my ode to Brewers Fayre; charged with crimes against humanitys food


Greetings Brewers Fayre how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

just cycled past one of your pubs

wouldnt dream of eating your grub

just an observation from me

and some charges against humanity


you see our body's are not designed

to carry sugars and salts any time

especially young kids

invariably get adult doses

I have found a science paper here

that spells it out well clear

and im no doc or scientist

just a druid and a poet



oops forgot to tell u about the sign


that inspired this particular rhyme


unlimited pies and ice cream


thought of which made me scream


the nations fat enough anyway


without your full fat giveaway


suppose full of gluten too


that crap is really no good for you


its a waste product too




another reason I wont eat


at your places, any day of the week


you cook all your food with tapwater


not as good as it oughta


flouride was hitlers most feared


chemical weapon definitely


firs up your third eye too


to make people dumb


rather you than me




so I charge you with crimes


against humanity all of the time


serving them crap to eat


im really glad it isn’t me


everytime you see


a fatty on the streets


have some guilt in your veins


your frozen, gluten packed menu


is more than mad, its insane


and have a lovely day


maximising profits detriment too


the people who eat your sh it food







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