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field of dreams sought after disease
Now there end is near
triumphant lead,
door bell rings

Sinatra sings...
left to laughter in his knee...
New York..New York
handsome man;
leader of their band

Mercy Soft Me Free

Mercy Soft Me Free


pagers take the magnetic breeze

sandwich to the fresh cut lawn;

happily get along...


feeling the immense pain for comfort,

beauty for ashes instant crave free fire;

shelter liers dormant onto its beckoning plough

mystic moon beam;



maker creature...

mix matterrs to soothe

like a lightning fetters in disguise

Battle For The Mind

I love post poems

Battle For The Mind

each new day come out to play;
warriors come out to play....
wishing you a brand new day
take your thoughts captive in your mind
their leader of the blind see how you shine
the bluers left accused

Bridge A Gap

let him in,
a chance to approve," Rin Tin Tin".
love within to reflect from your mere crystal cousin,
lover at its sequence
to bridge a gap before there king of kings...
a simple wish forever trim
lover within...
hot to trot,

lover within to the sequence,
Spring held within

Cascading Thrill


dove right into the buoyant bountiful breathtaking beachhead of heavenly delight flutters of butterflies tickle inside of tummy anticipating ecstasy to rid me of melancholia.


anticipation, in order of direction,

fall from the great order of grace

plunder of discomfort appear,


their woods how they agree

follow their scented fee


for b. a crystal tear.

I will dry this tear
into a crystal of joy
and place it
on this fingertip
and lay it down gently
on this lovingly
hand scribed poem,
at the end
in place of a period,
signifying it is not the end
but a sign of the joy to follow
Sincerest HugSS €> ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deepest Thanks. You inspire me :)

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