Nature's Meditations



Some gaze
at the flickering flames
in a fireplace
Some look upon the sea
For others,
lying on the ground
and witnessing slow moving clouds
gives peace.

saiom shriver

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By JFarrell


Like a film reel

The pictures flow before me

One by one


A majestic bird, an eagle,

Spreads it wings and takes flight;

A steam barge,

Chugging it’s way upriver;

A juggling clown,

Putting on his mask, to hide his tears;

Another man in a mask,

Highwayman, to take your gold at gunpoint;

This one shows the sun breaking,

Over a lovely, sleeping town;

This one shows the sun setting,

Over the smouldering, blackened ruins of a bombed village;

This one shows the beginning of all time,

That one shows the end of all time.


Clouds are beautiful and wondrous,

And such an inspiration,

For the imagination.


Look up,

You might too

See the beginning

And the end

Of everything.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

clouds are beautiful

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Down there!!!
Can you hear me?
I have so much to say!
Maybe I can draw your attention…


Wow look!!
That one looks like…
A person fishing!
The stories those clouds could tell,
Do you ever wonder?


You see me.
Now listen close…
I have travelled the world from end to end,
Seen hope and despair,
Love and tragedy,
And I am here to tell you,
The world is dark,
And dangerous,
Unless you provide the light!
Be the sunshine,
And light the way for all!


It must be nice,
Living the simple life above the world…
No worries,
No responsibilities,
Just the sky in which,
You can float away…


Maybe one day,
They will understand,
You don’t need to be a cloud,
To live the simple life,
Above the world,
Floating through the sky.

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Clouds Got In The Way

Yesterday I tried to watch a sunset...but clouds got in the way
And before I knew it I found myself in a painting by Monet.

In an instant I was enveloped...the clouds and I were one
And from inside the comfort of my cloud...I forgot about the sun.


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You’re On My Mind

To all those who have found IT and know they have IT.

© by Chuck McGlawn/

Daydreaming now as clouds drift by

Thinking of you while I gaze at our sky

Destiny gave you knowing brown eyes

Then sent you to me, to idolize 


I love the love that your love is giving

Your love makes life, so worth living

You’re made for me, I’m made for you

The love we have is something new


New vistas of love we’ll surely find

As life goes on our hearts entwined

Daydreaming now with our clouds in view

Thinking of just how much I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I generally do not write about my expeirences, I just pick a topic and develope it. I try to pick topics to which many can relate.

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*On The Wings Of An Angel*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


The wind on my face

The clouds thick before my eyes

So soft like cotton balls

The feeling like lace

My angel calls

Keeping my grip

As my angel flies

Holding on so tight 

As we take to the bluest of skies

Such a beautiful sight

As we get up so high


Such an awesome view

From my angels wings

Flying next to the birds

Who fly among us


Up in this heavenly blis

I feel so light

So free

Down on earth

I surely don't miss

It is definitely a gorgeous sight

I can not wait until that day

I have a pair of of my own wings

I can't wait until I'm on my way

Because up here 

Time for me stands still


I have no fear 

I have stress

With the pink blues and reds

This joy it fills my heart 

Up here my life is calm

Not a complete mess

Unlike down on earth

Where my mind is never at rest 

Always fighting the demons inside me 

Everyday God putting us through these tests


I want to stay up here with my angel

I want to remain free as I do 

I want to remain as I be

On my angels wing

Feeling happy and free

And listen to the melody she sings



Author's Notes/Comments: 

my daughter shaniya helped me type up this poem. she read it and i typed it. I love her so much


The clouds play out their dramas,

As they scurry across the sky.

All shapes and sizes,

Even faces,

In my mind’s eye.


They hug the hills with mist sometimes,

Or blend into golden, blood-red, blue tinged



Cloud castles,

Ocean liners on a pure glass sea.

An endless variety of forms,

From dull featureless grey

To swirling poetry.


Different every day.


Paul Butters

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nature's beauty observed.

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Thoughts and Emotions



My thoughts are


Shards of broken glass.


If I touch them, they will cut me, 

Blood spilling onto the floor, 

Tainting it, making it slick.


Or Perhaps rather

They are constantly shifting

Like a cloud in the sky


If I touch them, they pass

Through my fingers, out of reach

Where birds fly and wheel.


I close my eyes and reach blindly

Deep into the well of my mind,

Grasping desperately for sanity.


I surround myself.


Darkness explodes into color.


Notes flow past, 

Lifting, resonating


Through my veins.


Thicker than blood,

Faster than clouds.




As my soul flies.


Stronger than anger

More enduring than love

All the colors of the heart and mind

Fade in comparison.


Flaring white-hot spots of 

Brilliance, Blooming into 

Warmth, Cooling the mind, 

Easing pain and fatigue.


All the world is music.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal philosophy, 


Music is emotion, and emotion is music. There is no difference.

