Monthly Archive for February 2013

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
LOVE Poem teresa_r 2 LOSING LOVE Feb 1st
the words he says Poem Double-H Pain Feb 1st
you love me so Poem Double-H bestfriend love Feb 1st
Ballad of the Stars (Incomplete) Poem MatthewWayne 2 Ballads, death, emotions, Faith, Feeling, love, spiritual, Thoughts Feb 1st
(Who Knows) Poem MI6killer 1 death suicide Feb 1st
Willing & Abel Poem Silver__lining Feb 1st
Begging Me To Forget Her Poem Silver__lining 10 Feb 1st
All My Heart Beats For Poem Silver__lining 2 Feb 1st
At Least I Showed You Poem Silver__lining Feb 1st
Lament of the Pencil Poem Reminiscent a lost friend, free, freestyle, freeverse, Lament, lost, of, pencil, style, the, Verse Feb 1st
Reunited Poem Reminiscent a, found, free, freestyle, freeverse, friend, Lament, lost, of, pencil, reunion, reunited, sequel, style, the, Verse Feb 1st
Respect Poem LittleLennonGurl Feb 1st
my ode entitled 'ban the soap' Poem DaztheDruid ban, opera, soap Feb 1st
my ode to Honeybuns Bakery Poem DaztheDruid buns, honey Feb 1st
A FRIDAY PRAYER Poem emmenay Spiritual love of Allah: The God Almighty. Feb 1st
my ode to0 Noah and his Ark Poem DaztheDruid ark, noah Feb 1st
Cthulhu Calls Poem Sicky666 beyond, Call of Cthulhu, Cthulhu, Cthulhu Mythos, Pain Feb 1st
Marshmallow People Poem LadyRaine Feb 1st
Oblivion Poem WyldIce drunk, Oblivion Feb 1st
Unrequited Poem WyldIce Unrequited Feb 1st
Dark Seducer Poem WyldIce 2 Darkness, night, Seducer Feb 1st
Sleep Poem WyldIce sleep Feb 1st
Maelstrom Poem WyldIce butterfly, Maelstrom Feb 1st
Abyss Poem WyldIce abyss Feb 1st
Hide Poem WyldIce hide, Reality, solitude Feb 1st
Let me out of my head Poem Elfy Feb 1st
Long lost sister Poem Elfy 1 Feb 1st
Dear Izabella. Poem Elfy 1 Feb 1st
Eve - Part 1 Poem joewillard Feb 1st
Stood up Poem bittersweetpoison 5 Feb 1st
Life with God Poem melodicPoetic 2 Feb 1st
Butterfly Wings Prose WyldIce butterfly Feb 1st
The Problems of Privilege Confessions Prose TheLadyByron Feb 1st
HeartStopper Poem BeautifullyDawn 5 a poem about my life Feb 2nd
My Baby Brother Poem BeautifullyDawn 5 Brother, siblings Feb 2nd
we share blood, but mines isn't flowing. Poem hurtandlost Feb 2nd
Commemoration Poem JacobNewell 1 Feb 2nd
to maintain sanity Poem hurtandlost 1 Feb 2nd
better Poem catherine Feb 2nd
Needs of the Heart Poem babe1233 1 Feb 2nd
HE LIVES IN LOVING HEARTS. Poem emmenay divine and mystical love of God Feb 2nd
My One & Only Poem BeautifullyDawn 2 boyfriend Feb 2nd
My Best Friend Poem BeautifullyDawn 4 best friend Feb 2nd
Change of pace Poem lillycheer12345 2 Feb 2nd
Random thoughts in my head Poem lillycheer12345 1 Feb 2nd
insanity diamond Poem pinklunarcurvature Feb 2nd
The Undead Coming Undone Poem pinklunarcurvature Feb 2nd
The letter. Poem ADAPT Feb 2nd
Strange sickness Poem ADAPT 1 Feb 2nd
Spotlight Poem ginsywilde 2 James, love, sky, spotlight, star Feb 2nd
LIFES CYCLE Poem heatherburns35 Feb 2nd
LIFES CYCLE Poem heatherburns35 Feb 2nd
LIFES CYCLE Poem heatherburns35 Feb 2nd
LIFES CYCLE Poem heatherburns35 Feb 2nd
what I'm left to feel Poem catherine 3 Feb 2nd
My ode to Honeybuns Bakery 2 Poem DaztheDruid bakery, buns, honey Feb 2nd
Throbbing Poem Moonshadow 4 Feb 2nd
my ode to Bro Radio Poem DaztheDruid Radio Feb 2nd
My ode to Bridge FM Poem DaztheDruid divining, Radio Feb 2nd
everything goes Poem punkpoet Feb 2nd
if you were mine Poem punkpoet Feb 2nd
i love Poem punkpoet Feb 2nd
im here Poem punkpoet Feb 2nd
I Failed to love you Poem Ahmad-poet-89 #love Feb 2nd
