My ode to Honeybuns Bakery 2


hey honeybuns more prose for you

glad you liked the first one too

was in Waitrose just yesterday

looking in the bargain tray

wow i did drop lucky

triple choc tinker cookies

for 45p yipee


And everything i write is rhyme

dancing words all of the time

reading your notice board too

somerset horse and Animal rescue

I could get them a truck

full of food stuffs

all the stuff thats thrown away

litter, recycling at Glastonbury

(copy of this to Michael Eavis)


Im going to do some healing

if any of their animals are feeling

full of bad energies

i'm a healer, will do it for free

remotely, and if everyones happy

perhaps u could notice board 4 me?

human, animal holistic healer

free to poor and charities

i have no working pc

any old ones??? swap 4 poetry!

i have no income until

this years glastonbury festi


and then just maybe

i could squeeze an income stream

from something i adore

spreading love, prose and light far

sorting out unpredictable animals

a real god given talent

found out by accident

your animal causing you trouble?

just call me at the double

i use my van as a camper

got some tents when its warmer

Dorset is a beautiful place

have i mentioned the ace cakes???

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