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Many Tongued Water





is silent in ice
In baby clouds
it says not a word
nor in the great Amazon
as its power
into the sea flows.
It begins
in lakes to murmur.
In rocky
creeks as it stumbles
over sharp stones in joy
it sings.
In ocean storms
its cymbals crash
over rocks.
In raindrops it
tapdances on tin roofs.
Over small waterfalls
with constant drums
it pours
and in the Falls of Niagara
it constantly roars.


-saiom shriver-


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        Fruit Of All Foods The Highest Frequencies • x  Into fruit light streams. / while in meat / remain the animals' screams. / * / Footnote: /
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        Fruit Provides The Most Even And Peaceful Energy Flow • x  In fruit light flows. / In meat congealed / blood no longer flows. / * / Footnote: / Fruit
        Fruit Yields The Most Pounds Per Acre • x  Out of God's / greening fields / meat has lowest / and fruit highest / food yield. / * /  
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        Gone From View But Alive • x  The wind rustles dead leaves / as it and the living tree say h..
        Grand Canyon Rainbow Version 2 • x  Emptiness is power / The canyon Void and the Rain / birthed a rainbow..
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        Greater Diaspora • x  The seeds / of the milkweed / have a greater / distance diaspora / t..
        Green Trees Appling • x  The sun is dappling / green trees appling. / Inside them seeds: / ne..
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        Heartbreak • x  Every steak / is a mistake..
        Heliocracy • x  Sunwands turn rain dropletsinto blackberry drupelets
        Heliotrope Helipad • x  On the heliotrope / helipad / the butterfly alights /   /   /   / https:..
        Herald Heard The Hark • x    / After many many ages / herald heard his hark.
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        Hot Lava • x  Hot lava, / fiery, cruel, / the sea / transforms ..
        Hotdog Cadaver In Coffin Bun • x  A cadaver in / a coffin ... like / a hotdog / in a bun /   / That is why / the sweetest of
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        Huddled Mass • x  Caged victim lab animals are tortur..
        Hunter Red • x  Hunters shed the blood of / innocents. / It's not hunter green / b..
        I Shall Not Recant • x  Said the vine of her wine / : 'I can't I can't / . I shall not recant. / It is not I who a
        Ice Sculpture Eagle Beak Drips • x  At a lobbyist luncheon for congresspersons / on the armed services committee / time goes o
        Iceberg Calving • x  Iceberg calving / in the Antarctic / is spontaneous / an..
        Icebergs Of Resistance • x  Through the night / miracles we did not ..
        If Stars Recalled Their Light • x  If tonight the stars called back their rays / and in their own beams themselves they array
        Inkless Calligraphy • x  Brushes sweep the sky..
        Inner Sun • x  in some the cloud curtains blocking / the inner sun are thicker, in others, / virtually tr
        Inside The Wrath Of The Chalice • x  A sentence I heard in meditation: / 'Inside the wrath of the chali..
        Interpreting Scripture • x  Which among us has a totally pure heart? / Who among us all knows Aramaic, / Greek, Latin,
        Invisible Sun Visible Light • x  Yesterday the sun / was invisible / but his light was / eve..
        Inviting Light • x  You are the window's light / whose glowing gold invites / the hungry and weary to / ..
        Iowa Senators: Animal Abusers • x  In some places the grass is lee. / In some it has rain. / But in Iowa factory farms, / the
        It Snows At Sea • x  It snows at sea / * / Quiet falls in..
        Ivy And Violets • x  Ivy and violets / do not vy... /..
        Jasmine Donned • x  The South Wind has for /  the evening /
        Jesus' Fig Tree revised • x  He did belittle you.. / but soon he'll bebig you.. / in the spring with blooms / he will w
        John McCain Bombed Women In A Lightbulb Factory • x  Every bomber pilot / is a tool in / a warmonge..
        Judicial Murder Is Cold And Premeditated • x  Most who are executed / have killed once, many in hot passion, / while serially killing ju
        Krishna's Conch • x  Krishna left / his conch behind / ..
        Lackadaisical • x  They called the wind / lackadaisical / but beca..
        Lady Bird • x  Painters love flowers for their hues. Perfumers love blossoms for ..
        Lamplighter • x  LAMPLIGHTER / The Lord of Love has / lamplit..
        Lark On A Lemon Tree • x  A lark on / a lemon tree / sings sweetly / oer the bitter fruit /   /..
        Larkspur Version 1 • x  From starstir / comes larksp..
        LeBron • x  LeBron James from / Akron (whose origin /   is the Greek word for high..
        Light In The River • x  Rivers more than earth / reflect God's light. ..
        Lilac Decanted • x  The wind as
        Lilace • x  Beetles turned lil..
        Limelight • x  He left the stage with / its limeligh..
        Limning Each Lime • x  The sun illumines lemons.. / glows luminescent in..
        Lincoln's Supernal Light • x  One was so bathed in his great aura… / his appearance did not matter… / as..
        Little Tree, Little Tree • x  Little Tree, Little Tree, / I wonder where you are / to thank you for the sweet pink..
        Loanshark Capitalists Start Many Wars • x  It is conflict they breedusing competing creeds
        Lord Of Love And Light • x  Thank You Lord of Love and of Light / for Your lemon..
        Lord Of The Sun • x  Lord of the Sun / we thank You for the li..
        Loss Of Leg • x  A melting snowflake's / loss of leg / is not a tragedy / but a sign he is daily / more lov
        Love And The Wind • x  Love is like the wind / .. like birdflight /..
        Love Flows • x  Where the sad are barred, / doors open for singing bards /   / Wher..
        Love From Grapes • x  Vine waterers / receive the gift of grapes. / Those who give love / receive love in return