The Wanted Poem Ahmad-poet-89 #death #depression #grief Feb 2nd
TEACHING Poem heatherburns35 teaching Feb 2nd
TEACHING Poem heatherburns35 teaching Feb 2nd
TEACHING Poem heatherburns35 Feb 2nd
TEACHING Poem heatherburns35 Feb 2nd
Triumph Through Christ Poem trumpet7 Feb 2nd
Month of Love Poem workm Feb 2nd
friend called 5 Poem mellow Feb 2nd
TO A VERY KIND AND GENTLE SOUL Poem emmenay Birthday wishes Feb 2nd
What We Can Be Poem VerbalVerbatim 1 coward, friend, friendzone, love, Rejection, relationship Feb 3rd
I Love Poem joewillard Feb 3rd
Footnote: The Circle Of Her Intimacy Poem S74rw4rd Feb 3rd
Every Day Poem wishful_thinking Feb 3rd
My dear Poem MorningSunshine 1 be mine, finding love, First Meeting, giddy, New Beginnings, one in a million, winning a heart, you are happiness Feb 3rd
You left a note? Poem ljmills 9 break up Feb 3rd
Happy Grass Poem Dazedloser99 Feb 3rd
We Are Poem Dazedloser99 Feb 3rd
Same twisted circles Poem SSmoothie 4 Feb 3rd
Re-Write the Cause of Pain Poem Anonymous 1 better life, better man, changing perspective, life lesson, poem, POETRY, self aware, self improvement Feb 3rd
Self-Made Boundary Poem Anonymous 3 Limitation, poem. poetry, positive, progress, self improvement, trying to make progress Feb 3rd
Moment of clarity Poem Anonymous 2 better man, emotions, moment of clarity, poem, POETRY, reflective, self improvement, stream of consciousness Feb 3rd
I Think You're Full of Shit Poem MissSaigon Feb 3rd
Moving towards Eternity! Poem KingofWords Eternity Feb 3rd
Three-Hundred Million Guns & God Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Feb 3rd
emotionally vulnerable Poem hurtandlost Feb 3rd
There's holes everywhere. Poem moondial 1 child, Children, Fun, Holes, Nonsense Feb 3rd
oh how i wish i felt your love then Poem hurtandlost Feb 3rd
Celestial Soul Poem Bleu-Beat 1 #life #death # time Feb 3rd
Modern Art Poem Bleu-Beat 2 #inside jokes Feb 3rd
Alone because I Am Poem Bleu-Beat #love #alone #personal # emotions Feb 3rd
حالات فيسبوكية 8 Poem yaramo Feb 3rd
just an idea Poem Bleu-Beat Feb 3rd
Kerouac Poem Bleu-Beat Feb 3rd
We Poem Bleu-Beat 1 Feb 3rd
Sketch of Barnes and Nobles Poem Bleu-Beat 1 #sketch # winter #books #student Feb 3rd
Nathan Poem Envy Feb 3rd
Productive...not Poem Bleu-Beat 2 #acrostic #school Feb 3rd
Revenge is a bitch in tight arse jeans!!! Poem ljmills 7 Better Than Revenge Feb 3rd
Eclipse Poem Dizzylemons 2 Feb 3rd
Tweeting CRAZY!!! Poem ljmills 4 fantasy tweeting crazy Feb 3rd
Shell Poem Lovelylies 2 Feb 3rd
Standing alone Poem Lovelylies Feb 3rd
Peaceful descendants to madness Poem ♥CheyMarie♥ Darkness, love, Pain, relationships, secrets, trust, wonder Feb 4th
Again Poem Phantom_Of_A_Ni... Feb 4th
As It Had Been Poem Sivus 2 Feb 4th
All Lies Poem Silver__lining Feb 4th
Heyy Poem Silver__lining 2 Feb 4th
Maybe This Year Poem Silver__lining Feb 4th
I Get So Weak Poem Silver__lining 4 Feb 4th
If I Say Yes Poem Phantom_Of_A_Ni... Feb 4th
Message In a Bottle Poem Imagery 5 #love #alone # at sea # message Feb 4th
PEGASUS IN TEARS Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 4th
Handles Poem ADAPT Handles Feb 4th
Life shrine. Poem ADAPT Feb 4th
Oh my poetry! Poem SSmoothie 3 Feb 4th
The Desert wind….. Poem williamsji Feb 4th
Blank Darkness Poem KingofWords consumed by the darkness Feb 4th
an ode to my bro about our olds Poem DaztheDruid Brother, Parents Feb 4th
Home Poem Lovelylies Feb 4th
Goodbye Poem Lovelylies Feb 4th
Long lost loveC Poem Lovelylies Feb 4th
