my time will come

My time will come

when i am done

i will get my oblivion


Hopefully accomplished

a being cherished

The light of my soul extinguished


Stilled engine of life

no more world of strife

The fear of my hope is rife


No more of this pain

no more sad refrain

i will not be coming again


All gone away

I would reast from that day

struggling no more that i may


Slepp with no dreams

no more invisable beings

It wont matter am apart from the seams


In memory to exist

in peoples minds to persist

Just a being to be remenised.  

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Man's Purpose

Stepping on split skulls and bones

Of bygone daughters and sons

We head into the abyss

Embraced by hell’s dear shadows

Reality’s mundane kiss

Welcomes us in the burrows

of Death, her friend oblivion

awaiting on the doorstep,

Laughs at Man’s every next step

Nearing the grave, the none.


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Sinking slowly into oblivion

Oh black abyss

Provide sweet relief from this melancholy

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