        Love Is Omnipresent • x  God Is Love / God Is Omnipresent. / Therefore Love / Is Omnipres..
        Love: Silent And Not • x  Love ties some tongues / and  rings for others / as a bell tong /   /   / my..
        Magnetic Fan • x  In self confidence / he spreads his fan / hoping to make he..
        Mandala • x  Whether one calls God / Shiva, YHWH, Buddha / Kwon Yin, Ma, Abba or Allah / it seems..
        Mango Manger • x  A manger for mang..
        Mango Manna • x  Mangos are among / the  many / manifest..
        Many Names For The One God • x  As there are thousands of names for water, but water is One, / as there are thousands of n
        Marco Rubio The Ostrich • x  When Rubio the ostrich / sticks his head in the sand..
        Maryland Crabs • x  Tehy ask for mercy, / raising their claws / in supplication. / "Please don't boil / us ali
        Masters Of Water • x  Avatars, masters, and saints / can run on water, / part the seas, / invoke water from ro..
        Matches And Snowflakes • x  An iceberg puts out a matchbut snowflakes do not last in a furnace.
        Materialized Seat • x  Each ray of light, / a magic wand, / materializes / a s..
        Mavoorning • x  Out of the sea the sun aborningNot adorned but all adorning
        Meat Causes Depression, Anger And Fright • x  Animal flesh / causes anger / despair and fright. /   / Eating it makes / many sad / while
        Meat deforests. Fruit Reforests • x  Meat deforests / Fruit reforests / * /   / Footnote: / Cattle and ..
        Melting Jewels • x  Lost in winter / were the jewels / the  unique snowflakes / when they ..
        Merrily • x  Mary married Lee / and away they went ..
        Mike Pence • x  For war, trillions / For peace, a few pence, / the politic..
        Military Spending Creates Fewer Jobs • x  Trump publicly promised / to create more jobs. / Secretly he plotted with / warmongers to
        Millennial Olive Tree • x  The millennial olive tree / said 'They see only the number / of my tree rings, not that /
        Milligamous • x  Oh womanizer or manizer / most polygamous... / ... you'll probably never / be milligamou
        Miracle Point • x  The lion skull in the desert shelters a bee hive. Sea water through / eons has turned rock
        Miracles Are Often A Surprise • x  Miracles are often a surprise.. / but Godplanned as the sunrise / With their constant supp
        Mirroring Gulls • x  Before waves / completely subside / they mirror gulls / as away they ..
        Mobile Cemeteries? • x  Jesus said 'Ye are whited sepulchres.' Translated into / Greek the word was sarcophagi (sa
        Moose • x  How often / must a calf moo / before he turns..
        More Reliable • x  Angels and devas / are mo..
        Morning Star 9 • x  Venus seems to have / gone from the horizon... / but beyond our sight / her star is rising
        Most Plums • x  There are more prunes / where no plum trees / ar..
        Mother's Sacrifice • x  Though she might freeze / she refuses / her babies to leave /  ..
        Mouse On Dandelion • x  a tiny harvestmouse swings / on a dandelion stem /..
        Moving Shadows • x  Fish, moving shadows / in the lapping sh..
        Mums • x  Mums outlast lilacs. / as silence outlasts speech. /   / **** /   / *to J Kammer and B Mat
        Murder By Omission • x  There are murders / of commission / and murders of / omission. / GOP Gov John K..
        My Poetry • x  Susie says it's schizophrenic. / Janet thinks it's drivel. / Don says it's irrelevant / To
        Nature: Meditation Teacher • x  Watching: / rain orbs dropping from / pine needles they wand / cloud flotillas so slowly /
        Neptune's Touch • x  The tide sent / into the cleft of..
        New Robin Hoods • x  Trump has screwed his base, / is robbin the hood. / Where are plutocracy'..
        New Roses • x  He preferred pink vines / in planting new roses. / Cheerfully glowing as they climbed, / t
        No Fishing Allowed • x  To those with ears to hear, / 'no fishing allowed' / said..
        No Fishing Net • x  It is only where there are waves / that the dawn sun makes a yellow-light / fishing net up
        No Living Animals In The Diner • x  No living animals / allowed in the diner / Only dead animals / on whom to dine / Only dead
        No Petrichor • x  There was no petrichor / in Petra in days of yore /   / * / Thank you..
        No Ribs To Spare • x  When municipalities / hold festivals mongering spare ribs / th..
        No Whigs • x  No longer will Whigs / in white powdered wigs / rule for the butchers / of cows sheep and
        Nonviolent Spinsters • x  A time is coming when spiders will no / longer be lethal spinste..
        Not A Falling Flutterby • x  A warm day in November / A leaf came falling down / But ti..
        Not Lilylivered • x  One who did not understand / called her lilylivered ..
        Not Tweets But Cuckoo Bird Sounds • x  He who plans the takeover of house / when he received no vote majority /..
        Not Two Masters • x  No human can have 2 masters.' / To take a vow of allegiance / to any but God is to surrend
        Not What But Whom • x  It's not what / but whom / carnivores eat. / Who said murder / was alright / if..
        Oar Light • x  Stirring the heart of  the sea... / oars lift deeper water to t..
        Obedient Will • x  What her omnipotent heart ordained / her obedi..
        Oerhoverer • x  You are the nectar, the bee and the clover / You are the rose, the scent, the oerhoverer.
        Oh Martin • x  Oh Martin / Sometimes your voice was the thunder.. /     Sometimes it was the falling rain
        One Night Stand • x  Trump once had / a one night stand / relationship with Truth. /   / ** / Footnote: / ..
        One Plus One Equals One • x  For the most blessed marriages / 1 plus 1 equals one /   / **** /   / Footnote: ..
        One Statue Victorious Over Another • x  May the Statue of Liberty, Mercy, / always conquer the statue of scales, justice. / Fo..
        Only Fruit Has Seeds Of Immortality • x  Only fruit, / all agreed, / has immortality, / or forever seeds...

