Edward Iacona


There are many magic words

When we have the predilection

For expressing our deepest thoughts

To the object of our affection.


Don’t worry if you’re word impaired

Cause it isn’t very hard

To borrow the words of poets

Including Avon’s bard.


If that is not your style

One really can’t go wrong

With the music and lyrics

Of a well selected song.


And, within our wireless age

There’s no need to be perplexed

Consider the joys of Voicemail

Or, if you must, just text. 


You can say them or sing them

Shout out loud or mutter them.

If emotions overcome you

One may have to stutter them.


When it comes to magic words

There is no one way to utter them

No matter which way you choose

You should not ever shutter them. 


Then there will be other times

When mutual impulses call

And magic words may be spoken

But are not needed at all. 


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Spoken Shit


Psst psst come here

I got a story about them

He did this to her

All because she did it to him


Just shut the fuck up

Quit posting your rumors

Can’t you see what it does

It gives you social tumors


Back off me, back off them

Live your own damn life

Believe me when I say

You’ll see a lot less strife



Written on

September 16, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to everyone that lived their life as a part of the rumor mill.

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