Together there strong Poem Lovelylies Feb 4th
Lend Me Some Oxygen, Please! Poem KingofWords #BreakUp #Relationships #Love Feb 4th
The Confront Poem Poetic_artist 1 Feb 4th
Au Revoir Poem allets 3 Feb 4th
Toy Story Poem allets Toy Story Feb 4th
By Your Hand Poem cevance 2 Depression, grief, love, Suicide Feb 4th
So I Say Thank You.... Poem SorrowsDream Feb 4th
Mac Duff is still my favourite (he kind of looked like you) Poem running_with_rabbits 7 Feb 4th
Stop Me From Thinking... Poem SorrowsDream 1 Feb 4th
The Hour We Knew Poem Anonymous 6 affirmation, end of a relationship, Heartbroken, limbo, Metaphysical, poem, POETRY, ultimatum Feb 4th
White Blue Sky Poem workm Feb 4th
Moms want whats best Poem Poetic_artist 1 Feb 4th
synchronistic manifestation of heart/soul with outer reality AFFIRMATION Poem cherishfaith Feb 4th
Falling for You Poem RoC 9 Feb 4th
Sue me Poem bittersweetpoison 6 Feb 4th
Blue Eyed Symphony Poem itsthesmallthings 2 Feb 5th
Your Lies Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 5th
Life's sorrow Poem Garret Feb 5th
The Last Fight Poem Nyx Feb 5th
Bring an umbrella Poem AngryLaughter Feb 5th
IQ BLOWFISH Poem AngryLaughter 1 Feb 5th
CRUEL FIENDS Poem AngryLaughter 1 Feb 5th
SHOWERS OF LOVE (HAIKU POEM) Poem emmenay Haiku Feb 5th
Popularity is Not a Sin Poem KingofWords Popularity Feb 5th
Naked in Bed Alone Poem MissSaigon Feb 5th
Bittersweetness Poem Samentalmonkey 2 broken, Darkness, Heartache, love, Pain, sex, sorrow Feb 5th
Love Poem Samentalmonkey 2 Feb 5th
My Heart Can Also Cry Poem KingofWords i miss the way Feb 5th
my ode to Brewers Fayre; charged with crimes against humanitys food Poem DaztheDruid CRIME, Food Feb 5th
Carnal Poem life_used_to_be... 2 Feb 5th
Love, As a Bird Poem life_used_to_be... 2 Feb 5th
About a Girl Poem melodicPoetic 2 Feb 5th
The Truth Hurts Poem Kikaykit Feb 5th
Shut Down Poem Kikaykit 3 Feb 5th
Crushed Poem Red.Autumn.XXXXII Feb 5th
Alliteration Poem Red.Autumn.XXXXII Feb 5th
Juliet Poem Samentalmonkey 2 adoration, love, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare Feb 5th
Breaking old Habits Poem IamWhoIam Feb 5th
A Friend to a Friend Poem IamWhoIam 4 Feb 5th
Today Poem workm Feb 5th
without food Poem hurtandlost Feb 5th
Abdul Alhazred Poem Sicky666 Ahazred, alchemy, algebra, Arab, beyond, Dad, Desires, education, fiends, geometry, king, knowledge, legend, lore, mad, madness, Magick, Necronomicon, Occult, palace, poet, writer, Yemen Feb 5th
The Soldier Poem Seraphim 1 country, death, fighting, Life, murderer, scarred, soldier, sorrow, wounded Feb 5th
you will not be afraid of death once... Poem hurtandlost 2 Feb 5th
an old dream.. Poem hurtandlost 1 Feb 5th
when i was a child, i dreamt of this Poem hurtandlost Feb 5th
Playing Pretend Poem lovelife123 4 Feb 5th
One In The Same Poem bluebird_ Feb 5th
Hidden Poem destoryallmannerisms 1 Domestic Violence Anger Feb 5th
Footnote: Absent Today's Lesson Poem S74rw4rd Feb 5th
Deep Freeze Love Poem allets Feb 5th
Compromise Prose rjnmhrjn 2 marriage conflict love lust Feb 5th
Mistakes Prose mth610 1 Feb 5th
A City Upon a Hill Poem TheSweetthings1 A City Upon a Hill Christain God Jesus Love Peace Light Light Houses Feb 6th
Because you are Poem wisdomscry 2 Feb 6th
What Lies Beneath Poem RoC 3 Feb 6th
Slow Burn Poem RoC 3 Feb 6th
Dear Friend Poem itsthesmallthings 3 Feb 6th
The Swallow Poem AlbertSmith 2 Feb 6th
Beat Poem Bleu-Beat 1 #art #society #life Feb 6th
2 Thin Webs Poem NightPollen Feb 6th
Green Given Giving Poem Sivus Birds, family, Life, love, Metaphor Feb 6th