        Only Fruit Is Nonviolent • x  Golden apples / Grapes violet / Only fruit is a / food nonviolent / * /   /   / Footnote:
        Only Fruit Reforests The World • x  The slaughterhouse / creates rivers of bloo..
        Only One Wave • x  There is only one wave. / Entering the ear..
        Oprah • x  Oh Oprah God made you a perfect size eight / as He in the past did clothe ..
        Orbital Leap • x  He decided / he would at no lamb, / no clam, / no pigs murdered into ham, / ..
        Orbital Leap 2 • x  The butterfly went / from crawling / to pure flight / with..
        Out Of The Ethers • x  Out of the ethers / come fragile though..
        Outer Petals • x  Like a private but / cheerful woman, / the rose' outer petals / sp..
        Oxymoron: Jewish Hunter • x  God's lightning cleaved the heaven's asunder..
        Oxymoronic • x  The sign reads / 'fresh fish', an / oxymoron. / How can a rotting / corpse ever be / ..
        Padnamaskar • x  In the storm, cattails / do padnamaskar / to the wind /   / *..
        Painless Melting • x  The ice does not / in pain scream / when in the sun / he melts into stream / nor does he s
        Painted Yellow Sunball • x  Atop the winterbranch brushesrests the rising yellow sunball
        Painter One With His Painting & 32 Other Poems To Jewish Teachers • x  The painter's smock is daubed /                    with the pastels of his palate. /      
        Painting The Resurrection • x  A politician strode into / a room in which on an easel / was an oil painting of the / cru
        Paradoxical Chalice • x  more love and light shaft..
        Pass Him On • x  As the pure bright mirror / transmits the morning sun / we need ..
        Peaceful Flowers • x  Flowers / don't..
        Peaceful Master • x  In the holiest of climeswhere the trees to heaven climb
        Pear Tree Surrender • x  The fruit tree heard that in the Gita / is recommended that the sie / surrender the fruits
        Pegasus Rising • x  Pegasus / flicked off the flocks / of snow..
        Pen Wand • x  How does love / force poets / t..
        Pepper Belfry Version 2 • x  At the top / of the bell pepper belfry / hang the pepper seed chimes / waiting to be rung
        Perfect Love Casts Out Killing • x  Perfect love casts ou..
        Pick Me Pick Me • x  Pick me Pick me / the bloom pleas / as it w..
        Pieces Of Peace • x  Virgo makes / analytical pi..
        Piglets In Clover • x  Piglets of hooves cloven / romping cleave th..
        Pillars Of Autumn • x  Trees, pillars of the / temple of autumn, / remain when the / leaves of fall / have comple
        Pink Cloud To Scarlet Stars • x  Blossoms of pink pastel / become crimson cherries / as if a pink cloud / suddenly turned i
        Pink Rivers • x  Before the land awakens, / rivers catch the lig..
        Pitcher • x  We gave him a pitcher. / He gave us the sea. /   / to C Lassell and D Nixon, lifetim..
        Plattsburgh Miracle • x  the Fifth of May / One day after / the Kent State Four. / The Plattsburgh students / decid
        Pluck A Plum Where There Is No Tree • x  God who freed / from fruit the seed / can pick a pear / from a baby tree. / God who sired
        Plucked Tea Leaves • x  Sweet and lemony iced tea / All the little leaves that / died for me / All the little leav
        Polish Horses • x  Oh God to You / we give thanks / that in time / Polish horses / defeat Nazi tanks /   /  
        Polycidal 9 • x  Which kills more? / Bombers suicidal? /..
        Polymorphing Water • x  As water takes / the form of / the vessel / into which poured... / so do our desires / act
        Pomegranate Fire • x  For the red fire seeds / of the pomegranate / there is no peach pit ..
        Poseidon Temple • x  The rock temple to Poseidon / will in some millenn..
        Pot For Every Chicken • x  Herbert Hoover promised / a chicken being tortured in every pot. / Libertarians might say
        Poured Into Sea Chalice • x  into the chalice of the sea / pour rainbows / Will it turn / the b..
        Prana Stars • x  When did God first blow / fire into air... / strewing prana stars / everywhere /   /..
        Predator • x  The people are the / unpaid creditors / as war ..
        President John Kerry • x  In 2004 John Kerry / did the state of Ohio carry / but many Democrat votes / did GOP Diebo
        Primary Catalyst • x  Is war a primary catalys..
        Prince Charming Butterfly • x  Today we saw Prince Charmi..
        Prison Profiteering And Purloining • x  Privatized prison profiteers' / purloining purpose / is keeping prisoners / in penitentiar
        Pro Death • x  They call themselves prolife but they are prodeath / As they vote for execution when on th
        Pro-Life Bombing • x  He called himself 'prolife' / as he voted for / pro-war candidates / who approved the..
        Prolife Prowar Senators • x  Catholic bishops who / have supported / Republican pro-life / candidates / have been cocon
