Where The Ohio Weds The Mississippi-Missouri

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Where The Ohio Weds The Mississippi-Missouri 

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Above works hard the tug boat
It churns and puffs and floats
and ruffles and foams the coats
of these two great saints.

Below the longawaited mating
of two giants..
profoundly peaceful
only here and there
eddies of ecstasy
betray the great confluence
as branch braids into trunk.

Mississippi-Missouri had surrendered to
his desire for a wife..
knowing not that the Ohio
was waiting for
in the corridors of time..

not fireworks but waterweaving
in this most sacred silence

-saiom shriver-





(to C Connerton, her love,  and all residents of Cairo Illinois)


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Ease of ecstasy

Put your body at ease.
Relax, and enjoy the ecstasy.
The lights are dim to a subtle color.
The feeling of you close hints intensity.
Shallowed breaths make a soft sound.
The soft silk you wear touches my skin.
The heat radiates from your smooth skin.
I hold you in my arms, and set your mind at ease.
Our breaths are the only sound.
Every kiss is ecstasy.
We kiss with increasing intensity.
We stop, and my eyes met yours, a deep brown color.
I can not forget that color,
Or your fair skin.
Our love escalated to intensity.
With you I feel at ease.
Your presence puts me in a state of ecstasy.
I drown out the noise, your voice the only sound.
Your voice, a sweet sound.
Your hair flows down to your shoulders in waves of chocolate color.
The high I get from you is like ecstasy.
The feeling I get when we are skin to skin.
The feeling in each others ease.
The feeling of love's intensity.
When it is just us, we are in a state of fevered intensity.
Any moment with you is sound.
Every evening with you is heavens ease.
You bring my life color.
My fingertips stroke your skin.
My touch sends shivers of ecstasy.
Passion builds in ecstasy.
Desire builds in intensity.
The heat between us creates dew on our skin.
We hold each other, in still sound.
My vision blurs and so does the color.
You rest your head and sleep at ease.
The ease of ecstasy,
Brings color to intensity.
Our breaths the only sound as we lay skin to skin.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this at work. For Kayla.

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Sex With You



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kisses soft against my legs, in circles


like the sweetness of your morning hug


leisurely pacing your way to my toes


as if tasting each one, carrying me to the place only we know,


i'm a million miles away, and yet feel you so close


next time i open my eyes, your hand like a mountain stream flows,


the touch feels like heaven as your body slides up,


and i kiss every inch that i can as you clutch


then loosen your hold to my hips now in time,


your tongue on my breasts, this is more than sublime,


enraptured i offer my hands to your pleasure


and to my surprise you decsend again, my breath answers


a sigh is released from its place deep within, 


the sound seems to stroke you, as if you've gone in


i feel chills down my spine and then up again


and i reach for your legs, and more kissing begins


your chin at my pelvis, and now there is thrust


making love to these parts we become like a chorus


inspirations are deep and our bodies begin to roam


heart and soul timing, like a precise metrodome


a plateau of pleasure, escalation does entice


we kneel face to face just to breathe the love from each other's eyes


then you reach for my face with both hands and we kiss


with angels' wings donned we revel deep into bliss


the breathing is faster, we grapple and vie


as i guide you by the hand, and upon me you lie


like raindrops from heaven, joined in blissful suspension


and we lay with the stars, the aftermath of ascension


flesh on our flesh you lean close as i drift


and i feel lips on my eyelids


as i think ...'it gets no better than this'.



12:45 PM 7/16/2013 ©



Beauty In Your Suffering


Hurt is never ecstasy

Pain is never pleasing

But although it aches so bad

There’s beauty in your suffering


Like a rose, when crushed

Delivers its sweet smell to its destroyer

Like a flame, when doused with water

Turns into a cloud and flies away

Like a mountain, who’s being mined

Its rock turns to dust and dances in the wind

Like the night, being conquered

Brings forth a beautiful day

Like a mother for her aborted child

Sacrificing love, but too little too late

Like the death of a person

When they know there’s Paradise’s Gate


There’s nothing funny about it

I know it hurts so bad

But while you want to be happy

There’s still beauty in your suffering

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A Field Trip...


The Crystal Ship is departing...
"Excuse me, my seat is up front with the V.I.P.s
(Very Ignorant People)

Relax your mind and pick-up your feet. The
Odyssey of your life is about to begin..."Hi,
I'm your guide, Jim." The Soft Parade has begun.
Front row seats...

Undiscovered regions: Close your eyes, but don't
visualize what you already see. Close them and
expand the horizons in your mind. Discover
yourself, know yourself. Know your purpose and

A higher level than sobriety, a lower level than
high. Don't ask me why, "I like to get high.....
by the way!" Is there a virgin in this ship that can,
"Light my fire?"

Accommodations are provided, don't be hesitant
to ask. What ever you want, what ever you need...
we feed. "I see a lot of L.A. Women on this cruise...

For those of you with the Roadhouse Blues, don't
worry, we have the world's best bartenders. Drink
your sorrows away. The Bird of Prey is your comfort.

"How are you feeling?" Good. Very good!
Our Soft Asylum awaits to the West. Rest your souls,
this is not even the beginning of prepared.

A toast to those Unknown Soldiers that couldn't join
us. You're in our American Prayers; the Lizard King
awaits our arrival. "Be on your best behavior!"

A voyage through time, into our minds, to the Lake of
Fire. We have arrive at our destination.
"Remove those from the House of Detention, let's get
together one more time."

Follow the path down Moonlight Drive. The Piper awaits
at The Gates of Dawn.
"Thank you all for coming, thank you for your souls. The
Snake wants to play, for this is The End!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take a cruise and forget yourself.

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Chemical Ecstasy

He promised her everything, she promised her innocence.
She jeopardizes her life , he closed out the lights.
She lies, cheats and steals; self reflection was all her pain.
He would tell her there is much more to gain.
She now needs him to sleep and to wake; he consumes her make no mistake.
She a host him a parasite, veins running dry both would soon die.
Maybe that is why; there was a choice to be made.
She had to live but he had to die.
Beware of things you cannot see when you are in a relationship with chemical ecstasy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about addiction

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