter...

tighter to me,

to my sanity, my heart,


in a sure and certain life-grip

that whitened my knuckles.


The emotional and verbal

pummeling of my soul,

was tantamount

to a literal bashing

that left scars only I

could internally see,

and still always felt,

their constant bruising.

I was left feeling a worthlessness,

a total self-loathing

and such utter desire

to cease the pain by ceasing to be,

that my only other choice

finally was strengthened 

by my newfound will-

newfound desire,

to survive.


For sometimes to heal,

to live once more

and breathe on

a fresh air of dignity,

to begin anew,

to give life and self

to loving once again...

something first, must die.







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A Soul-Resurrected

Soul Poetry


I thought it now barren,

just empty of all emotion-

save for the despair

that so filled the hollow voids

and overtook any and all joy.


Now made to close itself off,

from the hurtful, hurled words,

-a verbal bashing of a heart,

long-numbed from maiming

and cold to missing affections.


No longer an open novel,

shared with others, unashamed,

now bound up tightly

with its very own bindings,

in attempt to protect and shield.


I had simply survive.

It became necessary

to shutter my eyes closed,

lest someone penetrate

my occular windows...and learn.


Learn of the misery, the fear,

the utter anguish and torment,

that for so long, far TOO long,

was concealed and masked,

in fear of anyone, knowing my truth.


Because who would believe

after so many years of concealing,

that such was my my existance

for almost...all along

so much that I wished to die.


Then in a sudden moment of Grace,

as I sat, tears streaming,

hands upturned, in sobbing prayer,

lost and broken, I petioned Him,

And God heard...and answered.


He gave me my answer-

along with the courage, the strength

and determination to break the ties,

that for too long, held me bound-

an inmate to another's sentencing.


No longer afraid, I rose up,

standing as tall as my convictions

and in a mere conversation,

took back and took charge

of what was mine-my very life-my soul.


In what can only be God's planning,

His desire for His daughter's  happiness,

He gave hope and love, back to me,

In a most unexpected source-

Where a past, became the present.


No longer devoid of any emotion,

No longer tied to what was,

Now moving forward to who is,

I am now, a soul-resurrected,

And life, became again, so worth living.



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baby born


A baby is born,
Innocence in the purest,
Our world will destroy.

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Would You Go With Me


Would you go with me
Far away from where we are
To another world from where you've lived
We'll follow the morning star

Would you go with me
If I led you from your fears
If I kissed away your tears
Loved you for a million years

Would you go with me
And start this life anew
I didn't lie, I only want you
To be one instead of two

Would you go with me
Love you for the rest of our lives
Better than those fakers can contrive
You make me feel alive

Would you go with me
If I told you I loved you
And that there's nothing more that I want to do
Than to live and love no-one but you

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