        Prolife? • x  Are you prolife? / Does your church, temple or mosque / teach that animals have no souls?
        Protecting Throats • x  We are not pythons / down whom many beings / have bye gone. /   / * /   / In the top 10 am
        Proven Fidelity • x  It became apparent / to the prosecuting ..
        Pulpit Of Bullies • x  The bully pulpit / has become / a pulpit of / big bullies. /   / * / Footnote: Trump, McCo
        Puppet String Pullers • x  Who pulled the strings of / the Bushes and Obama? / Islamophobes, war profiteers, / armsmo
        Purple Prints • x  God's blueprints / are sometimes..
        Purple Twilight • x  As purple veils / over the vale / of eve drop, / rain rhythmically / from the eaves drops.
        Queen Anne's Lace • x  Queen Anne's Lace / Sun's crystallized grace. / Her roots go deeper / to the waters of God
        Raccoon Preachers • x  See no evil. Hear no evi..
        Radiant Violet • x  Radiant violet / Spirit inviolate. /   /   / http: / ima..
        Raiment Of The Sun • x  The sun's raiment / is his brigh..
        Rain At Sea • x  Rain at sea...
        Rainbow Tornado Intersection • x  rainbow tornado intersection.... / crisis: a portal to..
        Rainbowl • x  After great rains flooded the world / God sent a ribboned rainbow / to say 'Neve..
        Raindrops Wed • x  Raindrops wed into puddles / Puddles marry into rivers... / and then we will see / all ar..
        Raintree • x  All trees are raintrees / evaporating water daily / into mist which / becomes clouds and /
        Ranbow Of The Night • x  More miraculous / than rainbow light / pouring into / darkest night / was his sudden tu..
        Recoil • x  The sea recoils / from the land, / infol..
        Rejoicing • x  They've buried Joyce / All who knew her rejoice / certain that God / will her soon ReJoyc
        Removing Traffic Jam From Brain Arteries • x  Animal flesh / is the hidden dimension / of what is known / as Alzheimer's, senility / or
        Republican Robbers On The Court Of John Roberts • x  The court of John Roberts / has four Republican robbers. / Neil Gorsuc..
        River Stones • x  We needn't bring up / the stones of past karma. / We are rivers, mean..
        Rocking Cradle • x  Rocking cradle of the world / sunset stairway to the stars / only by great masters t..
        Rookery • x  In the sea's rockery /..
        Roomy • x  It can shelter all, / the soul of Rumi. / Being ..
        Rose Petals • x  The Japanese beetle / has dined on / the peta..
        Rotting Apples • x  Rotting apples hold living s..
        Ruby Shoes • x  The Smithsonian wants $300,000.00 / to repair the shoes Judy Garland wore / as Dorothy in
        Rudolph And Ryan • x  Rudolph has been murdered / but it is Ryan with the red nose /   /   / * / Hunters are 4%
        Scapegoat • x  Every goat murdered for food or other reason / ..
        Sea Confessional • x  She hears the / confessions of all rivers / and of those on the shore / by her sea... / ac
        Sea Snoring • x  The sea is rhythmically / snoring tonight, / b..
        Seacharge • x  Beyond all seachange, / the sea charges the shore... / and withdraws ... / to charge some mor
        Seamstress Of The Sea • x  Everspinning / seaweed seamstre..
        Seashore, Easel And Tomatoes • x  Dream: Writer's teacher is with her at seashore. She sees he has an easel / and is drawing
        Seeds And Butterflies • x  Seeds sometimes / on concrete alight / but the chance that a butte..
        Seeker • x  He seeks / the secrets / of the sea /   / * /   / (cowritten with Susan K C) / (was going
        Seeweed Striving • x  No matter how hard / it knitted and tied..
        Senator Capito, Mountain Decapitator • x  West Vrginia Senator Capito / works mountains to decapitate. / The wellbeing of WV people,
        Sending Light • x  He learned to send / light before him / like an approaching train..... / its wheels ever s
        Sex Agents • x  When governments employ / sex agents in black op..
        Seychelles Script • x  On the shores of the Seychelles / he wrote wit..
        Shadow Bravery • x  I hid behind the wall / but m..
        Shadows' Solid Sires • x  As earth spins / around the sun / shadows move / but not their / solid sir..
        Shakti Shanti • x  After the waterfall's / crashing shakti / comes the pool's / quiet shant..
        Shapeshifting Shadows • x  Tree breeze / shapeshifts shadows of / the leaves / ..
        Shrimp Eyes On Stalks • x  Living shrimp with penetrating / sweet eyes on stalks / looked up at us from their bucket
        Silent Animals • x  Ski The Deep was so right in / saying 'animals don't talk back' / But there are exceptions
        Silent Butterflies • x  For his hive the bee / is busily buzzin..
        Silent Light • x  Pouring into crickets' / violins, / stars' silent light / gives musi..

