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Bangor, Northern Ireland (County down)

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Listening to music
Playing music
Writing lyrics
Swings, and parks.
Apples, Especially pink lady apples.
Jack Nicholson films.

- Stay beautiful.

About My Navel

I've finally come to understand life through staring blankly at my naval.

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I am idiot drug hive, the virgin, the tattered and the torn
Life is for the cold made warm and they are just lizards
Self-disgust is self-obsession honey and I do as I please
A morality obedient, only to the cleansed repented

I am stronger than Mensa, Miller and Mailer
I spat out Plath and Pinter
I am all the things that you regret
A truth that washes that learnt how to spell

It's grand I dont miss my appendix thats the difference - Rachel Steenson

Only the good die young, and I'll probably live forever - Rebecca Kerr

I climbed cave hill this morning. No idea why. - Lisa McMinn


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