little my own

Little My Own
Madhanala Shaila Prasad

Today the world is little my own
But not at the cost of your absence
To many complaints on you
Didn’t allow me to take a call
You treated me as a kid
Though myself being a dad.
To many tit-bit talks
To many strategies
Days of win – lose, lose- win
You were stronger on every call
In every joy and setback.

I think ....
Today the world is little my own
I tuned the things as per your…
Things on its go, bit late or early
All and alone as per early talks we had
I couldn’t see you in and around
Either to pat me or curse me
I miss you Dad !!!!

It seems …
Today the world is little my own
But me always with you
However cold and hot talks
We had dear Dad
Still the world is little our own.........Dad!!!!

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My shadow

My shadow lives my life

Strong-minded with
Quite majestic in character and
Sophisticated in fashion
More spacious in capacity and
Efficient in activity
Rather than me and my life
Outgrow of its strength
Isolated me from my life
And seduced my properties  
To maintain its own identity
As if old enough in humanity
To throw me away in waste container  

My shadow that I throw in the earth
Stretched my body in full
Shearing my clothes from my body
With only the skinny left over
No one may recognize me
As my own identity
I tried to run away from my shadow
That chases me like a wild goose
I scanned the horizon of my life
Far beyond my limitation
And searched my identity
Inside me and my life
Not knowing my relation
If existed with my shadow
To name after

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To My Own End

I remember the time,
When the world was much simpler,
As little kids we had it all setup for us,
Now see see the world in its true face now,
How it all changed with a few years going by,
I wish I still had the chances I had 5 years ago,
But now I take the chances today give,
Hoping I make the right call,
That I don't regret in 5 year,
Choices I can sit my kids down too,
Say this is what I've done,
Worring will I get disowned by my son,
Or hear Dad, that's so cool,
I want to be just like you,
But life is so fast how can I keep up,
It feels like I'm drowning someone,
I need help someone save me,
By the time I know my fate,
I will already know,
If I made it or if I'm a failure,
Did I let the river run,
Or did I take control,
And stear my own destiny,
To my own goals,
To my own end,

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My Dream Lover

Oh the intractable love I have for you!

Daily my heart yearns for thee,

To feel the touch of your lips caressing mine,

The scent of your perfume ever so lingering,

Your touch gently embracing me.


To taste the fruits of your love garden,

To sip the wine from your sweet, flowing stream is but a delight.


I see you in my dreams,


You rouse my most perverse thoughts!

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Writ Of Habeas Corpus

Your Love

123 Iseethat Way

YouLove Me, Everyday 00284


In Propria Persona






In The Insatiable State Of LOVE               

                  County Of Distance                                 



Your Love #1                                 )           No. U2- R4EACHOTHER


                     vs.                                    )           Petition For A More Tolerant 

                                                          )           LOVE That Will Tame Our 

My Love #1                             )            Sarcastic Behinds 


     Petitioner, Your Love, in propria persona, moves this Court to issue 

a Writ Of Habeas Corpus releasing Your Love and My Love from any 

and all triggers that interfere with the orderly running of this relationship.


     Since they met, they have undergone an insatiable relationship

under an extremely difficult situation. Both declaring themselves a little 

flakey, bizarre, and utterly senseless more often than not, they hereby admit

that they are now both completely off their rockers. 


    For the above aforementioned reasons, we ask this court to intervene

and impose a mandatory injunction with kindness, love, understanding a little less sarcasm. Due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control, they are unable to address this matter in any imaginable form of seriousness at the present time. 


   The petitioner, upon oath, states and verifies that on this 13th day of July, 2013,

that the information contained herein is true and correct, and both parties have agreed to pray they be discharged immediately from the custody and restraints

placed upon their LOVE by undue stress, insanity, aggravation, intolerance,

(a horrible telephone connection) and hope to be back on their rockers ASAP.


                                                                   With all Due Respect,

                                                                  Your Love and My Love


                                                                   In Propria Persona





2013 07/13/2013 8:50 pm ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've lost it completely now.

And When I Look Up

Nature / Folder 1

When I go outside on a sunny day,
And I look up,
I want to see that beautiful sky.
That deep, deep blue sky,
I love it so much....maybe more than anything.
I want to see it because it feels like...

like a warm bowl of oatmeal on a cold winter morning...

or like a cozy soft cuddly blanket--the kind that your mom keeps on the back of the couch for chilly, rainy nights.

When I go outside
On a sunny day
And I see that sky,
That deep, deep blue sky,
I know that no matter
what happens
that day,
When I look up it will be there.

And when I see that deep,
Deep blue sky,
And things do not go
Exactly right,
There will be something
that is good,
When I look up.

And if by chance that day,
Some dark, grey clouds
Come and smother the deep,
Deep, blue sky,
I will know the dark, grey clouds
Are really why I love my

When I get home,
And the day has been long,
And the day has been hard,
I will curl up on my couch,
And reach for the cuddly,

In the morning,
I will make a bowl of oatmeal,

And when I walk outside,
I want to see the sky...
Because I love it so much.

Copyright 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About comforts.

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Keeper of my Soul

Every single page is blank,
Every line so fresh.
More promising than old and dank;
Eager for my secrets.

Soft modest blue, so dull and dark,
Lips sealed, it won't recount
The words with which I made my mark
On paper that listens.

If my inspiration betrays,
Comfort it will supply.
Even on my darkest of days,
Into it's clutches I sink.

When people plug their ears and sneer,
When I am soon to fall,
My new journal will hold me dear,
The best friend of them all.

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What have I began?

My heart swinging like a block of metal,
My head pounded with sorrow,
My life seems as weak as a stranded petal,
All the time I've had to borrow.
All I have done is mislead others,
Make them believe in what isn't true.

I have built a wall of lies around me,
To block myself from the world,
I have really began to start a spree,
For their lives i have whirled.
All of this was only meant to last a day,
But yet it continues for the third month.

The only way I can stop this,
Is to stop my life,
There is those who I will miss,
All this brings is strife.
I have to end it,
But it's too much for me to loose.

I have been incredibly selfish,
Ruining the life of others,
To end this I cannot accomplish,
I cannot get my druthers.
All I think about is to end this,
I have ruined my life and others.

Why did I begin this,
I beg for it to end,
I have caused a huge crisis,
Please forgive me my friend.
To all of who I harmed,
I am greatly sorry.

Now all I have to say is goodbye,
To my family and friends,
I'm sorry you don't know why,
And that my life must come to a stop.
I began this,
I have to end it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about my current feelings and thoughts.

my life

my hole fucking life ive been a problem i wont what i deserve reaching for my reward it gets taken then im awaken cold sweats and shaking im sorry for my mistakes but i cant fix them now ive tryed let me tell you how ive done everything i could not always what i should for everything i wanna apologize im sorry but it took this to realize missing the blue sky some days i wanna cry runaway and hope to die all i can see is the dark clouds coming so i turn around and start running ducking hoping the devil dont get to me begging for forgivness and happiness but this is my mess and distress called life but its fucking funny all ive ever wanted was money but it never came never did i wanna feel shame but im to blame so dont forget my name cause now that im back i have everything to gain fuck all of the pain

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