        Silent Trumpet 2 • x  Silent trumpet ..
        Sistine • x  When he heard about Alzheimer's-generating / meat's homocysteine / he thought an ant..
        Sky Fire • x  Soon the fire in the sky will melt cold earth. -pre-text art from pinterest /
        Sky Hearth • x  In the sky hearth / about to die is the firelight, / smothered by the / ashes of night, /
        Slaughter Of The Innocent • x  Rhinos and hornbills / murdered for horns / elephants for their tusks / zillions murdered
        Snapdragon Bite • x  As fearsome / as the bite / of ..
        Snowdrop Lake • x  The clarified waters / of Snowdrop Lake / are made of melted / hexagonal s..
        Snowdrops • x  Snowflakes melt to raindrops. /..
        Snowpour • x  Lightning tears cloud cloth / freeing rain pour......
        Snows • x  First blossoms snow / Then rain snows / The..
        Socialist Wind • x  Socialist wind... no respecter of / p..
        Some Of Hitler's Art Auctioned • x  What a different world it would / be / if Hitler had continued / to create beautiful ..
        Soul Radio • x  Until Spirit conquers / my mind totally / Until of d..
        Souls Rise Bodies Become Flowers • x  Splattered in the meadow, / blood drops of the / Nazi violence / have sprung up as / a fi
        Soundless Change • x  Softly as snowflakes falling / Quietly as dandelion do..
        Spinning Leelas • x  The Lord Of Love / and Light / with His leelas / on His loom / spins lotuses / and lilacs
        Spirit Victory • x  In  total quiet / without a fight / the sun and hi..
        Spirit Wings • x  All are kissed by / the sun / but only wings / ma..
        Spring Architects • x  Birds' soft delicate nest weaving / The wasps continued their / masonry, / the bees their
        St Anthony Polycarp • x  Perhaps St Anthony also / should be called St Polycarp / since he preached to / the fishes
        Stable Roots • x  Silently spins / the forget me n..
        Starry Stairways • x  Myriad starry stairways / spiral beyond / the Milky Wa..
        Stealing Flight • x  Eating wings, / stealing the flight / of those murder..
        Steve Jobs • x  What are the jobs / of apple trees? / To breathe and to be / as apples come / automaticall
        Stipples • x  It is not the even flow / but the rock r..
        Strumpets • x  Some see these blooms / as silent trumpets. / Others project that / they're gaudy strum..
        Sublime • x  How majestic   How sublime / that out of muc..
        Sunbeams Reverse • x  Sun rays reverse their flow, / returning to the source of all sunfire. / To mer..
        Sunwands Unfurling • x  Bright sunwands as they unfurl / cause chrysant..
        Supreme Court Pentocracy 2 • x  The Supreme Court pentocracy / are..
        Sweet Angularity • x  Who knows which sweet angularity / will emerge from a perfect oval shape / or which kind o
        Swirling Mist • x  There ;is swirling mist, / a fog whi..
        Synecdoche • x  Our warwaging government is called / the US by war profiteer media. / Everywhere inc..
        Take Cats Off The Menu • x  God wants eaten / not a single cat / not a single rat / not a single bat / not a single gn
        Ted's Dogs • x  His dogs and cats cannot read.. save the script of his soul / They cann..
        Teeth Of The Sea • x  The sea's teeth / eat the sandy ..
        The 100th Lamb • x  In our town a massive / painting of Jesus risking / his life going down a rocky / cliff to
        The Absolute Gives Absolution To All • x  Always creating armistice, / always giving amnesty, / acquittal, / absolution to..
        The Advent Of Destiny • x  The advent of destiny / the sacred time appointed / each will find him or herself / wi..
        The Angels Nod • x  Fewer now mow down dadelions, / chicory, goldenro..
        The BBC's Food Fascism • x  The BBC, financially connected to the cattle butcher industries of New Zealand, Canada, Au
        The Bee Named Hector • x  The bee named Hector... / needs no visible lector ... / to read him the sector / where blo
        The Japanese Beetle Is Greater Than Rose • x  preparing /  
        The Mathematics Of Masters • x  Version 1 / The mathematics of masters / is that they need no mammon, / no medium of money
        The Mirror Ignites • x  When a mirror is pure / it can ignite su..
        The Most Sacred Ground • x  Instantaneous / miracles are the most stunning. / But miracles which take 50 / years are m
        The Reachable Star Or Change The World In 5 Hours • x  Henry went to hospital / Twas Bethesda Naval / and took a picture of an ape / in a restrai
        The Servant Cupid • x  Cupid has no cupidity, / aiming arrows / only as God, / ..
        The Smell Of Fear • x  He was a loving man. / whenever he smelled a skunk / he would pray / because he knew the p
        The Sun Cannot Find The Night • x  The sun, creating day wherever she goes, cannot find the night. / Love seeing only the Lov
        The Sun Does Not Kiss And Tell • x  The sun does not / kiss and tell / but how can the pear tree hide / her new pears in the d
