pain seeker

Go on and die already!
Wallow in shit I'm so ova it!
Wipe your mouth your drooling,
Wipe your disheveled face your
Crocodile tears arent fooling!
You live the drama
You love the pain
You fall down
I pick you up
You start again.
Time to.puke
Go yank someone else's chain
It's no fluke they fucked with you again
You put yourself out there pretending
Say your happy bout the vibe your sending
Writing checks your heart can't cash
And coming to me for a secret stash
Wipe your shit clean from my face
I don't want to enter your space
I couldn't care less,
Fix your own mess!
You live for drama
You seek the pain
You dive down
I fish you out
And do it again
you don't learn
So Fuck off!
Enjoy your pain...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A sad and stupid mess.

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Never be the

Never be the ENABLER......that can suck big time.