From: Me To: Liars

I hate you
And everything that you do
You don’t realize it
But it tears from me
Every smile that you fake
Every breath that you waste
Feeding the lies to me
Fuels the hatred within me
And all I wanted was the truth
But its too much to ask of you
Instead I m stuck with all
Your falsehood and bullshit
Because you don’t know
How hard it is to deal with it
You say this but you do that
And all it does is say that
You dont care about me
Don’t care about the feelings inside me
I m probably guilty of the same
But that’s why I cant play this game
Your words to me are as silver
Of the tongue of liar
And I am the vampire
I cant take it
I don’t have the tolerance to fake it
So just get away from me
All that you do is take from me
You cause death to myself
So I have to find someone else

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just comment if you know this pain

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