        The Sun Left For Chicago Last Night • x  The sun left for Chicago last night.. / without saying goodbye.. / as he the sun has alway
        The Sun's Pocket • x  Each night stars were screwed / into their blissful sockets. / Each night comets flew....
        The U.S. Is Us, Not Our Corrupt Government • x  Corporate war profiteers (CNN, CBS etc) / refer to the illegal bellicose / actions of the
        The Waves And The Quiet Depths • x  Brittania used / to rule the waves. / India ever rules / the quie..
        The Ways Of The Sun • x  The sun does not / resist the evil of the nigh..
        The Wind Takes No Orders • x  One cannot tell the Wind / to be disciplined / He blows only / w..
        The Wind's Laughter • x  The wind's laughterlifts milkweed seeds aloft.
        They Have A Clue • x  At  the 5am slaughterhouse cue, / mammals are shocking rodded in..
        They Want Willibrord Cannonized • x  After innocent animals he gored / the church made a saint of Willibrord. / In violation of
        Thich Nhat Hanh • x  In that life Hahn / loved bird flesh. / In that life / Thich Nhat Ha..
        Thorned • x  That a rosebush / nintentionally scratched us / as we brushed against his thorns / is no r
        Thrain • x  The river was riven. / Not in twain / but in thrain / now flow her ..
        Three Survive • x  Three survive the late summer scythe. /   First..the humble violet.. / who lies beneath th
        Thymus And Pancreas • x  Why are a cow's thymus / and pancreas glands / called sweetbreads? / To disgui..
        Tide Pool Eyes • x  His tide pool eyes filled / ..
        Time's Mystery • x  Only God knows / when after hours, / days, m..
        To An Atheist • x  In the cosmic spectra / are infinite frequ..
        To The Heart Of His Sun • x  I travel / through the sunbeams / of his eyelight / bac..
        Tolstoy's Samovar • x  Reading Tolstoy describe / his samovar / and the resultant hot drink / made me go o..
        Tomb Of The Unknown Animals • x  Tomb of the Unknown Animals / the evide..
        Torah Says To Feed Animals First • x  The Torah / says to feed ones / animals before / oneself. / They are voiceless / and need
        Touching A Dead Body • x  He would not consider / touching a dead bod..
        Town Crier • x  The Wind is a purifier / even greater than fire. / He makes beetle bored / bamboo / into a
        Trailing Pink Ribbons • x  Trailing pink ribbons / comes the dawn present. / Her rising..
        Tree Of Nut • x  The tree of nut / every night / out of Naught / knits ne..
        Trees Do Scream • x  Trees do scream. / We jjust can't hear them /   /   / Footnote: / This several t..
        Trickling • x  Icemelt trickling / South wind tickling / Wind chimes tinkling / beneath Orion's tw..
        Trinity • x  One river. / Three big waterfalls. / Trinity. / *** / Footnote:Christianity and Hinduism a
        Trump Promotes Torture In Cabinet Picks • x  For heinous torture, / an installation / of the thickest / insulation / that none hear
        Trump The Cuckoo Bird • x  Trump the cuckoo bird / occasionally rests / in t..
        Trump The Cuckoo Bird • x  Trump the cuckoo bird / occasionally rests / in t..
        Trump's Bottom Causes Nuclear War? • x  That's all folks. The nuclear button was / on my cellphone and I made a butt call' /   /  
        Trump's Garb • x  Donald Trump, / a wolf in wolves' clot..
        Turning Wine Into Water • x  Jesus turned water / into wine. / His Spirit turns /..
        Twenty Eight Years Of War • x  Since August of 1990, / G H W bush, G W bush / and Barack Obama have / involved us in endl
        Twilight 11 • x  Twilight / is the compromise / ..
        Ultraviolet • x  Ever nonviolent / is ultraviolet. / Its waves purple the / grapes / and paint the viol..
        Unable To Connect • x  The Audubon Society members / sit down to dine on birds / not termed rare or beautiful.. /
        Unbottled Message 2 • x  With a rare wave / Bottled messages / float to the shore / but with each wavelet / the sea's
        Uncancelled Love Stamps • x  God has often miraculously / removed the ink of cancellation / from love stamps,  / making
        Unconscious Killing • x  To purchase from / mongers..
        Uninvited Rays • x  The sun invadeswithout / invitation decorum / Whereever he is, / there is a quor..
        Unlikely Ark • x  in the watery dark / suddenly / an unlikel..
        Unmolested Green • x  Do gardeners let God / grow Her / His Green / ..
        Untimely Ripped • x  From his womb of Mother Earth / the carrot was untimely ripped / One who made God grow in
        Unwelcome Tattoo • x  The tree does not regard / the cojple'..
        Unwelcomed Rain • x  Rain some find unwelcome / remains in drops on the leaves / .. each orb with a tiny sun of
        Vegan Dogs • x  Mad cows, / road kill / Downers, / diseased pigs / who knows / what filth / is in commerci
        Vegetarian Mice • x  People protect sometimes carnivorous / dogs and cats, but  those little ..

