No bed of roses

                                 no bed of roses


my lifes been a whirlwind of drama and bad luck and its taking its toll

i feel like i dont truly belong on this planet and its hurting my soul

all i do is feel the same day in and day out and i want it to stop

one more minute feeling this way i will surely lose it and pop

life isnt what i thought it would be and my arms are my releases

livings way to hard and its way to cruel and is no bed of roses

because my past is filled with tear stained pillows and ghosts locked up

and my future isnt written yet and my present is an empty cup

filled with uncertainties and sadness and in my mind ive died many times

in my dreams the moment i die all noises hush and all i hear are chimes

lifes way to hard and its way too grim and its no bed of roses

yet here i am rolling with the tide and staring at my waiting arms

and the urge to relieve myself becomes all comsuming with great alarm

i cry as i let the pain wash over my arm and smile all while i feel nothing too

its done what needed to be done and shame washes over me but what can i do

so why the sadness when i look down and see the scars there upon my arms

to find sweet release right there in the flesh and find the need to do myself harm

because my life is to damned right down to my soul and its no bed of roses


                              Zoey cup




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one at a dark part of my life and when I read it after I wrote it in seemed to put my problems in a different perspective!!!!

                 Zoey cup

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Poem Strings
-saiom shriver-
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Darkness is oblivious

to what to Light is obvious



Footnote: don't agree with the quote but thought it was interesting

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Because cow butchers
made cows sick
there are mad cows,
mad roses, and
mad lipstick.




Long record of livestock companies feeding parts of animals to other animals

Lipstick from cow brains 

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Daily fewer of

Venice' sons

taste of

dead venison

while more

every day

read Dante

Lao Tsu and Tennyson

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They met at an Emotions Anonymous

meeting. Each was considering

suicide after the death of a beloved spouse.

It was paradoxical that though they were

each in emotional pain, their auras

healed each other.

As they began to talk to each other

 their minds which had for months

been in turmoil were powerless to stop the

magnetic energy which flowed from each

to the other.

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The deer running for her life

was large with child.

Hunters chased her down

and killed her in the wild.

This horror was in

the mind of John Prestige



British journalist John Prestige was assigned to cover a Devon and Somerset Staghounds event, where he watched hunters chase and kill a pregnant deer. In protest, he formed the Hunt Saboteurs Association

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Jesus illegally took fruit from an orchard for His disciples
Jesus was executed as a felon guilty of a capital crime
Gandhi illegally stood against the 'laws' of invading Britain.

Martin Luther King illegally sat in at lunch counters.
Rosa Parks illegally sat in a seat on the back of a bus.

Henry David Thoreau went to jail for refusing to pay a tax

   which would support slavery.

Elizabeth McAllister, a Catholic nun, went to jail for

      trespassing on nuclear weapons property in a nonviolent


Martin Sheen has been arrested over 60 times at nonviolent

   nuclear protests.

Nelson Mandela spent over 2 decades in jail for his nonviolent

   opposition to the apartheid of the S African regime.

Over 1000 suffragettes working for the right of women to vote

     were imprisoned in England.. some were forcefed.

Ken Saro-Wiwa and 8 other nonviolent environmental activists

    were hanged by the Nigerian government at the urging of Shell Oiol

Countless activists have been arrested for nonviolent protests of the

   School of Americas which at Ft Benning, Georgia trains Latin American

    military in torture 

What spiritual power do laws made by unelected pawns

of billionaire butchers have?

King and Gandhi said part of their ethical structure was taken
from Leo Tolstoy, who said we should not cooperate with
unGodly courts.


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Roses Against Weeds

My Everything


Our love is a rose

Smelling of sweet seduction

Beautiful, standing out in a bed of thorns

Cherished for being exactly what it is


Bold in its ways

Buds of truth, strength, and loyalty

Seeds of hope and faith

Stemmed from the roots of life


Blossoming with each day

Defeats the persistent weeds

A rose for every season

Our love never wilting

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The weeds will only marvel at what we've made.

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Painful Reality





Roses in a vase, he received from his true love,

Forced by an armed hand, to pretend to some other his love,

Oh how painful, I feel your sorrow, cutting like a knife,

Please know when you associate in waters so rancid

It will bring you nothing but strife.


"Your roses gave me comfort", he told me,

"Upon my darkest hours,

My heart is yours forever, my love,

Through all the worst of our showers."


Reality can be alarming, but hope is always close,

If it was truly love it will leave you with a ghost,

Take the ghost and make it all the good things that you shared,

Learn the lessons, and if you do

another chance with the next person might keep you spared.


For love is the great teacher, if we only take it's hand,

We cannot learn what love can teach, from a woman or a man,

We have to stand our ground so firmly in integrity and faith,

And never be fooled into thinking that love will be given 

Through you helping to foster someone else's disgrace.


3:28 PM 7/15/2013 ©



Author's Notes/Comments: 

a story about roses i bought my love in his darkest hours

Sweet morning rose.

Morning dew glistens
upon the soft scented petals
of a beautiful rose
awakened by the warming sun
to display it's inner beauty
as it starts to unfold
in celebration
along with joyful bird song
as a new day has begun.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What a great time of day. Every new day, should be a celebration.

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When the fire of life and passion burns out


The dead roses of december lie at the foot of the grave of our love
the passion rots away in the cold dark earth of anger
the bones of sorrow remain long after the flesh is gone
and forgotten in the fog of time, is the union of life and youth..

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Summer theory
upon the wind
and glistening hill.
Soft and sweet
the satin sent;
of rose bud bloom
and new life's tune.

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The Rose.

Even a rose has such a kiss,
Petals heavy with moisture and scent's bliss.
The colour could stand for the anticipation.
One's taste for the flower's precipitation.
The softness of the petal for the gentle touch.
So steady and intense for little as much.
The thorns could stand for a little bite,
A cute nip, the softness forgotten in spite.
The thick of the stem would represent the bond.
Of course; the bond, such a likeness, made so fond.
The lust held in each moisturized, thick rose,
Would be the love one is filled from their head to their toes.
The story behind each of these historic flowers,
Is the life that one creates for the rose's power.
Almost every love story has a rose.
What is your fairytale, where Prince Charming may propose?

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Death By Roses


Lovers they were

Lovers they thought

They would forever be

And this is the lesson to be taught


Coming home one night

Two dozen black roses

He held for her in his hand

She will like them he supposes


Then he stumbles upon

What he never thought he’d see

He found her in bed

With not one man but three


In a fit of sexual rage

He ties each to a bedpost

Silently debating to himself

Who he wanted to hurt most


Holding six roses at a time

He used the stems of the roses

To saw into their necks

He left them in their ghastly poses


He watched them die

In doing so an erection grew

With her dying breath

She watched he spew



Written on

October 4, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is another work of fiction. I literally put down what i was thinking at the time.

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