Does She Know?

My Love

She looks, just a glance
My heart does an erratic dance
Does she know how I feel?
I hope for a chance
For her to romance
But what is the deal?
Why can’t I speak?
My picture looks bleak
She speaks and my tongue’s in a knot
And what can impress her
How do I win her
When I don’t even know what I’ve got?
I love her, I care
Does she know that I’m there?
Around her finger my heart is twirled
I’ll tell her today
But how to convey?
Does she know that she is my world?
And what if she
Doesn’t want to be
What will I do then?
I’ll be free
And then my life will end.

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This poem is so cute and if that girl doesnt want to be she is missing out. I wish someone could write a poem like this for me. Thanks for making me smile again.!

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Our relationship is

Our relationship is "complicated"... but thanks for reading. Keep waiting for prince charming, but don't give yourself away to the first suitor; he'll come when it's the right time. Keep writing!

Your Friend,

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