My God And Me Poem trumpet7 Feb 6th
Sweet Affection Poem CrazyCritter Feb 6th
Pot Sucker Breath Poem NightPollen Feb 6th
My Angel Poem CrazyCritter Feb 6th
Mistakes Poem mth610 2 Feb 6th
Life and War Poem WorldbyHas Feb 6th
I am A Stream Poem WorldbyHas Feb 6th
Downfall. Poem MisterOwl Feb 6th
Lonely Poem MisterOwl Feb 6th
we all fall down Poem Leo87 2 #Love #Lonely #Lost #Confused Feb 6th
Steady Poem ADAPT Feb 6th
Thinking Poem ljmills 6 Love Separation Satisfaction Hope Feb 6th
Most Beautiful Girl In The World Poem DaveBrowder Feb 6th
dance Poem secret dance Feb 6th
If only Poem sale7rad Feb 6th
Heaven's Door Poem sale7rad Darkness, Hate, love, sorrow Feb 6th
...what happened??? Poem Bleu-Beat 1 #personal #life # oh shit # regret Feb 6th
The Round Room Poem battlepink 1 Feb 6th
Unemployed Heart Poem battlepink 2 Feb 6th
An Outer Constant Poem Sivus Dark Flow, Science, Space, universe, unknown Feb 6th
The answer to my prayers Poem Poetic_artist Feb 6th
Eve - Part 2 Poem joewillard 1 Feb 6th
Confusing Bliss Poem Dark_Scorpion sex Feb 6th
Harmony Poem rblack952 Feb 6th
Beauty In Your Suffering Poem Seraphim ache, Beauty, beauty in your suffering, death, ecstasy, flame, hurt, mother, mountain, night, Pain, pleasing, rose, Suffering Feb 6th
Without you Poem Raddings Feb 6th
Myself Poem Roxy Feb 6th
A Scar of truth Poem IamWhoIam 2 Feb 6th
Green Mile Poem Dark_Scorpion smoke, Weed Feb 6th
If death were but a dream come true Poem Sayontei death, End of life, Hope, love Feb 6th
Jealousy Poem joewillard jealousy Feb 6th
My Darling Baby Boy Poem RomeonJuliet113 Feb 7th
What is pain? Poem daddysbrat27 2 alcohol, Depression, Drugs, freeverse, mood, Pain Feb 7th
A Selfish Prayer to the Dead God of Romance Poem Sivus 2 love, Lust, romance Feb 7th
Purity And Love Practiced Poem trumpet7 Feb 7th
MAGIC WORDS Poem moxie communication, love, romantic, Spoken, unspoken, Words Feb 7th
Scribble naughts and SWOON theories Poem SSmoothie 13 Feb 7th
IN THE RELIANCE OF KNOWING Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 7th
WONDER WOMAN Poem palewingedpoetess Feb 7th
how children perceive me Poem hurtandlost Feb 7th
Fish Sticks Poem anexod Feb 7th
An Angel Poem mizman love, romance Feb 7th
Knight In Shining Armor. Poem mizman love, Lust, romance Feb 7th
Next To You Poem mizman 1 love, Lust, romance Feb 7th
For You Poem mizman 1 love, Lust, romance Feb 7th
What If? Poem mizman gilt, History, love, Lust, past, regret, romance Feb 7th
What> Poem mizman 1 frustration, Hate, love Feb 7th
Brain and Tension Poem KingofWords Brain teaser Feb 7th
'Comma' Loves 'Full Stop'! Poem KingofWords #Love #Him #Her #Together #Apart #lonely #sad #life #empty #hurt #frustration #heart #relationship #struggle Feb 7th
Rainbow Poem NightPollen Feb 7th
The color red Poem dogs4life_77 cutting pain blood Feb 7th
so the story goes Poem dogs4life_77 fake it Feb 7th
FERRIS WHEEL Poem chris Feb 7th
Help me Poem dogs4life_77 1 Suicide Feb 7th
Knowing Poem saceara ;poetry life Feb 7th
I know I forgot something… Poem running_with_rabbits Feb 7th
I use to respect you so much Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Feb 7th
Last Christmas was his last Poem running_with_rabbits 2 #family Feb 7th
Backwards In Space Poem Dark_Scorpion discovery Feb 7th
Kilimanjaro is high today Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Feb 7th
Why Coward? Poem Dark_Scorpion Thoughts Feb 7th
Relationship Problem? Read On.... Prose BeautifullyDawn #BreakUp #Relationships #Love Feb 7th