        Turning Wine Into Water • x  Jesus turned water / into wine. / His Spirit turns /..
        Twenty Eight Years Of War • x  Since August of 1990, / G H W bush, G W bush / and Barack Obama have / involved us in endl
        Twilight 11 • x  Twilight / is the compromise / ..
        Ultraviolet • x  Ever nonviolent / is ultraviolet. / Its waves purple the / grapes / and paint the viol..
        Unable To Connect • x  The Audubon Society members / sit down to dine on birds / not termed rare or beautiful.. /
        Unbottled Message 2 • x  With a rare wave / Bottled messages / float to the shore / but with each wavelet / the sea's
        Uncancelled Love Stamps • x  God has often miraculously / removed the ink of cancellation / from love stamps,  / making
        Unconscious Killing • x  To purchase from / mongers..
        Uninvited Rays • x  The sun invadeswithout / invitation decorum / Whereever he is, / there is a quor..
        Unlikely Ark • x  in the watery dark / suddenly / an unlikel..
        Unmolested Green • x  Do gardeners let God / grow Her / His Green / ..
        Untimely Ripped • x  From his womb of Mother Earth / the carrot was untimely ripped / One who made God grow in
        Unwelcome Tattoo • x  The tree does not regard / the cojple'..
        Unwelcomed Rain • x  Rain some find unwelcome / remains in drops on the leaves / .. each orb with a tiny sun of
        Vegan Dogs • x  Mad cows, / road kill / Downers, / diseased pigs / who knows / what filth / is in commerci
        Vegetarian Mice • x  People protect sometimes carnivorous / dogs and cats, but  those little ..
        Venus Rising • x  When Venus rises from / the sea, she / s..
        Venutian Not Martyr • x  He preferred to be a venutianrather than a martyr...
        Veronica's Veil • x  Veronica's veil / violets the vale / * /   /   / ...
        Viennese Artist Scorned • x  Hell hath no fury like / a Viennese artist scorned..
        Violet Veil Of Evening • x  As rain softly from eaves drops / and the curtain of..
        Virgo Pisces Axis • x  Virgo is pointillist, concentrated, specifi..
        Wands Of Power • x  Dousing wand / Lightning rod / Conductor's baton / will's aligned spine / They find the wa
        Was Hitler A Vegetarian • x  Jonathan Kellerman's creation, the detective / Milo Sturgis, says that Hitler was a vegeta
        Water Held The Quill • x  Faster than any stylus squiggling.. / can write the sun / in the water wiggling... / but w
        Water Odyssey • x  Water has an odyssey / to the all receiving sea / Aries, seawater evaporated by the sun /
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