Prayer for a Soldier

 A soldiers dream to awaken and cry

to feel the loss but he doesn't know why


The former person he used to be 

stands in the shadows of simplicity 


the ones around him are unaware 

that there has been a death of one so dear


 The grass is green ,but holds suprise 

a bouncing betty horrifies 


The soldier awakens to begin again

pushing back the memories of a tragic end


Blissfull ignorance holds the key

to happiness and family


Time heals wounds and memories fade 

of who we were on parade 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

 I was a soldier in the Canadian  Military . I hope this can help someone 

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Her little head has a lot of imaginations,

From all the experiences she went through.

All the ups and downs,

She remained strong and happy.


No matter how hard he broke her,

She kept her head high

And focused at what matters most.

She’s like a soldier,

Brave, strong and resourceful.


Even if she has her friends and family,

She wants to be

That strong independent woman


No man will ever make her weak.

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a man's living nightmare

Stormy, stormy ships quietly love a cold, lively sail. 

Carrying soldiers who arrived at the land knowing that war never prevails.
The world didn't want this battle.
Yet our ignorance sent our men into a different angle. 
Thousands of bodies fill the entire shore. 
These men fell hard, like rain onto the mainland. 
Come take quickly! Guns of the dead and boots galore! 
Might as well coat our blood on to your enemy's hand. 
War consists of destroying the enemy until they surrender
But what we never think about is how the world would be like after 
People back at home are happy that we won using our bombs
Yet they'll never know what it means to fight in the middle of a hell known as Vietnam 
Soldiers go home, after watching their friends die
They feel the warmth of their families but could never find that true peace of mind 
These men stand still as they watch the mothers of the deceased cry
And its because they're having a hard time finding tears that once left them blind
Celebrations fill the lands of the winners, 
While the enemy suffers from destruction full-scale. 
The most faithful people were turned into sinners 
because of a war that will never prevail.  





A soldier young and bold


Trained so he won’t fold


Fighting for his brother’s life


While worrying about his wife


Fighting for others rights


In many different cites




A soldier young and bold


His story not yet told


Walking on a dangerous street


Goes to his Humvee to take his seat


Watching his unit’s six


Trying to find the enemies tricks




A soldier young and bold


Has finally got to grow old


Made it through his service


His family is no longer nervous


Proud of the fight he gave


A flag goes with him to the grave





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They Fought For Our Liberties Yet We Fought Not For Theirs

They fought for our liberties yet we fought not for theirs
They watched their friends and comrades die
Let them live in alleys or on a park bench as if nobody cares
Is this the reward we give them for sacrificing their life

They enlisted in the service as any proud man does for his country
Dodged bullets, grenades, rockets, terrorist attacks & land mines too
Now returned home we leave them with mental scars and hungry
We toss them aside as if they do not exist and treat them cruel

Back home they rushed with their heads held high
Those who lived that is, lucky enough to escape the horror of hell's wrath
Exited planes proudly, hiding the pain & wondering why they did not die
Waking up at night sweating, reliving a bomb that blew up on the path

You were drinking a cup of hot coffee and reading the morning paper
They were knee deep in freezing water, trembling in fear, guns held tight
After a joyful day at work you join your pals drinking in a mischievous caper
No party for them as they Burl deep in the cold ground for the night

You drive home with a buzz, kiss your wife, and put your children to bed
Take a nice warm shower, sit cuddling in front of a movie, laugh and eat
No luxuries for that soldier fighting for you because he has to count the dead
Carry his comrades wore torn bodies to be stripped head to feet

If he is lucky he will squeeze in a quick peak of a photo of his kid
Kiss the photo and mentally tuck his child in to bed
You slumber a sleep of fantastic and wild awesome dreams, heaven forbid
While a hero mentally pins his eyelids open, no time for sleep, evil he must rid

When was the last time you thanked the hero's that fought while you slept
That missed the children they love, while you tucked yours away warm
Most of them came back broken, missing limbs, while all of yours you kept
They can't seem to get decent medical yet for you they rode hell's storm

They fought for your liberties, when in God's name will you fight for theirs!

By: Wayne Hoss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Tribute to our military and all that they do for us. Thank You!

respect there sacrafice

                               respect there sacrifice 2015


 I wanna tell you about a people who give more and more each day
they're from many different races and worth more that words can say
these people chose this way of life and some have paid a heavy price
so take a look at what they've done and respect there sacrifice
it saddens me when older veterans are treated with animosity
just be cause there not the same as when they left your city
it doesn't mean you throw away that precious gift of life
please show you care by your salute and respect there sacrifice
they've given us all they have for our nation to be free
some have paid with there lives and knew that's how it had to be
so pray for those heroic soldiers and please take my advice
and say thank you to these men and women and respect there sacrifice




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was a poem i wrote just this mornng, im a very patriotic gal my dad had served in the korean war and he has taught me to have respect or those who would lay down there life for another even if they didnt know you and has taught me that a gift of this magnatude can never be repaid,  happy memoreal day every one.


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Someones son is dying
right this immediate second of now..
and his General wraps his meaty iron fist
around the all-mighty oil-soaked dollar.
  An apex jungle-predator won't kill
for pleasure or amusement; 
  Even when hopelessly entangled
in the shimmering, dew-wet death
of a spiders web; 
  The spider, knowing it has no use 
for what has surrendered to its entrapment,
releases its prey not out of mercy, or sorrow..
but out of the calm calculus of reason.
  What then of this war? 
To quench the beasts' blood lust
of un-satisfiable desire?
  A revolution is growing silently 
in numbers, behind the backs
suckling from the tit of self destruction
and greed.
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National Treasure

Hello son,

You've lived for those days.


You've lift the sun rays-

Trickled down the face-

Of the wealthy man.


What love entails-

Forgotten in time.

Forbidden, through-

The faded lust in your eyes.

Red, white and blue-

Seem so dull these days.


Grated by the lies that they tell-

Molded by political hell.

Send shivers and twist these spines-

Pride and courage bleed out those minds.


How they're made to feel grand-

Stars burst into dust and fade in the sands.


Held your weight to the floor.

Creating light out of noise-

Hoping everyone praises you-

Popular stand.

Close your eyes and begin.

As this life will soon spin-

Don't let anyone tame you.

National treasure

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The Secret's Out



the glistening dew upon

the petals of a rose,

and the


mourning sun



the caustic yet subtle pungency

of sandalwood twirling past my nares



the forest leaves underfoot


a newborn baby's wail

and walls

and walls

of silence


and layers

of denial


shame inflicted

love constricted


tightly wound 

to cover the 

pain of the past


making it last







with dimestore favorites in an old shoebox

my kept treasures

after your funeral


and memories that you left

it feels so senseless






your burning passion




love of country

that was


that gaping bore,

carved into the very core of your soul...

...from war




the depth of compassion in the heart

of a nine year old

waking in the night 

to the sound of



sneaking down the stairs

peering through the railing

the clenched fists pressed tightly to eyes

desperation overflowing

overwhelming feelings 

of sorrow

of shame

of anger

of helplessness





that brandished holes

upon my heart

to watch you

hide your turmoil

 in the darkness of the night



and now

you are gone


  you never knew...

I saw!

you never knew

I felt it too!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Unresolved grief seen and felt through the eyes and heart of a child, and lingering memories it leaves.

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