Keeper of my Soul

Every single page is blank,
Every line so fresh.
More promising than old and dank;
Eager for my secrets.

Soft modest blue, so dull and dark,
Lips sealed, it won't recount
The words with which I made my mark
On paper that listens.

If my inspiration betrays,
Comfort it will supply.
Even on my darkest of days,
Into it's clutches I sink.

When people plug their ears and sneer,
When I am soon to fall,
My new journal will hold me dear,
The best friend of them all.

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heatherburns35's picture


Hi SAVANNAH, nice meeting and having you for a friend on postpoems.
Welcome to the site. I have just read your poem and enjoyed it very much.
Impressive writing. Keep up the great verses Look forward to reading more,
Your friend in verse, heather

Beavis's picture

Good poem!

I enjoyed all of your poems and look forward to reading more! Keep writing!